ad collaborative post // Santorini could easily be synonymous to romance and indelible moments felt deep in the heart. Is it its one-of-a-kind topography? The volcanic land? The imposing Caldera? The history behind its formation? The raw natural beauties? The unimaginable seascapes and sunset views you get from the Caldera and along its rim? The ultimate pampering 5 star luxury hotels with world fame provide? 

Could be a mix of all the above, or nothing at all. It might as well be the strong vibration; the profound energy exuded from every pore of this majestic island; the unprecedented waves of sheer allure. 

In any case, Santorini is something worth experiencing once in a lifetime, at least. And, if you are looking for the 5 best things to do, see, experience, and feel here, this guide is just for you. There are plenty of ways to get around Santorini and you might want to check out a Santorini car rental if you’re planning a lot of activities!

A Santorini wine tour 

Santorini’s volcanic soils are extremely beneficial for the grape varieties that are cultivated here. In fact, they contribute to the making of internationally acclaimed and award-winning wines that every connoisseur holds in very high respect. So, a wine tasting and/or wine making tour is definitely a must while visiting Santorini. 

There are several to choose from (including private or semi-private options) that will introduce your palate to delectable flavours and aromas. At the same time, you may also sample local cuisine and delicious treats as you gaze at heart-stopping views of the Caldera, the countryside, or the shimmering Aegean Sea (could be all of these together, depending on which winery you visit!). 

Sunbathing at a Red, White or Black Sand Beach 

The massive volcanic eruptions of the past have forced Santorini to rise from its ashes and emerge a new, volcanic-shaped island. This has not taken away any of its appeal, though. And, for many people, its distinct, peculiar, and unique morphology is part of its overall draw. This uniqueness characterises everything that surrounds you – the coastline included.

So, expect to walk on beaches that offer an interesting alternative to the sandy shores of their counterparts around the world. In other words, you have the chance to sunbathe on shores with black, red, or white volcanic sand! Organised or not, secluded or crowded, with a cosmopolitan flair or a more relaxed atmosphere, the Santorini shoreline is nothing you have ever seen – and, for that, it is surely worth a peek! 

Watching the sunset (and desperately trying to find words to describe it)

There must be just a handful of people living and breathing on this earth that don’t make an instant, almost automatic, connection between Santorini and the most mind-blowing sunsets. 

Indeed, watching the sun slipping through the clouds and painting the sky and the whitewashed houses with playful tones of fiery red, golden orange, and warm yellow, just before it disappears behind the horizon is a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle you will remember forever.

Either from the Caldera rim, the lively capital (Fira), beautiful Oia, the rooftop of a cafe or bar, the balcony of your elegant suite or private villa at Imerovigli, what you’ll see will, for sure, exceed your expectations. 

Visit the Ancient Akrotiri Settlement 

Santorini was once home to a superbly advanced civilisation, the Minoans, who, somehow, had the know-how to build multi-floor houses with elaborate mosaics, underfloor heating systems, and indoor bathrooms nearly 5000 years ago. 

Unfortunately, the devastating volcanic eruption that took place during their peak meant the end of the thriving civilisation, covering everything with volcanic ash and lava. That volcanic ash, though, was the reason the Akrotiri settlement has been perfectly preserved and is now waiting for visitors to tell its glorious (and, at the same time, rather sad) story. 

Learn how the Minoans were flourishing thousands of years ago, why they are often associated with the Atlantis people (you know, the myth of the lost Atlantis), and how this particular side of the island survived total devastation from the burst of the Santorini volcano. 

Keep fit in more ways than one!

From walking the popular 10-kilometre Fira-Oia hike and soaking up its astonishing views, to parasailing with panoramic views of the island as your reward, practising yoga while feeling the Mediterranean breeze, and exploring the aquatic landscape, you will be spoilt for choice. 

Closing a dreamy day

Can you think of anything more rejuvenating and relaxing than soaking in your private swimming pool or Jacuzzi with a glass of fine champagne or wine at hand, while resting your eyes on superb views of the Aegean Sea from the privacy of your stylish suite or exclusive villa at Imerovigli? 

Feel free to continue a perfect day with an evenly dreamy night out in town, with delicious cocktails, romance, fun, tantalising tastes, and vistas that will capture your heart for eternity.  


  1. Santorini is on my list of places to visit! I am constantly staring at photos of this place and I definitely hope to book to go here. You shared a great post of things to do and I have noted them down for when I get to go – possibly next year! x

  2. Thank you for sharing this post. I’ll be first to admit, when I first visited the island I was curious as to whether there was more to Santorini than just its visual appeal. Thankfully it was jam packed full of amazing experiences that you have highlighted! Thank you for your post and gorgeous pictures Jenny!

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