ad collaborative post written by me // I’m turning 30 in September and if you didn’t know already (which you absolutely did because I do not stop talking about it), I’m dreading it. I have a lot of stuff I need to work through in regards to my age and my life, something that I’m not going to go into here (don’t worry, there’s a post coming about that!) but I want to touch on one aspect of life, now that I’m turning 30. And that’s travel.

I’m not very well travelled. Until now, that’s not something that hugely bothered me that much, probably because for most of my 20’s, I was dealing with a debilitating anxiety disorder that left me too nervous to leave my town, let alone the country. The bitterness around my anxiety and all it took from me is something I’m very much working through.

And travel and experiences is definitely one of those things.

I couldn’t realistically dream of travel for the majority of my 20’s but now that I no longer suffer with anxiety, I’m more aware than ever of how much time has gone by where I could have been travelling and experiencing new things, new cultures, new countries and meeting new people.

I can’t say I’ve ever been someone who has wanted to backpack around Thailand or up sticks and live on the road but obviously that’s not the only way to travel. I am however, someone who thrives on experiences, changes of scenery and jumping outside of my every day routine.

Now as I enter my 30’s (nearly), my thoughts on travel are a bit jumbled. I’m definitely going to want to have kids in the next few years, so that’s something that you’ve obviously got to take into consideration, if you want to do any sort of travelling.

Money is also always going to be a factor. I’m saving to buy a house so realistically, with house buying and children having, would that leave me any time, money or energy for any meaningful travel?

I say meaningful because that’s what I want my travel to look like.

When I went to Bulgaria in 2011 (before my anxiety disorder started), we went to such a touristy location that we might as well have just stayed in our home town because it was exactly the same – just hotter. We even saw a TON of people we knew from back home whilst we were there!

I struggle with having a sense of purpose and the idea that anything in this life even means anything. I know that stems from my depression quite a lot so it’s likely I’m thinking about these things much more than your average person. But these are just a few of my scrambled thoughts about travel as I enter my 30’s.

A little travel wish list for the next decade

So whilst my thoughts might be pretty jumbled, I’ve created a little travel wish list for the next decade of my life. Realistically, I know I’m probably not going to get to all of these places but a girl can dream, right!

Disneyland Paris

Okay I just wanted to get this one out of the way first. I’ve already been to Disneyland Paris 3 times but it’s been a dream to go back. This would be meaningful travel for me because Disney holds a special place in my heart. Make of that what you will. Let’s move on.


The land of Hygge. I would love to visit Copenhagen because it looks like such a beautiful place to go, with great food and a slower pace of life. Sounds like exactly what I need.


Greece was the place my parents first went on holiday together and I would love to visit. I’m a huge fan of Greek food and high up on my list would be Kos and Santorini. Especially after looking at these Santorini luxury hotels!


Yep, even this close to home. I’ve never been to Scotland and I have no idea why. The closest I’ve come is Cumbria. The Scottish Highlands would be a dream or even the NC500.


Austria would be a dream. It’s such a beautiful country and I would absolutely love to go when the Formula 1 Grand Prix is on. It’s the home race of my favourite team, after all!

I’ve kept this list short and sweet so it’s more realistic for me to consider when I look back at it. Travel is such a huge part of life for so many people, I don’t think it’s surprising that I have so many thoughts and feelings about it. But ultimately, everyone has a choice of whether they want to travel or not and there’s certainly no right or wrong!

Tell me your feelings about travel. Do you feel like you’ve travelled enough? Not even close? Let me know!


  1. I admire you for having a travel list. Sometimes people think having the goals listed and planning for it is too main steam. But I feel, planning ahead and working towards is what makes you achieve your goal.
    More power to you 😃

  2. I’m in my 30s now and can’t say I’m well traveled. I have seen a few countries, but my main focus at the moment is where I live: Japan. I’m sorry to hear about your anxiety in the past. I can relate to it because I remember canceling a trip to Fiji at the last minute because of my anxiety. I knew I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it with my debilitating anxiety, so I had to give up on that. Anxiety can prevent someone from traveling abroad or even to neighboring places.

