AD | I love Mother’s Day and before any bores pipe up with “you should love your Mum every day!” (honestly, take any holiday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and you’ll hear the same sentence 4 hundred times over. We KNOW. Shut up) I do love my Mum every day but I also love that extra excuse to spoil her a little bit because hot damn she deserves it. As I’m sure most Mother’s out there do. Let’s face it, Mum’s are amazing.

My Valentine’s Day Gift Guide this year was a big success so I’m thrilled to be doing a Mother’s Day edition featuring another huge range of wonderful brands and products! So whether you’re looking for something funny, sentimental or budget friendly, I’m sure you’ll find the perfect gift here to suit a variety of gift preferences! And please note, products in this post were sent to me in exchange for a feature but my thoughts on them are entirely my own and I wouldn’t feature a product I didn’t like.

Posterhaste Personalised Dual Star Map PrintFrom £20

This is one of my favourite gift ideas I’ve ever come across and the prints are absolutely beautiful. These Dual Star Map Prints from Posterhaste can be personalised to show the night sky on any date or occasion you want to mark. You can chose the colour of the map as well as fonts and poster size. And the fact that you can have two next to each other makes it even more special. I had both my Mum’s and my own birthday on mine which I think makes a beautiful and very sentimental Mother’s Day gift.

Prezzybox Bespoke Book Subscription – from £33.96

My Mum loves reading and is the reason that I enjoy books so much today. So a bespoke book subscription would make the perfect gift for any bookworm out there! With a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription option, you also get to tailor your subscription to the receiver, with their favourite genres and authors so you know they’ll receive a book they’re more likely to love in the post each month! Each hand picked book comes lovingly wrapped too!

Prezzybox Personalised White Lantern£19.99

My Mum loves her candles and home-ware bits and pieces so this is the perfect addition and also makes a really lovely gift. The “candle” inside is battery operated, so safer to use and to leave on without the risk of fire (happy Mother’s Day!) and can be personalised with whatever message you like (up to 4 lines of text with 12 characters of each line – so plenty of room to write a lovely heartwarming message!)

Prezzybox Handmade Soap Collection – £9.99

When it comes to Mother’s Day (and most occasions really) I tend to go with one ‘main’ present then a few ‘little extras’, a bit like stocking fillers and something like this makes an excellent ‘little extra’ in my opinion! All 9 soaps are made lovingly by hand in the Peak District with all natural ingredients and feature 9 different gorgeous scents. The perfect little gift to show her you care.

Prezzybox Tinkerbell Mug – £9.99

A sprinkling of Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust is all you need this Mother’s Day and this super bloody cute Tinkerbell mug can remind your Mum or Mother figure of that every single day! Another fab ‘little extra’ gift and you’re never too old for Disney. This sweet little mug has a gorgeous gold decoration and is made of ceramics.

Vanilla Reindeer Small Portrait Gift Bag£6.99

Not exactly a gift but where there’s gifts, you need wrapping or gift bags and if you want to get personal, Vanilla Reindeer have a great choice of fun, personalisable and high quality gift bags. I love personalised gifts (you might be able to tell?) so even personalising a gift bag is definitely up my street! The website is super easy to use and you can be ordering your gift bag within minutes.

Vanilla Reindeer 9 Chocolate Box£11.99

And it’s not just gift bags you can personalise on Vanilla Reindeer! Think greetings cards, bottle holders and even chocolates, like those pictured above! With 3 smooth milk chocolate, 3 white lemon truffles and 3 intense dark truffles, there’s something for your Mum and you to share with a cuppa. Vanilla Reindeer is also a great option if you won’t be seeing your Mum or Mother figure on Mother’s Day, as direct delivery straight to their door is also an option.

Illustration by Abi Dog Tea Towel – £10 & Dog Tote Bag – £12

I always try and shop small for a few gifts on occasions like Mother’s Day because it’s nice to help out someone who’s running a small business and you also tend to find some unique items that you won’t find in a shop! These beautifully illustration products from Illustration by Abi are the perfect addition. I chose the dog print because we have a dog but she also has a cat print too! For any cooking-loving Mum or Mother figure, the tea towel is a perfect sweet gift and for anyone on the go, the tote bag will come in super handy.

The Gift Experience Rose Quartz Bracelet with Personalised Heart and Presentation Box£29.99

And finally, we had to include a bit of jewellery in here somewhere didn’t we? Jewellery makes the perfect gift, all year round, whatever the occasion. It’s personal and individual to each person, depending on their style preferences. So chances are, I’ll always buy my Mum a piece of jewellery for Mother’s Day. For a real personalised touch, these rose quartz personalised bracelets come with not only a personalisable heart pendent but also a personaliseable box, to make it extra special!

I hope you found some inspiration within this post for Mother’s Day this year! I’d love to know what your favourite product is and which special Mother figure you’d give it to!

* All items in this post were gifted in exchange for a feature within this post. But as always, all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own and I wouldn't feature any products I didn't like.


  1. I like these ideas. I like the star map idea. Right now I have “The Brave Art of Motherhood” book so I’m looking for something else to go with it. Have you ever had a photo printed on a canvas?

