July was not a cool month. Literally and figuratively. After my Pinterest account was marked as spam and all the hours hours of work I’d put in over the last few months was basically shot to shit, I was at the end of my tether. I was just NOT feeling good about my blog, my career and my progress. I was seeing people succeed left, right and center and here I was feeling completely and utterly LOST. So I decided to take some advice from myself about finding your way back to you.

Tips For Finding Your Way Back To You

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July was shite. For the first 2 weeks I felt completely out of whack with myself. I did mention it briefly on Twitter but didn’t go into too much detail but basically, my confidence with my blog had plummeted. My views were dropping quite dramatically – partially due to the Pinterest issue and partially because I was so fed up I just wasn’t bothering.

July was also a pretty slow month for blogging work and I’m not the only person to mention this. My income was on the lower side and as someone who’s pretty motivated by money and success, you can imagine how much of a kick in the crotch that was.

Basically, I just really needed to take a step back and have a good, long, hard think about things. Which I did. I did quite a few things during that period of wallowing which made me a feel a ton better and although of course there are some aspects you can’t and will never be able to control – it’s important to focus on what you CAN control. And that’s you. Your attitude. And the way you deal with these set backs in life.

So today I’ll be sharing some top tips on finding your way back to you in times of uncertainty:

Finding Your way Back To You

Get offline and away from your phone

This is one of the things I did that probably helped me the most and that was getting AWAY from the situation that was making me feel down. Having a digital detox – even just for one day – really gave me the head space I needed. I had my digital detox on a Sunday which personally I think is the perfect day to switch off from social media, ahead of the new week. I barely picked up my phone all day and was super present. It felt amazing.

Get really bloody honest with yourself

This was something that happened during my crappy period that I didn’t expect to happen. But actually turned out to be exactly what I needed. I ended up having a pretty honest conversation with Kayleigh from Kayleigh Zara and sharing some of my shit that I didn’t think I’d end up telling her. Turns out, we’re all struggling with something, aren’t we? But letting go of what I was feeling that I’d never expressed out loud before really helped.

Watch your mindset

In your journey to finding your way back to you, your mindset is going to play a pretty lead role in how you get there. Your mindset is the one thing you CAN CONTROL. So really take care of it and what’s influencing it. Try and establish a mindset routine and try and perform that routine every day – even when it’s the last thing you want to do.

Practice all the self care

Yes, yes, yes. Self care. God’s gift. Honestly I practiced more self care during that crappy month than I’ve done in years and I did not regret it for a second. If anything, it taught me that I need to be practicing MORE self care than I have been. When you’re feeling lost, self care is vital. Overdose on it. Make it your TOP priority. Because the only person getting yourself out of this funk… is you.

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Move your beautiful body

Exercise is great however you’re feeling – obviously. I don’t need to tell you that. But I found it particularly beneficial when I was feeling so lost and crappy because it got me out of my own goddamn head. Which sometimes is exactly what you need. I mean, if you’re anything like me then you know how exhausting being in your own head ALL THE TIME can be. Get your body moving. It deserves it. Check out Holly Dolke on YouTube for some fab, quick, HIIT workouts and of course my fave, Yoga With Adriene.

Accept that you’re lost

Acceptance is the first step to… recovery? Is that the saying? Whatever it is, acceptance is so important. It can genuinely be the first step you need to take to feeling like yourself again. I was powering through as normal until I realised I felt mega off. But at first, I didn’t know why. It was only after a bit of soul searching did I realise what the problem was for me and then I continued on with all the other points in this post. But acceptance comes first.

Make a plan

Look, you can’t stay lost forever. You need you. So although it’s beneficial to just feel the feels and switch off and take care of yourself, you still need to make some sort of plan on how to find your way back to you. Consider it your internal road map. This one can be tricky to dictate because everyone’s situations are so different but for me, I accepted where I was, I was clear with myself on where I needed to be and made a plan of how to get there. A plan will help you get started on finding your way back to you.

Finding Your Way Back To You

Have you ever felt lost and struggled with finding your way back to you? Are you struggling right now? Which of these tips would you find most helpful? Let me know!


  1. I have definitely been feeling a bit off lately. This year hasn’t gone how I wanted and I’ve slipped into laziness and avoiding things as usual, instead of taking the first step forward. It’s actually kind of reassuring to hear you feel like this at times, as you’re one of my biggest inspirations and come across like you’re bossing it 24/7. These tips are brilliant and I will be taking them as motivation to get my shit together. Thanks Jenny!

  2. Wow !! This hit home. I’ve felt like this for a while. I even deleted Facebook and Instagram because of those exact feelings. Now I only have twitter and my blog and I’m trying to get myself back out there to blogging more often and I feel like I’m just stuck in a rut again. It stinks but your words really do help knowing I’m not the only one and we can get back into the groove of things.

