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Hey, hey! Welcome to part 2 of my Christmas Gift Guide for this year. I’ve been so lucky to have so many incredible brands to feature this year that I’ve had to split my gift guide into two. But I’m not complaining! It just means more time for me to talk about Christmas! Because I’m not gonna lie, I’m really looking forward to it this year!

As with all my gift guides, here you’ll find a ton of amazing brands and products which will all appeal to different people with different interests. So if you’re struggling for gift inspiration, this is a good place to start! This is going to be another long one, so grab a brew and let’s get into it! Missed part 1? READ IT HERE!

For the book lover: My Chronicle Book Box

The book boxes from My Chronicle Book Box are an AMAZING gift idea for the book lover in your life. Or if YOU are the book lover in your life, sod it, treat yourself! You won’t regret it. Perfect for Crime and Mystery fans these boxes come with a beautifully wrapped book and additional goodies which compliment the book in that particular box. I’m really excited to read Eight Detectives – the book I received!

For the writer: A5 Recycled and Sustainable Notebook £12.99 //  Eco-Friendly Wrapping Paper £2.25

You can never have enough notebooks, right? As a writer myself, a notebook and any type of stationery makes a great gift. These notebooks are made from recycled board and with 100% sustainable paper. And if that wasn’t good enough already, every VENT notebook sold helps support global education projects getting children back in to school!

Also from Good Things is this super cute gift wrapped which believe it or not, is ALSO sustainable and ethically sourced, using 100% recycled paper and environmentally friendly vegetable inks. Amazing right?

For the empowered woman: Phenomenal Woman Hibiscus Keychain – from $13.50 // Phenomenal Woman Hibiscus Pin$12.00

Perfect for a friend, strong woman in your life or HECK even for yourself, these products from My Filibo are the perfect stocking fillers to remind that special person that they are a phenomenal woman. And deserve a phenomenal Christmas! Both products are also perfect for flowers lovers – with the Hibiscus flower meaning beauty, femininity, glory, true love and sincerity. In North America, Hibiscus means a perfect woman.

I love both the pin and the keychain. Both of them are great gifts to remind the recipient that they are loved, beautiful, powerful figures in the most phenomenal ways and each product from My Filibo has a deep rooted meaning too.

For the kids: Santa Academy $6.99

Okay, I don’t have kids myself but I wanted to include something for the kids in this gift guide, for any parents who might be reading and this is SO COOL. Santa Academy is a downloadable app which allows kids to enroll into the magical world of the Santa Academy. Starting on December 1st, kids can unlock new areas, buildings and characters of Lacus Island through audio, video and written content.

There is so much involved in Santa Academy and so much to discover. And every day during advent, kids will have important Christmas decisions to make. Such as which sleigh Santa should use on Christmas Eve, which magical lessons should be included in Santa Academy’s class of 2021 for Elf Ed, Reindeer Recruit and Fairy Fellow, and who should win Employee of the Month at the Elf Station.

This is a totally affordable experience for kids, which will help spark their imagination, use their initiative and feed their curiosity!

For the cool kid: Skateboardsfrom £24.95

Skateboards remind me of being a teenager so much because all my boy mates were skateboarders. I would spend hours over the skate park or in the local town, watching them skate and just hanging out. It’s SUCH a cool sport and thing to do! If you have a cool kid in your family, perhaps a younger brother, then a skateboard would go down VERY well as a gift for them this Christmas!

For the spiritual one: Spirit Ball£21.00

I should say for the spiritual one OR someone who just loves beautiful home decor. I’ve fallen in love with these spirit balls. Folklore has it that the evil spirits would be enticed by the bright colours but then the glass strands inside the ball would capture the spirit and stop it escaping. But whatever you believe, there’s no denying how beautiful these are!

I’m personally going to hang this in my office. I’m quite a spiritual person and I definitely believe in spirits and “something else” being out there. So I think for me, this will help keep the energy in my office bright and positive. If you know someone like that in your life, this could make the perfect gift for them!

For the self care lover: Make Your Own Body Butter + Lip Balm Kit£20.00 // Muscle Relax Massage Balm£8.50

These two products are from Me-Time Therapy, who offer wellness courses, self care retreats, workshops and products to buy! For any self care lover, these would be perfect. Not to mention they’re all 100% natural! I can’t wait to use the make your own body butter and lip balm kit myself!

The second product from Me-Time Therapy is the muscle relax massage balm which would make a perfect little stocking filler, especially for someone in your life who does a lot of exercise or workouts, who might need to give their muscles a bit of TLC!

For the art lover: Art by Punam

I love supporting small businesses, creators and artists, especially around Christmas time. There’s always so many lovely and unique things you can find. Art by Punam is a great option for art lovers. Especially lovers of landscape pieces and nature.

I was sent this gorgeous wooden bauble to feature in this gift guide and you can get a good sense of the type of artwork Punam creates from the images on this. Her work is structured abstract, which means you can see what the image is but there’s not always all the details. And I absolutely love her work and would definitely consider some of her bigger pieces for the wall!

