GIFTED | Here we are again! The next gift guide worthy occasion throughout the year, Father’s Day! First of all, the fact that we’re gearing up for Father’s Day in June already is mind boggling to me. Can anyone else say they’ve experienced a year that’s gone quite as quick as this one? We’ll be thinking about Christmas again before we know it.

However, before we get too ahead of ourselves, it’s Father’s Day first so for those that do celebrate, here are some gift guide ideas for you!

Prezzybox Dual Foot Massager£9.99

Father's Day Gift Guide: Photo of the outside of a box containing a dual foot massager

Most of our Dad’s are on their feet all day and could definitely do with a little TLC. This dual foot massager from Prezzybox is an incredibly affordable option for them to do just that! Using the shiatsu massage concept, this handy little device only requires 2 AA batteries and away you go. It stimulates the pressure points in your feet to give you the ultimate massage and zenned out feeling. An ideal gift for the hard working Dad this Father’s Day! And you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be borrowing this myself!

Prezzybox Cartwright and Butler Tea for Two Pistachio and White Chocolate Short Bread with Earl Grey Tea – £11.99

Father's Day Gift Guide: A pink tin with the writing "tea for two" on the front

And what else do Dad’s love? Their tea. Well, mine does any way. I’ve never known a man to drink so much tea in my life therefore a little sweet treat is always a good option for a Father’s Day gift (and again, something else I’ll definitely be pinching some of!) Is this a Father’s Day gift guide or a Jenny gift guide? Who knows). This lovely little set is the perfect treat for you and your Dad on Father’s Day afternoon in front of the telly and packaged in this gorgeous tin.

Prezzybox Personalised Gift: Leather Tablet Holder£29.99

Father's Day Gift Guide: A close up photo of a brown leather tablet holder with the initials "D.E.M" on the bottom right hand corner

Men also love their gadgets and personalised gifts always make the most special gifts – in my opinion anyway! I always get loved ones at least one personalised gift for every occasion. I know my Dad will absolutely love this tablet holder, with the lovingly engraved initials in the bottom corner. It’s also extremely durable and made to last so it’s perfect for taking your tablet or iPad literally anywhere because you know it will be protected.

Eversbrook Designer Shirts – from £238

Opened box containing a dark blue men's shirt

I like to include a range of different types of gifts, for different types of budgets within gift guides so if you’re really looking at treating your Dad, husband or someone in your life this Father’s Day then these men’s luxury shirts from Eversbrook could be the perfect option. And luxury they are! They come lovingly packaged in box with tissue paper, this stunning navy blue shirt screams luxury and I adore the black outlines too, which is something a little different.

Moonpig Gifts

I’ve shopped at Moonpig more times than I could ever count. I’m always guaranteed to find high quality gifts on their website for any occasion. And that’s no different this year either! I also love a hamper. Anything that contains food and I am IN and I mean who doesn’t love receiving a hamper for a gift? These gorgeous hampers from Moonpig come in a beautiful wicker pirate like chest and contain all your favourite sweet treats, including teabags, biscuits, fudge and chocolate!

RocketJackDesign Personalized Wall Art Retro Mix Tape PosterFrom £19

Father's Day Gift Guide: An image of a print of a illustrated cassette tape with the song "Radio Ga Ga" written on it. A small plant in a white pot sits next to it.

I think prints and artwork can make amazing gifts, especially if it depicts something your loved one really loves. RocketJackDesigns are definitely a must-view for different, funky and personalized prints. Starting from £19 for an A4 and going up to £39 for an A2, they have a whole range of designs from typography, dogs, abstract, birds, music and more. You really should find something for everyone on there! And the great thing is most of them can be personalised to some degree, so for this funky Retro Mix Tape poster, I had the song “Radio Ga Ga” written on it.

norma & dorothy Father’s Day Tea Gift Mug – £15

Father's Day Gift Guide: Close up photo of a tin mug with Dad's Tea written on it, surrounded by flowers. The inscription "Happy Father's Day Dad, Lots of Love, Jenny" is written on the bottom of the mug

Ever since I was little, it was a tradition to buy my dad mug for more or less every occasion. Birthdays, Christmas and Father’s Day. Inevitably, the collection he has now is pretty ridiculous and the funny thing is, is that he uses the same 2 mugs every day. Although there’s another 50 in the cupboard! However that wouldn’t deter me from continuing the tradition and these personalised mugs from norma & dorothy make really sweet Father’s Day Gift Ideas.

norma & dorothy Personalised Coaster Leafy Initial Slate Gift – £9

Father's Day Gift Guide: Close up image of a dark grey slate mug coaster with the letter D surrounded by a leaf garland with "Dennis' Brew" written in the bottom right corner

And a nice little extra to go with the mug and the tea and biscuit set I mentioned earlier, is one of these gorgeous slate coasters, also from norma & dorothy and which can also be personalised. They’re such high quality and I love the personalisation options too. You can have any drink of choice on the mug too!

