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We all know I’m big on self care by now. I’ve published many different types of self care related content, including self care in 10 minutes or less, basic self care and how to bring self care BACK into your life when you’ve been neglecting yourself. I love creating this type of content because you can really hone in on self care for one specific thing. Because self care looks different, to different people, depending on a number of factors. Today I’m sharing another self care specific post which focuses on Summer self care in particular!

Summer Self Care

Tell you the truth, I’ve never been a HUGE fan of Summer. In fact I wrote an entire blog post about reasons why I hate Summer. I’ve been learning to enjoy it and appreciate it more over the last couple of year – in particular since my anxiety disorder improved – but it’s still not my favourite season. I’ll always be an Autumn gal at heart.

But, the thing with seasons is that we can’t avoid them. Unless we’re perpetually moving around the globe to avoid the sun. So we either learn to enjoy the Summer or suck it up until it’s over. I’m leaning more towards the latter here.

But that’s the thing with self care as well, it’s a yearlong thing. It’s not just exclusively for when we’re going through a break up or when we’ve lost our job. Self care is for ALL THE TIME and the more we practice that, the better. But of course the beauty is, is that it’s adaptable. To situations. To circumstances. To seasons.

So today I want to share some specific Summer self care tips that we should take on board this Summer, next Summer and every Summer after that!

Drink enough water. If you don’t like water – find something you do like!

Let’s start at the very basic level of self care here and talk about HYDRATION. Goddamn. I think a lot of people would find they feel much better in the Summer months if they upped their water intake. But it certainly can be a struggle for some. My Mum doesn’t like plain water – I don’t understand it myself but if you don’t like it, you don’t like it.

But in the Summer, when it reaches dizzying temperatures outside (anyone else remember the day of Summer 2019 that hit 38 degrees?) you HAVE to drink water. Like, you really don’t have a choice in the matter because dehydration is dangerous. A good option for those who don’t like plain water is water infusions, flavoured water or squash.

Take care of your skin

Boy oh boy, I could bang on about this point alllll day. Your skin is your biggest organ. It’s your canvas. Your bodies protector. Your skin does SO MUCH for you yet you repay it by letting it sizzle and dry up in the sun and accelerate it’s chances of getting a life-threatening illness? Heck no.

Seriously folks, look after your skin. A little Vitamin D never hurt anyone but be sensible with your sun exposure. Make sure you’re using the right sunscreen for you, staying out of the sun during the hottest parts of the day and checking your skin regularly. If you ARE desperate for a tan, fake tan is the way to go!

Which brings me nicely onto BALIBODY, the natural tanning oil and skincare brand so you can have that gorgeous glowing tan without damaging your skin at the same time!

Summer Self Care Tips

Bali Body

Bali Body Tanning Mitt

I was kindly sent some BALIBODY products to try out and feature in this post and just for context, I am A HUGE FAKE TAN FAN. I’m from Essex, so what do you expect? I’ve loved fake tan ever since my teens and definitely went through a bit of an obsessive phase with it. Luckily I came out of the other side of that and now I’m all about natural looking self tanning products that are easy to apply with a radiant finish. The products that I were sent were:

So I started with the self tanning mousse. Earlier in the day I shaved my legs, exfoliated and moisturized so I was all prepped for the tan. First of all, I have a confession. I’ve NEVER used a tanning mitt. So using this mitt was like seeing a unicorn for me. The mitt is SO SOFT and makes applying tan so easy. The mousse itself is lovely to apply. It comes and by using the mitt in long, sweeping, motions, it avoids any unnecessary streaks.

The face tan water is great because you use it within your skincare routine like a toner and apply with a cotton pad. So there’s no extra time wasted applying this. It’s completely clear and develops over 6 hours and gave my face a lovely, subtle glow. I definitely looked like I’d been out in the sun.

I *may* have left the tanning mousse on for a little longer than suggested (like, 10 hours longer) so it came out VERY dark but I’m not mad because I love a good tan! There were a couple of patchy bits but I think that’s more down to my inexperience in using a mitt than anything else. I love the colour and the finish and I will 100% be using this and purchasing this going forward. Definitely one of the best tans I’ve used and I’ve used a LOT.

