Summer might be officially be over according to the calendar but any time of year is a good time for a family caravan holiday. I have fond memories of going on caravan holidays with my parents as a child. I’ve also been as an adult and I’d be very keen to go again sometime too soon – and I’d definitely take my dog this time!

Caravan holidays are great for so many reasons. They’re often not that expensive and are also located in lots of lovely places around the UK – usually by the beach. There’s also lots of different caravan options depending on your family, your needs and the size of your party, for example a large 5 berth caravan would be suitable for most families.

My boyfriend’s parents actually own their own caravan now and they’re constantly going on short breaks away in it. Sometimes, they only go as little as 30 minutes from their own home but they say it’s nice for a change of scenery. Which I can totally understand because if I was lucky enough to have my own 5 berth caravan, I’d do the same.

Here’s how you can get your 5 berth caravan ready for your family holiday, whatever time of year:

Give it a clean and a de-clutter

Nobody wants to go on holiday in a dirty 5 berth caravan, do they? So I’d say it’s definitely worth having a bit of a clean and a tidy up before you set off rather than when you get there. Because when you get to your destination, you just want to kick back and relax ASAP. Treat it as you would your home; top to bottom and definitely under the furniture! And as for de-cluttering, well you all know how much I love a de-clutter!

Stock up the kitchen

Although you’ll probably be eating out occasionally whilst you’re away on your family holiday, if you have kids especially, it’s important to make sure the kitchen is stocked with snacks, drinks and bits and pieces to eat so you don’t encounter any unnecessary hunger-related meltdowns along the way! Most 5 berth caravans have storage space for enough food you should need, including breakfast cereals, fruit, snacks and a small fridge.

Think about the weather

Although your 5 berth caravan will be equipped with heating, it’s still worth checking the weather before you go away on your family holiday and take any extra supplies if needed, such as hot water bottles, extra blankets or even a couple of fans if you’re getting some unseasonably hot weather!

Check the safety and security of your 5 berth caravan

The safety and security of your family should always be your first priority when you’re away on holiday – wherever you’re going and whatever you’re staying in. But having a 5 berth caravan is your responsibility – so the safety and security should be paramount. Think about the smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarm, locks on doors and windows.

Check all the mechanical elements

And finally, to elaborate on the safety element. All mechanical elements of your 5 berth caravan should absolutely be checked before every family holiday. I’m no mechanic, so I certainly wouldn’t know what to check for myself! But finding a professional who can ensure all the mechanical elements of your caravan are safe and working (i.e tyres) is important.

Have you ever been on a caravan holiday? Do you enjoy them?

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  1. I’ve actually never bene away in a caravan if I’m honest but these all sound like such useful tips! X

  2. I went on a caravan holiday once when I was a kid, but it was actually a static caravan haha! All of this advice also relates to my father-in-law’s boat though – we quite often use it as a floating caravan so we always need to have it stocked up on snacks and blankets!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

  3. Never went on a caravan holiday as a kid and I was 50/50 about it. I loved the idea that you could kind of get away from technology for a bit and see the outside world. However, it just seems so awkward! haha!

  4. YES – anytime is a good time for a family caravan holiday, especially when the timing is just right for everyone as well. I’ve been on road trips with my friends before, and it’s always such a fun experience. That’s awesome that your boyfriend’s parents own their own, I 100% agree sometimes even a short distance away from home is great for a change of scenery and to recharge!

    I’ve never been on a full on Caravan holiday before surprisingly! But having one that’s nice and comfy to stay in, safe and secure, and fully stocked is definitely a must! Great tips!

  5. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a caravan. I’m struggling to understand how that’s possible, but I don’t think I have. Great tips though, making sure it’s safe and secure is so important x


  6. My family always went on holiday to Great Yarmouth and we stayed in a caravan every time. I loved it as a kid. My earliest memories are of holidays when I was around 3 or 4. If I could I’d still stay in a caravan now for a holiday. 😀

    Sarah 🌺 || Boxnip || Latest Post

  7. I used to love holidaying in static caravans when my sister and I were little. It’s been years though! I’d love to own my own way day or a VW campervan.

  8. I’d never actually been on a caravan holiday until I was an adult and that was for business – something I’ve never done for fun! I used to spend lots of my childhood in a caravan though as my Grandad had one full of treasures, and when in Wales I’d hang out in my friend’s caravan with all the other kids. I bet they’re great for a budget holiday!

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