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Gift Ideas For Motorsport Lovers

AD – This is a paid advertorial but all thoughts are my own

Since being with Carl, I’ve become a HUGE fan of Motorsports. Prior to that, I had absolutely no interest whatsoever. I was never introduced to racing as a child and I was involved with so many other things that I didn’t have time to invest in a new hobby. I knew the names “Michael Schumacher” and “Lewis Hamilton” but I couldn’t tell you what they raced in or who for!

So it’s safe to say, my love and knowledge of Motorsport has grown exponentially within the last 5 or so years. Carl has always loved racing, ever since he was a kid but it was no means a case of him trying to make me enjoy it, just because we were now together. Whether I enjoyed it or not, he’d have continued to watch it.

But the longer we were together and the more tit-bits of motor racing I saw from things he was watching or listening too, the more it piqued my interest. My ears were pricking up, like my dog’s do when you’re rustling a crisp packet. And before long, I wanted to know EVERYTHING about Formula 1.

And just like that, I was hooked.

Since then, Carl introduced me to other racing series he thought I’d like and lo and behold, I did. And now, there’s at least 4 different series that we enjoy following throughout the year, either on TV or attending at our local track, Brands Hatch.

So now that we’ve established ourselves as a “motor racing couple” (God how cheesy is that?), Christmases and birthdays are inundated with motor racing themed gifts. Because for someone who loves Motorsport, you really can’t go wrong with them! So, if there’s a Motorsport lover in your life, here are some gift ideas for them!

Tickets to a racing event

Last Christmas, I bought Carl and I tickets for the DTM this August. We’ve attended for the last two years in a row and it’s one of my favourite weekends of the entire season! The DTM is one of my favourite series, I love how accessible and chilled everything is and you can always guarantee a fab weekend of racing! Tickets to events in the UK at tracks such as Brands Hatch, Donington Park or Snetterton are also extremely affordable.

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Models of cars

Carl collects models of cars and he has an incredibly impressive collection. I probably wouldn’t personally buy him a model because chances are, he’s already got it. But for someone who doesn’t already own like, six thousand models (I wish I was joking), they would make a great gift. Or something like what ModelSpace offer, which is to build your own Ford GT!

Prints and posters

Prints make a great gift anyway, especially if it’s of something the other person really loves. There are some incredible racing themed prints from incredibly talented artists out there that would make any Motor racing lover beam! One of my personal favorites is Stephen Doig, who creates outstanding artwork.

Driver autobiographies and books

I’ve read a few Formula 1 driver books over the last few years, including Jenson Button’s, Life To the Limit, Watching The Wheels by Damon Hill and Aussie Grit by Mark Webber to name a few. And they were all absolutely fantastic and so entertaining and eye-opening. I think books make an amazing gift idea anyway so two birds with one stone with this one!

Documentaries and DVD’s

If you’re interested in Motorsport and have a loved one who likes it too, documentaries are great gifts. I find a lot of people, even if they’re not MEGA FANS, end up really enjoying documentaries like this too. A few I’d highly recommend are:

  • Williams
  • Senna
  • Weekend of a Champion
  • McLaren
  • Ferrari: Race to Immortality
  • Grand Prix: The Killer Years
  • Lauda: The Untold Story
  • Truth in 24
  • Rush (Based on true events)
  • Le Mans 66 (Based on true events)

Go-karting or driving experiences

Every Motorsport lover wants to know what it feels like behind the wheel! So if it’s safe for them to do so, booking them a driving experience could make an amazing gift, a fantastic day out and some memories to remember forever! There are plenty of different types of driving experiences, including go-karts, off-roading, single seaters and more! I also bought Carl a go-karting experience for this year as well, which he’s yet to use!

I hope this post has given you some good ideas the next time you’re looking to buy for a Motorsport lover in your life! Are you a fan of Motorsport or know anyone that is? Have you ever bought them something like this before?


  1. Such a good selection of gift ideas for every budget here. I’m not hugely into motorsports but Blair does follow the F1 so I do see it when its on. My grandad and uncle also loved it, so it’s always been in my consciousness haha. It’s pretty exciting so I can see how people get SO into it. I’d love to get Blair a driving experience at some point, I think he’d love to see what it’s like to go reeeally fast.

