ad // Knowing someone that’s super passionate about something makes it a whole lot easier to think of things to buy them for special occasions, like Christmas or their birthday. You can pretty much guarantee that they’ll love whatever you give them and for any Yoga lovers in your life, this is the post for you – and for them!

I would personally be thrilled with any of the gifts I’ve listed below for Christmas or my birthday. Yoga is a huge part of my life, so I love having things that I can use to enhance my practice day by day, whether that’s a super high-quality mat, a Yoga block to help make poses that little more loving or some really comfortable Yoga clothes that make me feel amazing.

So, if you have a Yoga lover in your life and you’re looking for the perfect Yoga gift to get them this Christmas (or a birthday – or any occasion really!) then check out these ideas for inspiration: 

Yoga Equipment: Yoga mats, Yoga blocks, Yoga straps etc.

Although you don’t NEED any of this stuff to practice Yoga (I’m a firm believer in that you can do Yoga anytime, anywhere, without anything to assist you), most Yogi’s have at least a mat to aid their practice. For me, my mat is a really safe and sacred space, so equipment might be a really important part of their practice, therefore would always make a great gift!

Essential Oils, Candles or Incense 

Essential oils, candles or incense are great additions to add into your Yoga practice. Whether you want to tap into your spiritual practice as well or just use the relaxing smells to help you switch off when you’re lying in savasana, a candle or an essential oil to incorporate into your practice can go a long way!

Yoga Activewear, Activewear Leggings, Activewear Bra etc.

If you think it’s appropriate to buy someone activewear for a special occasion, then this is a great idea for Yoga lovers. You’ll have seen the many beautiful workout clothes which are perfect for practicing Yoga, from leggings, to t-shirts, activewear bra tops for those more advanced practices and even jumpers for those cozy restorative Yoga practices.

I worked with Sundaise previously this year and I absolutely loved their ethos and brand messaging. Sundaise are an active-wear, loungewear and lifestyle brand that stand for authenticity in all its forms. They sell a range of colourful, bold and comfortable clothing, from activewear leggings and t-shirts, sports bras and hoodies.

They prioritize comfort and sustainability as well as inspiring and empowering people to wear what they want, when they want because it makes THEM feel good. Even their name ‘Sundaise’ comes from the idea that Sunday is the day of the week where there’s no expectations, no work, no pressure. Just a day for you – to do whatever feels right, natural and authentic.

Here are just some of their beautiful prints and activewear sets for women, which would make an excellent gift for the Yoga lover in your life:

If you want more from Sundaise, you can sign up to their newsletter here or follow them on Instagram for a ton of fun and inspiring content to help you learn to love moving your body because it feels great – not because society tells you to do it!

Yoga With Adriene Find What Feels Good Subscription

If you’re not comfortable getting them a physical gift, like clothing or perhaps you know they already have enough Yoga equipment, then the Yoga With Adriene Find What Feels Good Subscription for the FWFG app would be an excellent alternative to a physical gift – one that gives them the gift of Yoga over and over again! I wrote a whole post on why you need the FWFG subscription here!

Herbal Teas, Supplements or Natural Wellness Products 

Of course, not all Yogi’s are going to fall under this category (I personally don’t like herbal tea!) but I know a lot that will. A herbal tea at the end of your practice or some natural wellness products to help aid your practice and muscle healing can be really great additions to your wellness routine!

If you’re a Yogi, which of the above would you love to receive as a gift this Christmas? Do you know anyone who practices Yoga regularly who you could buy for from this list?


  1. Hi, Jenny. Love this post! I love yoga so I might get some of these gifts for myself, hah! Incense is a great recommendation, my favourite is Nag Champa. You can also get lovely mat cleaning sprays in different scents (e.g. lavender), which is a firm favourite. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. I’ve been interested in yoga for quite some time now. It looks relaxing and truly interesting. I just don’t know how to start, especially when I’m not that used to hardcore workouts. Any recommendations for simple yoga to get me adjusted? I’d like to try to be honest.

  3. I’m not a Yogi and the only person I know who is one is you, Jenny! But those clothes from Sundaise look lovely, not just for yoga, they look like perfect loungewear. And I’m always on the hunt for candles so that would be a gorgeous gift to give and receive. Lovely post, thank you! x

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