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Christmas is never more magical than when you’re a kid. That is, until you have kids yourself and you can make it magical for them. But however magical it might be, finding the perfect stocking stuffer ideas for kids is never going to be THAT easy, especially as there’s so much choice out there!

Stocking stuffers make great extra gifts, that you child can open either on Christmas Eve or in the morning of Christmas before breakfast. Not to mention there are so many beautiful Christmas stockings to buy and decorate your house with as well!

For anyone that’s struggle with stocking stuffer ideas for kids – whether they’re your own kids, your friends’ kids or kids in your family – this is where Wicked Uncle can come in really handy! Click here to check out their amazing selection of toys and games!

Wicked Uncle have hundreds and hundreds of great toys and games to choose from, from a range of categories to suit, such as educational, creativity, books, building, adventure and more. With toys for children of all ages, from a baby all the way up to their teens, they could be seen as the go-to place for gift ideas for children!

Their website is super easy to use and can be sorted through categories, so you can go straight to the most relevant and appropriate toys for the child and age range that you’re shopping for. They also offer a handy wrapping service! You choose the wrapping paper (and a card) and the team at Wicked Uncle do the work for you. So your gifts are ready to go!

So, let’s look at these 16 stocking stuffer ideas for kids all under £20! Starting with the most expensive and working downwards:

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids Between £20 – £15

stocking stuffer gift ideas for kids

1. Create Your Own 3D Van Gogh Super Dough £19.95 // 2. Fluffy Unicorn Giant Hand Warmer £18.95 // 3. Pokibot Mini Interactive Robot £17.95 // 4. My Stationery Set DIY Design Kit £17.95

Create Your Own 3D Van Gogh Super Dough

For any arty kids in the family, then this is the perfect stocking stuffer idea! I know I would have absolutely loved this as a kid and the bonus for this product is that it’s a pretty mess-free art activity! The kit contains everything you need to craft your own intricate replica of Vincent van Gogh’s iconic and beautiful ‘Sunflowers’ painting.

Fluffy Unicorn Giant Hand Warmer

We all love to be warm and cozy this time of year – kids too! So for slightly older kids, this would be a super cute stocking stuffer idea that’s also going to come in very practical during the Winter months as can be used to keep pajamas warm in or just a general cuddly friend for bedtime. Although, you might need a slightly bigger stocking for this one!

Pokibot Mini Interactive Robot

At just 8cm tall, this cute little robot is the perfect pal to add to your kids stocking for Christmas morning. This sound activated robot can communicate with you with its light-up eyes and mouth, as well as store 3 recordings and repeat back to you in his own little voice. There’s also an app with additional features too!

My Stationery Set – DIY Design Kit

Kids love stationery – I couldn’t get enough of it when I was younger and to be completely honest, still ogle over cute stationery now, at 30 years of age. This cute stationery set is a great – and practical – gift idea for Christmas for your stationery loving child. With stickers, letters and envelopes, pencils and more, this sweet set can really allow them to unleash the writer within!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids Between £15 – £10

stocking stuffer gift ideas for kids

5. Fifty Amazing Magic Tricks £15 // 6. Sound Camera – Get Snapping! £14.95 // 7. 100 Kids Activities Scratch Off Bucket List £12.95 // 8. Children’s Yoga Dice £12.95 

Marvin’s Magic Fifty Amazing Magic Tricks

My partner used to work for Marvin’s Magic, so I’m already familiar with how much fun and joy the Marvin’s Magic sets can bring children. They have a range of different sets but the Fifty Amazing Magic Tricks for just £15 is outstanding value and a stocking stuffer that’s going to keep them interested long after Christmas is over.

Sound Camera – Get Snapping!

A little something for the little children next, I thought this cute little sound camera was a really sweet idea for a stocking stuffer for a young child – if you’re someone that does stocking fillers for toddlers and younger children. This little toy will allow them to venue into the world of photography from a young age!

100 Kids Activities Scratch Off Bucket List

Although I probably wouldn’t use the term “bucket list” when it comes to children’s activities (in fact, I don’t use that term myself as an adult), I do think scratch off posters are great – I have one myself for books! And a children’s activities themed is great as it gives both your kid and yourself lots of fun things to look forward to after the festivities are over.

