ad | When it comes to buying gifts for our loved ones, it’s nice to know what their hobbies and interests are, so we can buy gifts accordingly. Sentimental gifts are always lovely but getting them something you know they’ll like and use is great because you know it’ll be money well spent.

We all have different people in our lives. Book lovers, the eco-conscious, the foodies – and the exercise lover! I think we all know an exercise lover. Someone who’s always in the gym or attending a class or on their Yoga mat.

Having these different types of people in our lives can definitely make buying gifts easier. So in this post, we’re going to look at some gift ideas for the exercise lover in your life.

7 Gift Ideas for the Exercise Lover in Your Life

A new reusable water bottle

Exercise lovers are always using their water bottle, in the gym or when they go for a run, so perhaps a brand new, high quality re-usable water bottle would be a suitable gift idea to treat them to – as well as helping the planet!

A Yoga With Adriene Find What Feels Good membership 

You don’t always need to give physical gifts. For the Yoga lover in your life, you might want to consider gifting them a Yoga With Adriene FWFG Membership. This membership is absolutely excellent for Yoga lovers.

Gym clothes

If you know their size, then gym clothes could be an excellent gift idea for the exercise lover in your life. There are plenty of women’s gym shirts to choose from, based on their style or preference, along with gym shirts for men at Iron Panda Fit. Gym clothing will always get used and worn, so an excellent gift idea!

Yoga equipment 

Back to the Yoga lovers, there is plenty of Yoga equipment that you could consider gifting them, from Yoga mats, blocks, straps, cleaning sprays and more! Even essential oils or candles can be used within the Yoga practice!

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Headphones are always a must when you’re exercising, especially when you’re running, walking or using gym equipment. Headphones can be quite pricy but they will certainly make a well used gift for a loved one who likes their exercise!

A sports massage voucher

Someone that exercises a lot will likely need a massage every now and again to help soothe their muscles, so perhaps a voucher or a gift card for a lovely sports massage will be just the ticket!

Exercise bag 

If they go to a lot of classes, swimming or take their exercise clothes to work with them, then a new exercise bag could make a great gift idea for the exercise lover in your life.

I hope this post helped you think of some great gift ideas for the exercise lover in your life. Whether they’re into their Yoga (like me!), running, swimming or something else entirely, there’s always something that they could use to enhance their exercise regime.

Are you an exercise lover or do you have one in your life? What sort of exercise-related gifts would you like?


  1. Awesome gift ideas for an exercise lover like me. My birthday is this month. I would love if someone gifted me a foam roller. 😉

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