Stay away from diet culture and content that makes you feel bad about yourself

Summer is a great time for magazines, publications and weight loss programs to drill into you the importance of getting “bikini body ready”. Well you know what? If you have a body and put it in a bikini… you’re bikini body ready. Diet culture is rife at two different times of year: January and Summer. So if you suffer from low self esteem or are particularly affected by these things, it’s a good idea to limit what you see on social media, block, mute and unfollow anyone or anything that makes you feel bad about yourself.

Invest in a goddamn fan

A nice bit of practical advice here for you and that’s INVEST IN A FAN. Let this be your yearly reminder. God, I love a fan. We have like, a billion fans in our house. And here in Britain, the land of panic buying (see COVID 2k20 as an example), fans get out of stock pretty damn quick. So pick one up ASAP.

Wake up earlier in the Summer

A good Summer self care tip that I’m a big advocate for is waking up early. I’m an early bird anyway and spoke about my morning routine here – so hopefully that gives you some tips on how to wake up earlier. But I find the Summer is the perfect time to wake up early. When it’s cooler outside, it’s brighter in the morning and your’re able to really make the most of the day.

Slow down and give yourself time to do nothing

If and when you can, I urge you to slow down this Summer. We’re always so damn busy. Especially in Summer when everyone and their Nan are having a BBQ. Not having many plans one week is OKAY. And spending time in the garden, listening to a podcast or some music, sipping on cocktails, is OKAY. It’s okay to slow down and watch the world pass by in the Summer.

Follow along to a Summer self care challenge

If self care doesn’t come naturally to you, don’t worry, I got your back too. Below you’ll find a fun 30 day Summer self care challenge that you can follow along to, to ensure you’re fitting in at least one small self care activity every day during the Summer!

Summer Self Care Challenge

How do YOU look after yourself more in the Summer? What Summer self care tips do you have to share? Will you be trying the Summer self care challenge? Let me know!


  1. Your 30 day summer self care challenge looks amazing! I’m definitely going to follow it throughout August, it looks so fun. I think you’re so right about allowing yourself to be calm and not busy during summer. So many people struggle with feeling guilty if they aren’t “making the most of” every day when it’s sunny, but just being chilled out sometimes is so important for your mental health!

  2. It’s interesting that people from 4 seasons country are using tanning oil. In Malaysia, I’ve never seen one. Does it darken your skin?
    I’d say my favourite self-care routine to do is to apply a sunblock everyday.

  3. I shaved my legs for the first time since lockdown yesterday haha. Self care really does make a difference xx

  4. I haven’t heard of that brand, sounds like great products. These are such great tips. Self care is so important for me in summer as I tend to neglect it if I am busy. I wake up easier in the summer and I don’t feel too badly as it is light outside. Thank you for sharing Jenny.

    Lauren |

  5. Great tips! I’m proud of myself that I’m actually doing most of these already. The whole hydration thing is so important – I learnt the other day that one has to be hydrated for around two weeks to stop feeling dehydrated, which is crazy!

  6. I’ve attempted to comment a couple of times, but my comments on blogs everywhere seem to be disappearing. I think they are being treated as spam, so attempting with a different device and email address….anyway I love the self care challenge 😀

    Adam –

  7. Love this Jenny! I never saw myself as a Summer lover until this year because last September we moved house and had to wait until Spring to start using our garden annoyingly. Now thanks to some wonderful outdoor space I can say that Summer is my month. Waking up earlier and running downstairs to open the patio doors and let natural light and warmth in is a dream.

    Kate |

  8. Omg I 100% agree that you need to get yourself a fan haha, last week when it was warm the fan was very much needed. Autumn is also my fave season, I love it. Love the sound of the Bali body products too, I have some and I am so excited to try out their products!

    Chloe xx

  9. Self care is something I’m really striving to do at the moment, after far too many years of neglect.

    I did try some self tan once, as I’m basically an albino. It didn’t go well.