    1. That’d be a great gift for him 🙂 I had NO interest in motorsport before Carl but my god I got so obsessed so quickly!

  2. My boyfriend and I are also into motorsports, but more drifting and speedway than F1. In the past, I’ve gotten him driving experiences and models and he’s loved them!

    Abi |

    1. Ahh that’s cool!

  3. I totally agree with you when you said that every auto racing fan wants to know what it feels to drive fast. My friend’s birthday is coming and I haven’t got a gift yet. It would be nice to find a nice t-shirt with a motorsport theme so that she can wear it on any occasion.

    1. Very true indeed. What about a teamwear shirt of her favourite team?

  4. Erin says:

    Oh wow it looks like so much fun!

  5. Alice Anne says:

    This would be perfect for my Dad, he’s a huge Motorsport fan and used to be a Motorsport photographer xx

    1. Oh wow really xx

  6. I gave a monster truck gift to one of my pals recently and they said they loved it!

    1. Ah that’s fab!

  7. Jack is huge fan of motorsport. His favourites are F1 & Le Mans. I’d love to get him along to a racing event as he’s never been so you’ve gave me some great ideas. I’ve gifted him Senna related gifts as he idolises him.

    1. Ahh I love Le Mans too x

  8. Daisy says:

    I remember watching Formula 1 with my mum every season! We loved watching it and my mum could never stand Mika Hakkinen and we always cheered for Michael Schumacher! I wish I could have seen a race live with her but maybe I’ll find someone else to go with! These are some incredible ideas especially the driving experiences!

    1. Didn’t like Mika Hakkinen?!?! Oh my god 😭😭

  9. I know next to nothing about F1 (or any other kind of motor sports) but it sounds like a great hobby/ interest to buy gifts for. Collecting model cars sounds like a great option for a fan x


    1. It definitely is but a VERY EXPENSIVE option!

  10. I haven’t been go-carting since I was a kid! Would love to go again when we are allowed to leave our homes again. Hope you stay safe and healthy during this time!

    – Avalon from

    1. I would too! You too 😌

  11. I’ve never been into NASCAR (which I assume is our US equivalent of motorsport?), but it’s so cool to hear more about this interest of yours & all the different ways you can gift this theme to others!!!

    1. Yeah NASCAR is motorsport! Indy Car is like the US equivalent of Formula 1 😌

  12. I love to watch a Grand Prix x

  13. These are great ideas! My step dad likes MotoGP and has tickets, but not sure it will be happening now. I did go carting when I was younger at Butlins, but would to do something like that now x

    1. Yeah we have tickets to a few events which I don’t think will go ahead 😫

      1. These are really good suggestions! Not a massive fan myself (I guess I’m impartial, ha) but my Dad is so these have given me some great ideas.

  14. This is such a unique idea! All of these would be perfect for any motorsport lovers xx

    Tiffany x

  15. My dad loves motorsport and would love any/all of these!

  16. katy gilroy says:

    Rush is one of my faveeeee films x

    1. Oh my god it’s soooo good!

  17. I would never have suspected you were into Motorsports. How interesting and unexpected! My uncle was big into motorcycles before he sadly passed when I was quite young. He used to pop us onto his motor bikes in the garage while he fixed them. He got involved in all the motorcycle races, including those in the Isle of Man. It’s only recently that I learned that my grandfather was the same in his younger days, even owning a motorcycle that him and my grandmother would frequently take out along the mountain.

    Now he passes his Sunday’s watching the Formula 1 in his bedroom and he just loves it!

    I have a few others in my life who are into various motorsports so I’ll have to keep these gifts in mind.

  18. I know my brother in law would absolutely adore this!

    Love, Amie ❤

    The Curvaceous Vegan

  19. I don’t know much about motorsports! xx

  20. Boss Babe Chronicles says:

    I must admit- I don’t know much at all about motorsport! I’ll need to watch some of these documentaries.

    1. Definitely!

  21. I absolutely love go-carting, what a great idea! Too bad we are not allowed to leave our homes due to the coronavirus quarantine. Thanks for sharing and wishing you a great day!

    1. Ahh I know! Sucks!

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