ad collaborative post // London is a vast city, offering countless options for the whole family. From history museums to modern recreation areas, the British capital promises dreamy moments for all family members. So gather your family members and get ready to live moments that only this city has the opportunity to offer you. And if you are struggling with all these countless options offered by the City of London, we have some of the best suggestions for you to try to live a perfect trip to London with your family members.

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London Transport Museum

The Transport Museum in London is a space designed to appeal to people of all ages. Inside, he can discover the entire modern and rich history of the city’s transportation through historic trams and trains, while at the same time as a child, play educational games that will increase his interest in public transport. Specially designed spaces for play, perfect organization, and a rich museum shop with hundreds of products will surely win your attention. An educational and at the same time fun experience you will be able to experience at the London Transport Museum.

Tower of London

The Tower of London is a must-see destination for any visitor. Enjoy the free experience of a Beefeater tour and discover in detail all the secrets of the Tower. And because your children will be with you, you do not have to worry about them because the whole spectacle of its interior will keep them busy and distraught. A fascinating phenomenon is the change of guard in front of the Jewel House and the hundreds of crows surrounding the whole surrounding area, giving a different note to the atmosphere of the place.

London Theater

A multicultural city like London could not fail to include several great theatres that glorify the spirit of culture and local culture. Of course, when we refer to the various theatres in the city, we clearly refer to all those theatrical performances that are addressed to the whole family. From expensive high-budget productions to more affordable productions, this city offers a variety of entertainment options that you should definitely not overlook. Take your children by the hand and enjoy together one of the hundreds of theatrical performances that take place there.

London Eye

We could not create a list of activities and attractions in the city of London, and the London Eye was missing. This huge and imposing wheel that looks at the Thames will offer you a panoramic view, the like of which you will certainly not have reencountered. This indescribable view from above will impress not only you but also your children, who will indeed be left with their mouths open.

Crazy Golf

Crazy golf is a prevalent activity in the city of London, with dozens of venues throughout. This is a testament to how much the locals love this hobby, constantly looking for the opportunity to play a crazy golf game with family or friends. A good search of the city will reveal several places throughout London, but certainly, some venues that stand out at first glance are the Plonk Golf sites that focus on creating a unique gaming experience, with food, music and drink, in particular areas that can welcome and offer families, the ideal solution for a group activity.

Beautifully made venues, adorned with themes taken from the cinema or ancient history, create a complete experience where the joy of the game is a common goal of all

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