  3. I had no idea you felt like this pet and I’m so sorry. I always feel like I can do better because everyone else around me seems to be doing so much better than me. But I know now that I am right where I need to be in regards to my writing, work etc. This was a very inspirational post, so thank you for taking the time to write this not only for us but also for yourself 🙂

  4. So many helpeful tips. I’ve not really been feeling myself for a long while. I’m finally getting back to me with the help of exercise, water and time to myself!

  5. I definitely needed to read something like this today. I’m also not in a good place at the moment and feel totally lost too. It’s not totally blog related, I generally feel at loss with what makes me happy. I think I’m in need of lots of self care! xx

  6. These are some really useful tips. I think July was a hard month for quite a few people. I know I struggled with wanting to write and promote posts and I wasn’t the only one.

  7. I think selfcare and not overworking ourselves is very important. I recently visited my family and did not check or use social media and look at my blog for one week. It was great as I needed that digital detox. Now I have energy again and am ready to power through! Great that you managed to get out of your dark corner taking your own advice.

  8. Sucks about being marked as spam by Pinterest. This has been happening for months and it seems like there is no improvement being done by the Pinterest side.

  9. Ah, Jenny, I had no idea you were feeling like this, I’m so sorry. But you are one of the strongest and most inspirational bloggers I know and I’m so glad you’re in a better mindset now. Pinterest is crap for so many people, I really question the amount of effort it takes vs. the payback. And July was a slow income month here too. But taking a digital detox works wonders, I find that time away from social media always makes me feel better. Onwards and upwards, exciting times ahead in September! xxx

    Lisa | http://www.lisasnotebook.com

  10. I keep on hearing that July was not a great month for many. I can relate. My book sales went down, probably bacause its vecation times, but I started doubting everything I created and was really not in a good place. Like you I took a break from most of it and took a vecation with my husband. It was what I needed.

    I am so sorry about your Pinterest account, I know how hard you work making great content.

    Tips you shared are great and will come in handy next time I have a crisis with my creative work.

  11. I would’ve never thought you’d feel insecure about your blog as it is one of my faves! But I guess it happens to everyone, August wasn’t great for my blog views either but I’m trying not to think about the numbers too much. I love your honesty as well as your tips, I do need a digital detox soon – but it’s going to be a hard one for me as I am very glued to my phone!

    Sending good vibes to you for September 😊

  12. You always have such an upbeat mindset (at least it comes across that way), but of course we all experience darker times. All of these tips will be very useful for pushing through. Thanks for sharing your insight!

  13. Definitely needed this post. I’ve been feeling deflated for the past couple of days. It’s a great reminder to soul search, figure out all the emotions and create a new plan. Thank you for sharing Jenny!

  14. I am so sorry to hear about your experiences on Pinterest! After a blow like that, it is easy to fall into a slump so having a plan with small, slow steps is a wonderful way to regain motivation at your own pace. Writing about it is an awesome way to group up all your thoughts. 🙂

  15. I’m definitely feeling this right now, my Pinterest issues still haven’t been fixed, which has left me deflated on several occasions. I get these days every now and then where I have a to-do list and have all the will in the world to do it, but everything just feels difficult and takes A LOT longer than it should but they’ve been a lot more frequent the last month or so. The point about watching your mindset is definitely applicable here, but I always find ignoring my phone and essentially pretending the world doesn’t exist for a day every now and then works wonders x

  16. Definitely agree with these points, I’m feeling a bit lost at the moment – haven’t been on my laptop all day which has really refreshed my mind! Also, self care is SO important when you aren’t feeling yourself…thank you for sharing 🙂 x

  17. A break from all social media, editing and the furor that goes with editing over and over and over again. lol I’ve had enough for now. Still on Monday we go on holiday, two weeks at the beautiful caravan in Embo, Scottish highlands. They have no internet access. A great post, Jenny thank you for being so honest with us. xxx

  18. This is a very real and very honest post. Yes, we all feel that way at times. I find that moving my body and working on my mindset usually are what I need the most. When I do these, everything else seems to fall into place. But all our brains are wired differently, so I always encourage my friends to do what works best for them. Thanks the suggestions!

  19. Thank you for writing and sharing this post! I’m kind of in a place similar to where you were. I feel like I have so many different ideas, anxieties, and doubts running around in my head. And it’s good to know that there’s someone out there who has been through the same general feeling that I’m going through. Keep up the great work!

  20. Staying away from social media and accepting that you’re not okay at the moment are sooo important. I recently did a social media detox for a little while and it felt so refreshing and it also showed me that I rely on it way more than I should. I think a lot of people feel really down when they’re feeling lost because, obviously, that’s not a good feeling, but I think it’s almost necessary once in a while because it gives you a chance to take a step back and just rest. Thank you for sharing this!

