Father's Day Gift Guide: Close up photo of a tin mug with Dad's Tea written on it, surrounded by flowers. The inscription "Happy Father's Day Dad, Lots of Love, Jenny" is written on the bottom of the mug

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2019

GIFTED | Here we are again! The next gift guide worthy occasion throughout the year, Father’s Day! First of all, the fact that we’re gearing up for Father’s Day in June already is mind boggling to me. Can anyone else say they’ve experienced a year that’s gone quite as quick as this one? We’ll be …


Christmas Gift Guide 2018 Part 2 *

I thoroughly enjoyed writing up my gift guide that went live last week and having the pleasure to feature some really fab brands. The interest from brands to be featured in a gift guide was fairly high, so instead of cramming everyone into one post and risk the post being too long and people getting bored, I decided to split it into two to make it easier and more manageable. So settle down, grab a cuppa and a pen and paper… Here are some more wonderful brands and product suggestions for all types of people in your life this Christmas!

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The perfect present for the pet lover in your life

I know Christmas has been and gone but it’s never a wrong time of the year to support small businesses and buy unique and personal gifts for those you love! We all have birthdays after all! I’ve always found personal gifts the best; to give and receive. Something that no one else in the world …