Children’s Yoga Dice

I absolutely love this and I’d definitely get one for my kid when I have them! If you have an active child who enjoys sports, exercise and movement, then this is a great gift to introduce them to the world of Yoga from a young age but in a safe and fun way! If you practice Yoga yourself, you can join in, too!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids Between £10 – £7

stocking stuffer ideas for kids

9. Giant Bubble Set £10 // 10. Make Dangly Charms Set £9.95 // 11. Dino Poop Bath Bombs £7.95 // 12. Sea Turtles 3D Puzzle £7.95

Giant Bubble Set

Who doesn’t love blowing bubbles? This fun set is perfect for kids to blow giant bubbles and compete with each other on who can blow the biggest bubbles. This could even be saved for the Springtime when the weather is a bit nicer, for your first outdoor picnic or park adventure of the year!

Make Dangly Charms Set

Another set I would have absolutely loved as a child! If you have a creative kid on your hands, this great set can allow them to make dangly charms for their phone, keyrings, bags and more. The full instruction manual will teach them how to make 6 different pretty charms themselves.

Dino Poop Bath Bombs

Bring a bit of colour and fun to bath time with these funny dino poop bath bombs! These little bombs give off a fruity and tropical scent and will help your little dino enthusiasts have more fun during bath time!

Sea Turtles 3D Puzzle

This beautiful 3D puzzle will make a great activity for the whole family over Christmas, with your animal and underwater loving child at the helm. The beautiful imagery seems to come to life when it’s completed, giving the illusion that the turtles are actually swimming around in front of your eyes.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids Between Under £7

stocking stuffer ideas for kids

13. Luminous Glow Stars £6.95 // 14. Little Pack of Optical Illusions – 50 Cards £5.95 // 15. Sensory Slug – Rainbow Wiggly Fidget Toy £5.95 // 16. Chocolate Game Controller £5.95 

Luminous Glow Stars

Turn their bedroom ceiling into the night sky, full of wonders of the galaxy! These luminous glow stars never go out of style and kids will always love having these on their bedroom ceiling. A nice little stocking stuffer for Christmas that you can put up together on Christmas night.

Little Pack of Optical Illusion Cards

Test yourself and your family with these fun optical illusion cards. With an extraordinary image or pattern guaranteed to make you think twice on each card, these can be a real talking point and a great stocking filler for your older kid – that they can definitely impress their friend with!

Sensory Slug Fidget Toy

This super cute and colourful sensory slug is a great gift for all ages. As you shake, wiggle or stroke him, the pieces click together and make a satisfying sound. Extremely tactile, this clever slug is a great way to improve focus and relax on the go.

Chocolate Game Controller

It’s Christmas and a little chocolate never hurt! If your kid loves gaming and is always on their PlayStation, then this is the perfect after dinner or whilst sitting watching a movie treat for them for the festive season! It’s made with milk and white chocolate and is mega yummy!

Those are my top picks for stocking stuffer gift ideas for Christmas! If you’re looking for a huge selection of fun and unique gifts, don’t forget to check out the Wicked Uncle website – you won’t be disappointed and could get all your Christmas shopping done for the children in your life in one go!

How are you getting on with your Christmas shopping? Have you done the shopping for your kids yet?

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  1. i love this bc although there are no longer any little ones running around on either side of my family, i’ve been thinking about getting some gifts for my adorable, elementary-aged students that i work with! fab gift guide jenny x

  2. Such a great list of different children’s stocking ideas! The glowing stars is such a great idea, my nephew and niece would love them! Thank you for sharing so many great ideas to fill stockings with.

    Lauren x

  3. I have such fond memories of opening my stocking presents when I was a child; my Mum was brilliant at getting really fun and interesting stuff. I love all these suggestions so much and will share them with those I know who have children of their own to buy for!

  4. These are great ideas for stocking stuffers and I’ll have to check out Wicked Uncle because I found a few things my daughter would like including unicorn hand warmer, the stationary set, and the bubble set.

  5. These are lovely gift ideas! I particularly adore the luminous glow stars. It reminds me of my roommate how we used to decorate our room back in Dubai. We would stare at the ceiling for hours. Maybe I should get one for myself, hah! Thank you for sharing.

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