  21. This is something I have found out as well during this time of dealing with the change in my circumstances and the world during this Covid-19 time. Great advise!!
    Belle xo

  22. Congratulations on the launch of your new book! I too have felt a little lost this past month with blogging, I lacked motivation and was really struggling for content ideas. Accepting that I was lost, and not being so hard on myself has helped me get back on track. My drafts are no filled with ideas that I can’t wait to share. Thank you for being so bloody honest!x

  23. This is a great post and some really good tips Jenny. I think in whatever work/career you have, you have doubts and times when you think you are not doing your best. Its good to take that time out just to rethink it all, isn’t it? I guess that is what annaual leave from a ‘typical’ job allows you to do more than an online one (but that is coming from a perspective of someone who blogs on the side of my full time job).
    I love the point about getting into a mindset and a routine with this. Definitley something to work on.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

  24. These are great tips Jenny I find myself in this situation most of the time and it’s really a struggle to get back and do self care instantly and also never thought of getting away from the cause of the problem. I try your advises when the storm strikes again thank you.

  25. I love your blog but so can relate to your blog post. It is so easy to get frustrated and taking a step back is the best solutions. Granted, it is the best solution to most everything in life. In our world that numbers are the epicenter of what we do, not so easy..
    Continue being you and share your great passion .

  26. I always find your article awesome, Jen! So sorry to hear about your Pinterest, my number also go down drastically until reach minus 🙁 I even don’t upload any things for a week or more. I took a break from blogging for a week because I don’t get the result that I want. I hang out with friend, visit my fave place, regaining some control over myself, and back to plan all of my work and blogging schedule. I always tell myself not to worry and overthinking but I just can’t, those feelings will come back when things not going well, so I just be honest to myself and accept all the fail and lose. Thank you for always sharing this inspiring and honest post, Jen!

  27. Jenny, first I’m sorry about your Pinterest account. It must have been tough to deal with. Secondly, this is an awesome post. We all have to face the challenges life throws at us. Your tips are a great way to tackle them. It is true that you have to focus on what You can control, your attitude and effort. Thank you and take care.

  28. This is so helpful to read! I felt as though I was so get up and go in March/April/ May and then the last few months I’ve just lost it completely! I’ve just started a new diet and exercise plan though so here’s hoping xx

  29. The perfect post in times like this. I have days when I feel totally lost and need to change up my routine. A long walk and yoga has helped me a lot in recent months. And a good digital detox Is a must too. A good stiff g and t doesn’t hurt either… it that’s me. Anyhow, you have some great words of wisdom here. Thanks for sharing,

  30. Thank you for this post. I found July and August have been so demotivating as well, and it’s definitely made me question myself. I think mine has come down to losing my job (even though I’ve got it back now) and being frustrated that I can’t just go full-time with blogging – it’s certainly a process that needs patience! These are really good tips though and I think doing some soul-searching and focusing on getting myself un-lost will really help.

  31. You’re so right in saying that establishing a mindset routine and sticking to it is essential especially on the days that we don’t feel like it. Those are the days we need it the most! I’ve noticed that when I’m in a funk the last thing I want to do is to exercise or do my mindset routine/scripting. However, when I do get around to it, I feel so much better after. I hope you’ve been feeling much better, Jenny! 🙂 And I can relate to what you said at the beginning of your post – Pinterest marked my account spam too and it was sooo demotivating. I’ve been struggling with prioritising Pinterest ever since!

  32. This is such a lovely and honest post Jenny! These tips are so important to remember to help when you feel like this, for me getting honest with myself is so important because i think sometimes you need it. As well as this a digital detox too because theres so much pressure from social media to act or feel a certain way and I just need to get away from that. Thank you for sharing!xx

  33. All these tips are really great! You’ve covered two of my favourite ways to finding myself – getting offline and making a plan/writing things down. When you’re in a bad frame of mind, being online where everyone is mostly either just sharing extreme joy or extreme frustration – both can be triggering! And writing things down is how I make sense of anything… so it helps to put words on paper and figure out how to move forward. 🙂

    This is a lovely post! Waiting for your book. 🙂

  34. Thank you for sharing so honestly. This is kind of where I have been all year. I finally feel like I am coming out the other side but I’m worried about going back to work next week and the impact that’ll have on me and my blogging mindset.

    These are great tips, thank you for sharing x

  35. Beautiful and honest post Jenny and just what I needed to read right now. Totally agree with the previous comment about the tip “get bloody honest with yourself” being the go to. I’m also a big believer in making a plan but all the other tips also resonate and are excellent advice. Much love ♡

  36. Thank you for sharing this post, it’s so honest and filled with some great tips! For me the tip I would go to first would be “Get really bloody honest with yourself” I feel like talking to someone else not only helps you to rationalise your thoughts a little more, it makes you see that you are not alone in the way feel, like you said and that everyone is going through their own shit! My next go to would be “move your beautiful body” it’s defiantly another key factor to regaining some clarity and control over my thoughts exercise is just one of my favourite ways to feel better!

      1. I really needed to read this. I stumbled across it after a difficult morning and it helped to clear my head xx

        I’ve been in a slump for a while: worrying about finances and my partner (who has depression).

        I agree that it’s so important to step back and be honest with yourself. It really helps to identify how you got to this point in your life and the steps you can take to change it!

        Bianca xx | http://www.missmonro.com

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