  3. I just turned 28 not too long ago, and while it’s not 30 yet, I still had a hard time hitting that number. I think it’s because I feel like I didn’t fully enjoy my mid-20’s cause of the pandemic. I’ve come to realize that there are things that were gained because of the pandemic, and that everything happens for a reason. It’s easier said than always believing it, but I’m so happy that you’re planning on traveling lots. I want to hit some of these spots myself! Great post xxx

    Melina |

    1. I can definitely relate to that, obviously we all lost a large chunk of time from the pandemic from our “normal” but like you said, we just have to focus on the positives from that time!

  4. Good luck with your wish list 👍👍👍 I visited Copenhagen last year (end November) and I loved that city… Schotland is also on my wishlist 😎😎😎

  5. I know what you mean, meaningful travel is just different! Disneyland Paris is on my radar – we were meant to go for my 30th birthday, but of course pandemic hit (still get blamed by the family lol) and Copenhagen is so nice, you will love it! Such a different way of doing life – we loved it!

  6. Personally I don’t think I will ever travel enough but that’s just me. In my experience you can definitely have meaningful travel on a budget and I totally get the turning 30 thing – 28 myself so it’s not far off! For more budget friendly meaningful travel have a look at Croatia and Poland. Your list is great though and you should be able to do most of them without breaking the bank!

  7. I definitely haven’t traveled as much as I would have liked to thanks to the choice of attending grad school. But I guess if I had to pick all over again, I would still pick grad school. I do hope to get to travel more one day but for now I have neither the time, money nor energy.

    So I didn’t feel too anything about turning 30 but I did have some weird feelings turning 32 this year. 1. How the heck am I already 32?! The pandemic time made this really creep up on me. And 2. This was the age my mother had me and I used to consider this older for a woman to have kids… LOL! That’s all I can really say about that.

  8. You have created a wonderful list!!! You are very young, although you probably do not think so! Thirty is the start of many grand adventures. As a student in college, I did see much of Scotland. it is so very beautiful. I also loved Austria and Denmark. I was in Copenhagen in the winter and so I missed so much. It would be nice to go there in the summer. I too, would like to go to Greece. It is great that you have started a list. Setting our dreams down on paper is such an empowering thing. You could start a little travel ‘dream jar’. You put money in that jar strictly for travel. Let it known that for birthdays and Christmas, you would like a gift for your travels. Slowly, it will all add up and you will be on your way! 🙂

  9. I’m quite happy with the travelling I’ve done actually. I’d love to do more when Leo is older though. Also, turning 30 is so anticlimactic. You have nothing to worry about! And I didn’t buy a house until I was 32 and had Leo at 34 so there’s time. You could consider doing a few European counties in the same trip if you use the train 🙂

    Corinne x

  10. I’m turning 30 next year, but I’m already going through this where I feel like I haven’t done enough with my life. I definitely don’t feel I’ve traveled enough because in the US, it’s so expensive to travel outside the US (especially to Europe) so for the longest time, the only other countries I visited was Canada and Mexico. Now being in Europe, it’s much cheaper to travel to other countries and I have been to Sweden and Germany, but I would love to go to Norway, France, and Greece too!
    I hope you can visit Copenhagen soon because it is a fantastic city!

  11. I relate to this so much Jenny! I’m turning 30 in September as well and there’s so much going through my head regarding life. I was lucky enough to go away 3 times a year when I was little and I’m quite well travelled but since my mum passed away we’ve only left Scotland a handful of times. Now that I’m reaching 30 myself and my son is getting older, we’ve made a travel bucket list to do together before I’m 40. I’d love to see more of America and places like Thailand and Tokyo.

    1. I’m in a really weird headspace at the moment with 30 on the horizon, if you ever wanna chat about it you know where to find me 😂 that’s great that you travelled so much when you were young though, that’s a real privilege that a lot of people don’t get during their childhood so hopefully you have a lot of wonderful travel memories from that time!

  12. Ah I turn 30 next year too and I am also not very well traveled. This was a fabulous post as I could relate to it so much. Thanks for sharing!

  13. I love that you have a travel list. It’s great to have goals in mind, especially if a trip is going to cost a lot of money.

  14. Like you I was dreading turning 30 and I did during lockdown which sucked! I am going to be turning 32 in February! But once it is over you weirdly just get used to it. And live is going to be even better! They are some great places to visit. I hope you get to travel to them! Thank you for sharing Jenny!

    Lauren x

  15. I love this post! I’ve travelled a lot, but to holiday destinations and there is still so much I want to do in terms of culture. Italy is somewhere I would love to go. And other city breaks. But it’s difficult with a child. You just have to adapt where you go and the things you do.

