I thoroughly enjoyed writing up my gift guide that went live last week and having the pleasure to feature some really fab brands. The interest from brands to be featured in a gift guide was fairly high, so instead of cramming everyone into one post and risk the post being too long and people getting bored, I decided to split it into two to make it easier and more manageable. So settle down, grab a cuppa and a pen and paper… Here are some more wonderful brands and product suggestions for all types of people in your life this Christmas!

Shop: Scent Addict
Perfect for: Fragrance lovers, Mum, Sister
Perfume and aftershave are definitely one of the most popular gifts for Christmas and it’s easy to see why. I love my perfume and certain scents can really take you back to a place or a memory and hold quite dear to your heart. There’s definitely something in finding the perfect scent and for the fragrance lovers in your life, the monthly fragrance subscription box from Scent Addict could be perfect!

For just £12 a month, you’re able to receive a reusable 8ml atomizer filled with a scent of your choice, from over 50 well known brands and 250 different scents. You can choose a different scent each time or the same one multiple times – until you’ve found your perfect scent! Once you’ve found it, you can redeem your £12 subscription cost against a full sized bottle in any Fragrance Shop store or online with an exclusive discount code! Each atomizer also comes in a lovely box, perfect to put in your loved ones stocking!

Shop: Practical Tarot Reader
Perfect for: The spiritual ones
You can’t go wrong with a unique gift and you can’t get much more unique than a tarot card reading. Now I know this isn’t for everyone but personally, spirituality and tarot is something I’ve become more and more interested in over this year so if someone gave me this as a gift, I’d be very happy with it! Practical Tarot Reader is an Etsy store set up by Mamie, who sells a few different tarot readings, all for incredibly reasonable prices.

Mamie is super lovely and helpful and offers some guidance into what kind of questions you should and shouldn’t be asking. For a first time tarot read, mine was incredibly easy and I loved the whole interaction with Mamie and the detail she went into in my reading. I’ve spoken a little bit about my own personal reading on my Instagram but as a gift idea, this is definitely something unique and special!

Shop: Valley Mill 
Perfect for: Home decor lovers, Mum, Grandmother
Everyone loves a candle, especially around Christmas and I think Christmas is the time when candle companies and the scents they use come alive! These Valley Mill Candlesare absolute must-haves this Christmas and would make an incredible gift for the candle fanatics in your life. Their 6oz handmade soy wax candles come in 13 different scents and are decorated with these lovely colorful tapestry designs. Very cute and very Christmassy!

The 4 scents featured in the photo are; Holly Berry, Black Orchid, Cranberry Gin and Raspberry Trifle. All relatively Christmassy scents, don’t you think? The Black Orchid candle is by far my favourite. The Cranberry Gin one is gorgeous too and the Raspberry Trifle one… well, that literally smells like a trifle! Holly Berry is very earthy and also an absolute delight.

Shop: Edge Inspired
Perfect for: The Christmas fanatic, the sentimental type
Thoughtful, personalised gifts are always the way forward for me. I’m not generally a sentimental person but I do like to give someone a gift I know they won’t already have and I know is one of a kind – something personal really does tick both of those boxes. And the great thing about personal, is that price doesn’t tend to matter as much because the thought has gone into it and I believe that’s what really counts. Edge Inspired have a stunning range of baubles which are all able to be personalised with initials, names, dates – whatever special person or time you want to remember and hang on your Christmas tree.

I chose their Luxury Glass Sparkle Bauble, which is engraved with a name and the quote, “Don’t Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle”. Because I’m a big-head, I got it personalised to myself (no seriously, for the sake of this gift guide, I couldn’t think of anyone or anything to personalise one for so I thought I’d treat myself yo) but all their designs really are beautiful and would make a lovely addition to someone special’s Christmas gifts.

Shop: Edge Inspired
Perfect for: The pet lover
Another gem from Edge Inspired and it’s their gorgeous Personalised Christmas Eve Dog Treat Box*. Obviously you don’t need to use this just for Christmas Eve, it’s so beautifully made and personalised with your furry friend’s name and some cute little paw prints that you can leave it out all year round. This is arguably one of my favourite things I’ve received for gift guides this year and would be perfect for your furever friend! If you’re not a dog person or you’re not into buying your pets gifts (firstly, what’s wrong with you?) then you probably won’t get the importance of finding the perfect gift for your pet but I simply just can’t leave them out of the big day!

I hope you’ve found some inspiration and suggestions from my two Christmas gift guides this year! In case you missed it, you can find the first one here. I’d love to know what your favourite products are from the two!

* Products marked with a (*) were sent to me in exchange for a feature in this gift guide but all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.


  1. I would love to receive a tarot card reading set as I find them so interesting! I would just be worried about not knowing how to do it! Going to check out the Etsy page though! Cranberry Gin and Raspberry Trifle scented candles sound AMAZING. I have became so obessed with candles this year, despicably Christmas scents! How cute is that treat box!! Such great ideas in this gift guide! xx

  2. I used to do Tarot readings for other people a few years ago and had some gorgeous Tarot cards. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but it is a really unique gift to give someone! 🙂

    Sarah x || Boxnip

  3. You have a gift for everyone here! I have been dying to sort out a scent subscription style box as it’s a great way to try before buying the full size. Have a great Christmas.
    Kate x

  4. Ok yessss, as a huge xmas fanatic I would love to receive a customised bauble like that haha! Loved this gift guide, it’s unique & innovative from the others I’ve read so far. & I’m loving the new look of your site, so fresh & minimalistic x


  5. I love the idea of Scent Addict & being able to pick your own fragrance & I also love those candles! I need to get them for myself haha. The treat box is so cute & my parents need it for their dogs!

  6. Rory’s Treat Box is the CUTEST thing ever! I love it! Maybe I could get one for my cats, it is such a sweet idea! Wow, a candle that actually smells like Raspberry Trifle sounds amazing, it would probably make me crave trifle all day though, ha ha. I love the Don’t Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle quote, it’s perfect and a cute way to personalize the Christmas Tree. Thanks for sharing these fab ideas Jenny! <3 xxx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

  7. I’ve never heard of Scent Addict but I’m so glad I read this as this is the perfect gift for my other half. He has the most ridiculously excessive selection of aftershaves etc as he’s either very indecisive or just likes to smell different all the time haha! I always struggle keeping up with what he’s wearing at the moment or what has run out or hasn’t when it comes to birthdays and Christmas’s so this will be perfect! Thanks for sharing lovely!

    Imogen x https://imogenchloe.co.uk

  8. You can never have too many candles, they’re like stationery, there’s always room for a few more 🙂 And I love the look of that personalised glass bauble, that would be perfect for Flora – also your sparkle quote. I missed your Part 1 so I’m heading over there for a browse after this. Lovely recommendations, Jenny, thank you for sharing xx

    Lisa | http://www.lisasnotebook.com

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