ad | We all love our Summer holidays but it’s no secret that they can be expensive. Especially in today’s climate, where everything seems to be getting more expensive by the day.

I think taking holidays and having a break is so important during our busy and stressful everyday lives but with the cost of living crisis and added financial stress many people are under. It might be a case of being that little bit extra careful when booking holidays, to ensure you don’t spend more than what you can really afford.

And luckily, there are many things you can do to cut the cost of your Summer holiday!

First and foremost, it depends on where you’re going. There are some places, like Dubai, Disney World or Tokyo for instance that you have to expect to pay more to go to. If you’re on a budget, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be choosing any of these for your yearly family holiday.

But other places, like Spain, Ibiza or Cyprus, can lend itself to a much more affordable holiday for you and your family, all the whilst not compromising on beauty and quality. Sounds like a good holiday destination, if you ask me!

So in this post, we’re going to look at some tips on how to save money on your holiday to Ibiza:

Take what you already have (or borrow!)

We often go a bit mad when we have a holiday lined up and think we need a ton of new clothes, shoes and swimwear, but we can save so much money by just taking what we have and only buying what we really need. Or perhaps borrow some stuff from a friend or a family member!

Stay within the luggage allowance 

Going over the luggage allowance can really hoick those holiday pounds up, so although it can be hard, try and stay within the allowance and cut down on the amount you’re taking. We so often over-pack for even the simplest of trips!

Travel out of peak times

Peak times can see prices increase by double, or more. So if you’re able to, travelling out of peak times can really benefit your wallet! Obviously easier if you don’t have children but it’s always worth shopping around for dates and even better if you can be flexible.

Use all-inclusive packages 

All inclusive packages are amazing for saving money on your holiday. It also saves a ton of stress because you have everything there already at your fingertips! There are some incredible all-inclusive options in Ibiza, including the Invisa Figueral Resort!

Consider your transport options

There are some really reliable and budget friendly transport options to help you get around Ibiza, so instead of paying for a taxi everywhere you go, consider using public transport instead.

Book cheaper flights

If you’re able to, you could choose cheaper flights to Ibiza, for example over-night flights, to cut down the cost of your holiday. You can also get cheaper flights by booking far in advance.

Set a budget for when you’re there

Budgets are helpful tools regardless the situation and whilst you’ll want to have some extra money on you in case of an emergency, try sticking to a budget when you’re there. This means making use of the all-inclusive options available to you, not buying any unnecessary gifts and using public transport.

Save money on food

When you’re all-inclusive, you can REALLY make use of this. You don’t need to buy ANY food! But if you do want to venture out and eat and drink elsewhere, there are some great budget-friendly options in Ibiza. You could also make use of their local supermarkets and have a picnic instead of eating in a restaurant.

Be cautious with the exchange rate 

The exchange rate fluctuates all the time, so it’s worth being extra cautious when it comes to exchanging your money. If you book your holiday far enough in advance, then you’ll have plenty of time to watch the exchange rate and get a good deal.

How do you save money on your holidays?


  1. Amazing, Ibiza is a good place for spending summer vacations I had never visit it yet but in these summer holidays I must visit this beautiful place.

  2. I recently went interrailing, so was staying in hostels etc. but we did save money this way and also by not eating out – we only really did this in Italy x

  3. We’ve just booked Portugal and whilst i’s expensive (going during summer holidays) we’ve managed to bring the cost down by booking everything individually. We checked and for the package price it was £700+ more expensive – Don’t ask me how or why. It’s insane! I’ll be buying very little though before we go. Amelia could do with a few more pairs.of shorts, but that’s literally all I’ll be spending on.


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