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I think this year more than any other, we’ve come to appreciate our gardens and our own outdoor spaces. Where for months, that was as far as a lot of us could or would go, due to COVID, it was time to appreciate and be grateful for what we had right in front of us. I know I certainly felt that way earlier on in this lockdown period.

Photo by Victor Xok on Unsplash

With a lot of us having spent a decent amount of time in our gardens this year and taking part in a variety of garden based activities, I think it’s safe to say that going forward, a lot more people will be taking much better care of their own gardens and outdoor spaces.

Our garden currently looks like a building site as I’m finally getting my home garden office that I’ve been waiting all year for. But as our garden is having a pretty big re-vamp, we’ve decided to just go all out and really give our garden the make over it deserves. Including some of things mentioned below!

So if you’re looking to give your own garden a little re-vamp, here are some suggestions!

A new patio

As I’m going to have a small patio outside my office, my parents have decided to just go ahead and get the entire patio re-done. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with the old one but it’ll look better if it matches and will brighten up the patio area of the garden with nice new slabs. If your budget allows, this could be a great start in your garden re-vamp!

You can also section off the patio from the rest of the garden, if you wanted to by using walls or fencing. This could make for a really sweet feature in your garden, so try contacting Minneapolis fencing contractors – or contractors wherever you live – to help you do the job properly.

Artificial grass

We do have real grass in our garden but we’ve had AstroTurf over the years and it always looks nice and neat. Obviously. Because that’s the point! If you’ve not got the time to maintain your garden, then artificial grass is a great option for you. There are so many different kinds now, they’re low maintenance, all weather and an extra bonus for the hay fever sufferers among us!

Solar powered lights

We love our solar powered lights! Well, my Mum does. They are scattered around the garden everywhere and they really do look so pretty in the night-time, when they’re all lit up! This is another good option for those who prefer a lower maintenance garden, as you don’t have to do anything to them!

Plants and flowers

Of course no garden or outdoor space would be complete without plants or flowers. So if you’re old plants and and flowers are looking a bit drab and dreary, maybe it’s time to say goodbye and buy some new ones. Perhaps invest in some nice new pots too to scatter around the garden to hold your new flowers.

New garden furniture

Another thing we’ve invested in for our garden re-vamp is new garden furniture. Well, a new table at least because our old one looks awful due to years of weather, wear and tear. A new set of patio furniture (on that lovely brand new patio of course!) is a great way to re-vamp your garden that doesn’t require much effort on your part apart from picking out the actual furniture!

A new lick of paint

And finally, check out those gates, fences and sheds. How does the paint look? If it’s looking a bit worse for wear, then spend a sunny afternoon giving it a new lick of paint. We’ve done this with a variety of fence panels and one of our sheds and it really has made quite a difference, for something so small!

Have you enjoyed your garden more during lockdown? Do you have any plans to re-vamp your garden?


  1. I love how that garden is styled in the photo! I got some new furniture for my garden at the beginning of the lockdown and it became a lifesaver for all those days reading in the sun! I definitely want to try painting the fences, I feel like that would really brighten it up

  2. i think If the garden is small its simple enough, if the garden is big you need to priorities, what do need? seating area? kids area? What ever is the most crucial this is where to spend the little budget, after that certain area’s that are not used regularly can be made to look good for a small cost using slate or chippings bark etc. Don’t shirk on the main area, because if this is great the rest will come together around it.

  3. I’m so jealous of your garden office, I really want one! Maybe in the future haha. We’ve been so busy moving into our new place that we haven’t even started on the garden yet, but we do have big plans! This post has got me so excited for all the possibilities!

  4. These are such great tips to refresh your garden space! I love spending as much time as I can outside and these tips make it feel so much more cozier and enjoyable

  5. Love these ideas. The only good thing about lockdown has been the time I have had to work on my garden – especially with planting flowers, plants, fruit, veggies etc, and I am loving solar lighting. Great post, thank you for sharing x

  6. Wonderful ideas! It sounds like you are going to have an amazing garden office. There is work with a garden, but it brings so much joy. I like to think of the outdoors around a house like ‘outside rooms’. As you have said, you can add patio furniture, or a whole new redo; you can ‘spruce’ your outdoor space as you do indoors. I think nature inspires us; it is good to spend time in a garden retreat.

  7. We’re hoping to get the whole garden landscaped in the new year.We intended to get it done this year but sadly COVID hit and no one was up for working on it. So that’s a next year problem and boy does it need a re-vamp!

  8. We’ve started the process of a massive garden revamp, something that has been desperately needed for a few years. Should keep me busy for a long time 😂

  9. I have definitely enjoyed and appreciated my garden more this year and did a big tidy up early on which helped me enjoy it more in summer, especially once we were able to see people outside.

  10. We did quite a bit like this over summer so we had the chance to use outside more – it’s been so nice to do so while the weather has been gorgeous! xx

  11. Really great ideas! I personally don’t have a garden now but when I get my own home in the future, I’ll make sure to make it my pride and joy! I bought my first succulent plant today so it’s a good test to see whether or not I’ve got a green thumb 😛 Thank you for sharing these ideas!

  12. Great tips, I love how that garden is styled in the photo! I got some new furniture for my garden at the beginning of the lockdown and it became a lifesaver for all those days reading in the sun! I definitely want to try painting the fences, I feel like that would really brighten it up 🙂

    Anika |

  13. Oh I love a good garden makeover! I’m so excited to see your little office once you’ve finished it! :). We’ve also just given our friend’s fence a good lick of paint and it makes such a big difference!
    Kate x

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