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Hello chum and happy July! Goodness me, it’s been hot hasn’t it? I hope your June was good. Mine was pretty up and down with 98% of it spent sneezing and blowing my nose. Did someone put cayenne pepper in the pollen this year? Because hay fever is on STEROIDS this year. I hope you’re not suffering as much as me! Anyway, let’s meet my advertisers.

First, we have Nyxie’s Nook. One of my favourite bloggers and people on the internet. Chloe is so wonderful and supportive and an incredible voice in the mental health community. For content around self care, well-being, mental health and eating disorder recovery, Chloe is the one you want to go to. She’s such a hard-working blogger and deserves all the views and she’s just generally and absolute sweetheart who always looks absolutely rockin’.

Posts from Nyxie’s Nook I’d Recommend:

Christina from Iconic Magazine Online is another repeat advertisers this month but I haven’t featured her in a while so I’m glad I can jog your memory of this great blog and show you some of her newer posts to check out! If you love your travel, this one is for you. There’s tons of amazing posts showcasing some beautiful locations and experiences. As well as some lifestyle and true crime thrown in there for good measure!

Posts from Iconic Magazine Online I’d recommend:

My next advertiser is one for everyone who loves planning, bullet journaling and productivity. Bournemouth Girl covers all of those wonderful topics and more and is all about using organization and productivity to plan and create the life you want and love! She also creates additional content around wellness, self-care and being eco-friendly too!

Posts from Bournemouth Girl I’d Recommend:

Merry from Merry of August is my next advertiser for this month and you might be familiar with her already because she’s super active on social media and also just such a lovely person! Her blog is fabulous and covers a lot of self-care and personal growth content as well as blogging advice and business content. Her blog is also bloody lovely to look at so definitely check it out and her wonderful posts this month!

Posts from Merry of August I’d Recommend:

I hope you enjoy my July advertisers! Please do send some love and let me know which posts you’re excited to read!


  1. These all sound like such amazing blogs, I love the variety! I love Bournemouth Girl’s blog and as someone who loves travel I’ll definitely be checking out Iconic Magazine Online too. Thank you so much for sharing x

  2. This is a fantastic group of advertisers including a couple of my favorite blogs! I’m not familiar with Iconic Magazine Online, so I’ll definitely check out her posts. I hope you’ll have a great July and it’ll be better than June!

  3. Oh my word, hav fever has been HORRENDOUS this year. I’ve been taking prescription level Fexofenadine to try and alleviate it – combined with eye drops and a nasal spray 🙁 Fingers crossed the cooler weather will help. Anyway, lovely to see some favourite blogs in here, Jenny, especially Lauren’s who is my go-to for all things journaling and stationery 🙂 x

  4. You’re right about this year’s flu! It has been quite the month last June. I’m lucky to know all of these blogs except Ivonic Magazine Online. I’ll definitely check her out too!

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