  16. Awesome lists you have here! I think Greece is on the top wish list of (almost) all travelers. I will turn 30 in three years and I’ve never been out of my country (Indonesia). Just this year I’m planning my first abroad travel in 2023. As a first-time traveler, I both feel excited and anxious. Hope you visit them all in time and thanks for sharing this amazing list x

  17. That’s a great travel list and I also love Disneyland Paris! Travel is great and you can do it in so many different ways. City breaks are pretty good. Also working holidays are a nice way to experience a country through the eyes of local people. Best of luck with your travels. It’s definitely about relaxation too and not worrying about seeing all the places that everyone else has seen. You do you 😊

  18. I love reading this post Jenny, because I feel like I’m that 20 year old person with anxiety not wanting to travel! I have never loved travelling too much, but since lockdown all I have wanted to do is go to France. I miss the French food, going to markets, the beach and just relaxing on holiday. I totally took that for granted. But mainly, I want to explore more of the UK. I hate flying so taking the train to different places to explore in the UK would be perfect for me. Bath, Cambridge and York are currently top of my list. (I apologise for the long rambling reply!). I hope you get to explore some of these places 🙂

    Rose |

    1. Definitely nothing wrong with just wanting to travel and explore the UK for the time being, the UK has so many wonderful things to offer! I’d love to visit Bath, that’s high on my list too 🙂

  19. I’ve travelled loads round the UK, but not much abroad – New Zealand, New York, Italy, Austria, France, Spain, Portugal and the usual Balearics/Canaries. I’d love to go to Canada, New England in fall, and Cuba to do salsa, but I’m not really that fussed. My son really wants to go to Mallorca for some reason, but given none of us have passports now, and all the faff with airports at the moment, travelling abroad is something I can’t be bothered with.

    1. Sounds like you’ve done quite a lot of abroad travelling to me! Yeah, I think for the time being I’ll probably be avoiding flying because of all the fuss that’s going on!

  20. For me travel is life, I love meeting people and learning about different cultures.
    I came to it in my mid to late 20s, I wish I’d have done more when I was younger, perhaps have even taken a gap year.
    I wish I had the money to travel more.

    I hope you achieve your goals x

    P.S Scotland is beautiful, had never given it much thought until the pandemic would recommend

  21. Thank you for being so open and honest, a lot of people, myself included, will really relate to everything you’ve written! I’m loving the places you want to visit, they’re pretty similar to mine actually. I hope you visit them all in time and have a blooming amazing time! Thank you so much for sharing this with us lovely Xo

    Elle –

  22. Travel for me is life, I cannot do without it, it keeps me living and my heart-beating…

    I hope that you can achieve your travelling wishes …

    I’d rather be euthanised than not travel… It is a must!

  23. I definitely want to travel more, and wish I had when I was younger. These are some great goals, and cool places to travel too. Never been to them myself.

  24. Wow! What a fantastic travel wish list! I’ve never been out of the US but all of those places seem amazing to me (honestly, anywhere in Europe seems amazing to me, lol!)

  25. I love travel, but often find it quite a stressful situation. From booking, to organising to everything in-between. I find UK breaks to be much more stress free. That being said, I would like to travel more next year. I’d love to take the girls away on their first beach holiday. And I’d love to get to Barcelona finally. We had it booked before covid, but it ended up getting cancelled. Also, of it’s any consolation, I bloody love being in my thirties!!


  26. We abSOULutely loved Scotland and the Highlands when we visited in 2019, Jenny. And I so agree with you about always wanting to go to Greece!
    I am glad you found relief from anxiety (I still practice EFT to handle my anxious thoughts/feelings).
    Turning 30 was the only birthday I ever had an issue with! Ha! Life’s too short! ❤️

  27. As someone who’s going to be turning 30 myself in January, I can relate. Just don’t know what specific places I want to go yet. I know I haven’t been out of the country I live so would love to see other places. Just not sure where yet.

  28. If you’re going to Disneyland Paris, I highly recommend staying an extra day to also visit Parc Astérix. It’s fantastic and has some excellent rides.

    I turned 30 two years ago and my feelings about travel have definitely changed. I used to focus a lot on visiting as many new places as possible (wanted to hit my 30 countries by 30 goal) while now I’m much more focused on just having a nice time and so have been revisiting several locations that I loved.

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