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Gift giving is something I take a lot of time and effort over. I absolutely love searching for the perfect gifts for people I love; whether that’s a birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day or something else. I feel like I’m quite good at gifts (if I do say so myself) and have definitely managed to gift my loved ones a lot of unique and special items over the years!

I Love U to The Moon and Back Necklace - NanoStyle Jewelry

If you’re like me and you love gift giving but you’re always on the lookout for something extra special for that loved one, then you’re going to eat this brand up that I’m going to share with you today.

Who are Nano Style?

Today I’m working with Nano Style, who kindly sent me one of their BEAUTIFUL pieces from their website. It’s one of those pieces that looks great in the photo but when you actually receive it in person it’ll blown you away. It did with me.

But first, who are they and what do they do?

Nano Style specialize in jewellery; handmade jewellery with some incredible unique and special features that you won’t find anywhere else. Most of their jewellery is ideal for anniversaries, Valentine’s Day or even an weddings. Their jewellery centers around love; and we all want some of that, don’t we?

However, their main selection of necklaces are miniature masterpieces. Although they come in different designs and colours, they are inscribed with “I Love You” in 120 different languages.

I mean, can you get any more romantic?

There are a range of styles, colours and metals to choose from, depending on your price range. So there really is something for everyone. Their 120 language necklaces being their most popular product – unsurprisingly! It’s a beautiful way to truly capture the heart of the person you love.

Oh and they’re also the world’s only brand to offer these 120 language pieces, cool, huh?

I Love You to the Moon and Back Necklace Wolf Pendant 24k Gold Inscribed on Onyx – starting at $149

To The Moon and Back Pendant - NanoStyle Jewelry

I was offered a piece of my choice from the website and although Nano Style are best known for their 120 “I Love You” language necklaces, it was something else that caught my attention and stole my heart.

I chose one of their beautiful Love You To the Moon and Back Necklaces, featuring this stunning howling wolf design, with stars and their signature “I Love You To the Moon and Back” inscribed around the moon itself.

I mean, the quality and the detail is absolutely breath-taking. I chose this one simply because I love animals and I love wolves (and I had also just finished watching Hemlock Grove so I sorta had wolves on the brain).

But seriously, I’ve never seen a design like this before. I thought it was so special and unique. It might not be an anniversary gift or given to me by my boyfriend BUT I’ll consider it an act of self love. From me to me.

If you love the quote but perhaps wolves aren’t for you, they do plenty of other I Love You To the Moon and Back Necklaces that you can choose from!

The general customer service with Nano Style was great too. They kept me posted on the status of my parcel and it arrived a lot quicker than what I was expecting. The necklace arrived in a gift box but also within a specially formulated anti-tarnish bag, which helps prevent tarnishing caused by natural gases

I also received a jewellery polish cloth and a little Nano Style branded magnifying glass, which I thought was an excellent touch. The writing on the necklace is VERY small so although you know what it says, it’s also nice to see it easier as well.

I would highly recommend Nano Style for beautiful, special and unique jewellery, which is perfect for the love of your life on their birthday, Christmas, anniversaries and more. Although there’s never a wrong time to treat your loved one, is there?

What did you think of my choice? How many languages do you know how to say “I Love You” in? Let me know!


  1. Hi, I recently started my own blog, and I must say I love yours. I really enjoying reading your posts, honestly keeps me going :)))

  2. I love the necklace sooo much! It’s so beautiful and I quite tempted to get one for myself lol – I’m a moon and animal lover so this was a great choice Jen x

  3. What a beautiful piece of jewellery. It would make such a lovely gift for a loved one. I love that they take so much care in how its packaged for a safe delivery.

  4. This looks gorgeous – what a great pick Jenny! It sounds like Nano Style is a great choice for a loving beautiful unique gift for a loved one! I have an aunt who this would be perfect for, so I’ll definitely look into it! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. This is a very sweet piece of jewellery. We celebrate as many anniversaries as possible because it’s lovely celebrating the fun stuff.
    I love your photos!

  6. What a beautiful piece you have here Jenny! I’m quite tempted to get one for Cristina for either her birthday or Christmas as this is so her! Thank you for sharing about Nano Style, will definitely check their website out now x

  7. Hi Jenny,

    What a fantastic idea for a gift. The jewellery looks beautiful. Birthdays and anniversary already gone for this year – may have to wait until Christmas!

    I notice that it looks to be from a manufacturer in the US. What are the shipping costs like? Presumably the jewellery is fairly light so it shouldn’t be too bad, I guess.

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