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I’ve been thinking a lot about my dream home and what I’d want my home to look like, since I started visualizing and using The Law of Attraction to manifest my dream home. Although I’m not in a position to own my own property right now, I have faith that someday I will be. But there’s no time like the present to start planning, is there?

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There’s much more to home decor and interiors than just the colour of the walls, the colour scheme of the room or the material you’re using for the floor. Everything plays its part in a room – even the not-so-glamorous parts. Like when you think of radiators for example. I’m sure they don’t scream out at you as something you’d pay an awful lot of attention to when it comes to designing a room in your home.

But even the radiator can add something to a room if you do it right! Which is where Modern Designer Radiators come in. Because even the radiator can be stylish, if you choose the right one! So here are 5 designer radiators to spruce up your home:

Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

Victorian Cast Iron Radiators

I like these ones as you can make them look really vintage – but in a stylish way! They can be painted to match the room and I really like the “bare-bones” look of them. I’d definitely consider having a Victorian cast iron radiator in my home.

Bare Metal Core Column Radiator

If you like an industrial look in your home, then this is definitely the style of designer radiator for you! I love the raw state of these radiators and how they even have manufacturing markings on them, making them look and feel completely unique and authentic.

Vertical Radiators

These don’t just save space but they also look really stylish. And they come in a ton of styles to suit all, even including Blackboard radiators: Yep, you can actually write on them! Vertical radiators are certainly something a bit different to look into to spruce up your home!

Pablo Raditators

Pablo radiators have a super simplistic look, so they’re perfect for the minimalist among us or those that perfect a more minimal home. These flat panel radiators come in a range of size and colours, both horizontal and vertical to suit all home decor styles.

Supermirror Radiator

Want to kill two birds with one stone? These Supermirror raditators combine two things we all need in our home; heating and a mirror. Again, they come in both horizontal and vertical and would make a great feature in a bathroom to help save space.

Are radiators something that you pay much attention to when it comes to decorating your home? Is having a designer radiator something you’d thought of before, or perhaps you already have one and it really brightens up your room? Let me know!

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