    Looking through the self care challenge, I was worried about painting my nails, then saw, get up at 6 and exercise and nearly fainted 😰

  10. I love summer… well the days when it’s not scorching hot! I would actually love to move around the world (or even just around Australia) to avoid winter. Spring, summer and autumn, I am totally in but winter, nah-ah. I love spending time outside in summer – in the shade, of course, but just soaking up that warmth. Sitting in the swing and watching my kids play in the pool, joining in – that’s my idea of summer self care!

  11. Fabulous post. These tips are so practical and helpful I love it. Self care is truly important even in the summer when we tend to be a little more relaxed. I think it’s when we need to take care of ourselves more.

  12. These are some great tips. I agree its so important to look after your skin. I’ve heard so many great things about Balibody, I’m going to have to try it.

  13. I am definitely up for a self-care summer challenge! My self-care lately has been appalling and I definitely need to give my skin a big apology. I’ve never done self-tan (should I admit that also being an Essex girl?) and the closest I’ve got is one of those gradual build-up ones in a moisturiser. I do love the summer glow though, so maybe I should try it… Great post!

  14. This has to be one of my favorite posts by you so far! I love wearing huge straw hats this time of year and drinking plenty of water, but your “Well you know what? If you have a body and put it in a bikini… you’re bikini body ready.”, connected with me so much because being overwhelmed by dieting culture come summer is something that ends up getting to me.
    Thanks for sharing!

  15. These are such good tips! I really struggle with summer, even though I do love it, so these are such good ideas to keep me feeling good. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Can totally relate with you on NOT liking Summer and I’m from South Africa so our Winters are your Summers basically ! Great post, staying hydrated and realizing that every body is a bikini body is what keeps me sane during Summer.
    Great post x

  17. these are great tips! i love to take cold baths in the summer right before bed. it helps me cool my body down and ensure that i’m fresh and clean before i go to sleep. i can’t remember if i’ve heard of balibody or not. i would love to try it tho since i’m so fair & burn easily! x

    mich. x

  18. Self-care is important, especially in summer. I love all the tips you shared, I’m definitely participating in the 30 day self-care challenge as I’ve never been a fan of summer either. Hi-5 to a fellow autumn lover. Thank you for sharing dear.

    Tx. // Tajinder Kaur

  19. I have never heard of Balibody so definitely want to check that out! Also I agree and I love to wake up early anyway but in the summer it’s just so much nicer! Also I love looking after my skin 🥰

  20. Love the tip about waking up earlier in summer – it’s definitely easier than getting up early in winter when it’s still dark outside! I always leave a crack in my shutters to let the sun in as it’s rising – makes it so much easier to wake up naturally early than waking up to my horrid iPhone alarm! lol x

  21. Great tips! The water point especially, sooooo important! I always fill a big jug with tap water and throw some orange or lemon slices or cucumber there to bring some flavour to it. People should really try that because not liking water should never be a reason to not drink it. Our bodies don’t function without it. My skin reacts immediately if I go couple days without drinking water, so that keeps me on track 😀 Also, the point about us allowing ourselves some time off from excelling in life is so important. Especially on hot days when our bodies focus on nothing but keeping us alive. There’s no energy to spare for anything harder than just existing then 😉 xx

    Teresa Maria | Outlandish Blog

  22. Wait, do you normally tan with just your hands?? You’ve never used a mitt? I need a thorough breakdown of every tiny detail of your regular routine please. I feel like people are forever judging me when I say I hate summer but other than light nights there’s nothing I like about it at all. Remembering to take care of your skin is so important! x


    1. I’ve NEVER used a mitt until now haha! I love the light nights but hate Summer. And my fake tan routine used to be put it on with my hands then wash my hands afterwards? Didn’t think that was weird?!

  23. I’ve seen great reviews about BaliBody but I never used it as I’m naturally tanned. During summer I usually getup earlier than during the rest of the years. This lets me enjoy my breakfast and do some cleaning before I meet my friends. Enjoy your summer ♡