For the animal lover: Miracle’s Mission

This is the ultimate feel-good stocking present for the animal-lover in your family  Animal welfare charity, Miracle’s Mission is offering a wonderful opportunity to sprinkle some Christmas good cheer for the needy rescue dogs and cats that they foster; to buy them a Christmas dinner or toy. It’s the ultimate feel-good stocking present for the dog or cat lover in your family!

Victoria Bryceson’s charity, Miracle’s Mission, is a non-profit animal welfare organisation that works with sick, injured and difficult animals. Her mission is to provide a place of safety for animals in danger, to educate on the need for neutering both pets and strays and to neuter stray dogs and cats to prevent the birth of more dogs and cats onto the streets.

Miracle was a dog who was rescued from the streets of Borneo at one week old, before her tiny eyes were even open. She had several injuries and was very weak, but she made a miraculous recovery and is now strong, happy and healthy living with her adopted brother Ben, sister Star and sister Tess. Victoria is now working towards saving many more stray dogs and other stray animals all around the world, starting in Borneo where Miracle was rescued.

You can buy a Christmas Dinner or a toy for a dog or cat, which comes with a certificate. And with so many hungry mouths to feed at Miracle’s Mission, your gift will make a massive difference to the quality of life of a dog or cat at this time of year.

Christmas Dinner for a dog or cat costs £5 and a toy for a dog or cat also costs £5. You can purchase your gift from Miracle’s Mission. Miracle’s Mission, is looking for help to build the UK’s first centre for disabled animals, where founder of Miracle’s Mission, Victoria Bryceson and her team can rehabilitate the most vulnerable, before finding them their forever homes. You can donate to the appeal here!

So that wraps up my Christmas gift guides for this year! I hope you enjoyed them! Which gifts here would you go for?


  1. Another great list. Notebooks will definitely feature a lot in my gifting this year. Found some cute notebooks I can give and I really believe in the power of writing, especially at the start of the year. I had no idea what a spirit ball is and had never heard of it anyway. Thanks for educating me. They look beautiful.

  2. Those tree decorations are gorgeous. I definitely want to support more small businesses this Christmas when buying my new decs!!! Also I think I’ll have to look into the book box for myself/gift ideas for my family to get me because they keep asking😂 great post xxx

  3. These are great ideas Jenny. I’m a total stationary lover too, so notebooks and the likes are always gratefully received. The Santa Academy sounds great, I think my son would really enjoy it x

  4. Such a lovely gift guide! I love gifting stationery at Christmas and an eco friendly recycled notebook is a perfect addition to any stocking or tree, I will say I think the keyring is my favourite feature in this guide though. May have to buy it for myself… Great post x

  5. If I didn’t have so many books to read already, I would definitely love a book subscription of some sort, possibly crime and thriller as they are my favourite kind of books x

  6. Not gonna lie, I’ve never heard of a spirit ball but that is beautiful! I’m not particularly spiritual but love how it looks. Also love the recycled wrapping paper – I’m all for anything sustainable! Becca x

  7. Amazing gift ideas again! I love that spirit ball – it’s so beautiful. I had no idea about the meaning behind them so really interesting too xx

  8. What beautiful products in this gift guide! This has been super helpful, thank you Jenny. I will definitely be taking some of these products as potential gift ideas. I loved the pin and keychain and the message behind it, so positive! Thanks for sharing!

    -Rachel (

  9. I would love the My Chronicle Book Box & the Make Your Own Body Butter & Lip Balm Kit for myself! & the Santa Academy sounds great for kids!
    Miracle’s Mission is amazing for helping sick, injured & difficult animals!

  10. Those phenomenal woman items are lovely! I think there’s a really great range of gifts here, I’ll have to check out your Part 1 🙂 thanks for sharing these choices, Jenny- when it comes to picking out presents I need all the inspiration I can get!

  11. I absolutely LOVE these gift ideas! Personally, I would be beyond excited to have someone make a memorable donation to an animal charity like your last gift idea. This year, I celebrated my birthday by collecting for a cat shelter that my mother fosters with. Not only has 2020 been challenging for all of us, but it has been challenging for them too! They need our support.

  12. OK so now I have a new mission. Santa academy and to be his Employee of the month! When you said you included it for the Kids, I take it you meant all grown adults who have other shit they should be doing but quit adulting for the whole of December, right?

    In other news, that bauble is absolutely stunning! Another great list here Jenny. Thanks for sharing, photos as ever are gorgeous to x

  13. YES, I love the eco friendly wrapping paper. This was something I became more aware of this time last year – I have a huge family so go through a lotttt of wrapping paper! I also love the sound of that body butter – any kind of DIY skincare is always a win for me!


  14. I love all your picks! I’m a sucker for Christmas decorations and try and collect unique ones on my travels. Completely agree with you – I’m all for supporting small businesses. Great list. I’m so tempted to place an order for myself.

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