Ramer Invigorating Body Sponge – £4.99 & Ramer Softening Wet Shave Towel£5.99

Father's Day Gift Guide: Flat lay image of purple, black and green sponges and shaving towels from a brand called Ramer

You can’t go wrong with a bit of skincare or grooming products for an occasion like Father’s Day. Cos Dad’s deserve to feel their best too! If you want to pamper your Dad without the added price, these products from Ramer Sponges could be an ideal option.

The Invigorating Body Sponges are ideal for you morning shower or post-gym and the Softening Wet Shave Towels softens the skin and opens the pores to achieve the closest and smoothest shave possible. Perfect additions to your Dad’s Father’s Day gifts!

STM Dapper Wrapper£24.95

Father's Day Gift Guide: STM Dapper Wrapper Canvas Gadget Organiser in Blue

And finally, this neat little product from STM will definitely come in handy for Dad’s who travel a lot or even Dad’s who are just… a bit forgetful! The STM Dapper Wrapper is a handy little canvas pouch which keeps all gadgets, leads and chargers neat and organised, ideal to pop in a bag when travelling or just out and about!

So that’s it for my Father’s Day Gift Guide this year! Which of these products stand out to you? Have you made a start on your Father’s Day gifts yet?

* Products mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for a feature. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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  2. My dad loves anything tea related so the tin, mug and coaster would be perfect gifts for him! Also the travel canvas pouch would be super handy, he loves tech and gadgets. Thanks for the inspiration, great selection of ideas Jenny! <3 xx

    Bexa |

  3. Great list! I especially love the personalized mug! So cute! My dad’s birthday is always near (sometimes even on) Father’s Day. The funny thing is that my mother’s birthday is also near (or on) mother’s day! 😂 Always makes it easy to remember.

    Thanks for sharing these great ideas!

  4. My Dad is so picky with gifts and often whenever I ask him what he wants, I always just get the reply of don’t bother getting me anything. Which of course makes me feel terrible – but I love the norma tea mug! He spends a lot of time down the allotment and drinks tea with his mates there so I’m sure he love this for when he’s done there!

  5. Ooh these are some great ideas! I always get my dad books (Mainly because there are a few authors that we both like, so if I buy them for it, it’s only natural I can borrow them afterwards, right?)

  6. I cannot believe how fast this year is going!! I actually forgot how soon Father’s Day is, life’s been so hectic recently. I love the tea mug gift, that’s such a lovely gift – my dad doesn’t like tea though so he probably wouldn’t appreciate it haha. My dad is a massive fan of sweets, so I usually buy him some old retro sweets!

    Chloe xx

  7. Some fab gift ideas! 🙂 My Dad passed away in 2003, so it’s not something I have to buy any more. 🙂 I was going to do a Father’s Day Gift Guide myself but I’ve not been well enough to put the work in. I really love the look of the leather tablet holder though and the foot massager. That one I could do with myself as my circulation in my feet is not great and I think it’d really help. 🙂

    Sarah 🌺 || Boxnip || Latest Post

  8. I’m so glad this has reminded me that it’s Father’s Day coming up! Some lovely ideas here. I love the mug it’s cute xx

  9. My Dad banned Fathers Day when I was a kid 🙁 something about it being a made up hallmark holiday :-/ it’s the one day of the year that we aren’t allowed to give him anything.

    My Dad does drink an obscene amount of tea like yours! But he’ll only have the Kenyan loose leaf from Sainsburys (not that being picky runs in the family or anything 😉 ) so it makes gifts a nightmare.

    I am almost tempted to get him a foot massagers for giggles because I know his reaction would be along the lines of “what do I need this for” >.<

    1. Who doesn’t need a foot massager?! I get what he means about the hallmark holiday thing – most holidays are commercialized now but I still celebrate them as it’s a nice excuse to treat someone you love 🙂

  10. Wonderful round up for father’s day! It’s my partner’s birthday soon and I think he would LOVE the foot massage! Great post for not just father’s day, but most men.

    – Nyxie

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