  2. This is a great post lovely and you have such a wide variety of things in here! It’s actually mum’s bday just after mother’s day so I need to get double the presents! Thanks for the inspiration gal <3

  3. What great gift suggestions! As a mom, this has given me some super ideas to plant with my adult kids! I especially like the idea of the book subscription – I never thought of something like that. That would be great and a monthly happiness boost and almost constant reminder of them, since I’m always looking for a new book to read.
    I lost my mom a few years ago (she was 95 and an amazing woman) but I know she would have loved many of these gifts, too.
    Joan Senio
    My Best Friend Adeline

    1. The book subscription is a great idea and when ordering it you can preface what genres and authors you like so they get your recommendations right! 😌 Wow, 95? That’s quite an age!

  4. I love all of the little personalised things, especially the star maps. I love that you can get them for the two of you as well. I was actually going to get something really similar last year for a friend who had just had a baby. I’m obsessed with things like that x


  5. These are super cute – I love that personalised gift bag, it’s so funny and so cute!
    We accidentally booked a holiday that leaves on Mother’s Day – so we’re both going to have to make it extra special for both our Mum’s on an earlier date.

    Jessica & James |

  6. The star map print really caught my eye! What a wonderful gift this would make! The handmade soaps look amazing! They look just like fudge – I’m sure I’d have trouble trying not to nibble these. Again, another fabulous gift idea! All Mums love soaps!xxx


  7. What absolutely gorgeous gifts! My mum is not the one for presents, but that tea towel is too cute not to buy for her!

    And I’m so glad you mentioned that mug because I’ve been dying to learn where you bought it from when you featured it in your March advertisers post!

  8. This is a really good list of gifts for mothers day! It has given me some inspiration for what to get my lovely mum for mother’s day. I love the star constellation map, think that is really nice and personalised! Also, the handmade soaps look good. I am inspired to have a go at making my own from my mum.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Aimsy xoxo

  9. There are so many cute gifts here and I must say I would probably pick more than one on here to buy for Mother’s Day!! I really liked the personalized White lantern as well as the handmade soap collection. Chocolates are always good for any occasion as well! Thank you for sharing lovely 🙂 xx

    Geraldine |

  10. These are some lovely gift ideas abd youve definitely given me some inspirstion. My favourite is the star map gift and I may actually get one for myself. 😅

  11. Mother’s Day is always a bittersweet time of year for me but you’ve got some lovely suggestions in here. My favourites are the Dual Star Map Prints, I would love to receive those with Flora’s and my birthdays, they are truly special. I know what you mean about one main present and lots of little ones – who says stockings are only for Christmas, haha. I also love the look of the Abi tote bag and tea towel, although as a cat lover I’d obviously have to go with those instead. What gorgeous gifts, Jenny, your mum is a very lucky lady! And you’ve taken some stunning photos too xx

    Lisa |

  12. Wow the year really is flying, Mother’s day in the US is in May and in the UK is in March so I have some time to look into what to get for my mom – better to start thinking early than leaving to the last minute though! I absolutely love the Posterhaste Dual Star Map, it sounds like the cutest idea to have your birthday and your mom’s side by side in the form of what the night sky looked like. Most definitely going to save this idea!

    I love love love the white lantern – although I love candles itself, it is much safer to have something contained (probably not the right word but I’m rolling with it haha) in the lantern and not having to worry about if you blew the candle out or not!

    The handmade soaps look so so cute – especially the box they come in as well! It’s always great to have a small collection of hand soaps at the ready. YAY I love the mug, I usually try to DIY mugs on Mother’s Day as it’s so fun, I love how cute the mug is!

    The idea of personalizing a chocolate box sounds so so cool, it makes it that much more meaningful! The illustrations by Abi dog print is so adorable, 52 breads of dogs! That’s just so awesome, it must have taken so long to get each drawing just right. I’d probably make it a game with my mom to name all the breads and whoever wins gets some sort of dessert or something haha.

    Definitely great inspiration for Mother’s Day, going to save this to look back on as Mother’s Day comes near!


  13. All of these gifts are so adorable. I really love the constellations maps, because they look gorgeous, but also the book subscription, and the soaps look as though they would smell amazing. What an amazing collection of gift ideas 💖

  14. There are some really lovely gift ideas here. I loved the illustrated dog tea towel and tote bag, the star map print and the Tinkerbell mug. However, I did think the homemade soap collection looked like yummy flavoured fudge 🤦🏻‍♀️. Great post Jenny, thanks for sharing! x

  15. All of the items in this box are so lovely and perfect to give as Mother’s Day gifts! I do sometimes find it hard to know that to go my mum but this guid will definitely help with that. The star mao has to be my favourite as it’s so personal and I really thoughtful gift! X

  16. All of these gifts are so lovely! I have the star map from my boyfriend for our anniversary and I absolutely love it, I know my mum would love one too! I also like the book subscription, that’s such a good idea! Thanks for inspiration ☺️✨

  17. There are some really beautiful gifts here and I especially love the book subscription and the Tinkerbell mug! 😀 My mum is always sooo hard to buy for, no matter if it’s for Mother’s Day, Birthday or Christmas. 🙂

    Sarah 🌺 || Boxnip

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