If you hate Summer, you’re not alone. Lots of people feel like they *should* like Summer and make the most of the long nights and the warm weather but in reality, Summer can be a hard time of year for a myriad of reasons! Whilst some of these reasons to hate Summer might be a be tongue-in-cheek, Summer can be a very difficult time for some people, so let’s not forget the seriousness of that.

reasons to hate summer

Chances are, you’re familiar with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) which typically presents itself in the Winter months, when the weather is colder, the days are shorter and were not getting as much Vitamin D or sunlight.

But Summer Depression (basically SAD in reverse) is a REAL THING that affects quite a lot of people. It’s just not as commonly known or spoken about. There are a few reasons that studies have highlighted might be the cause of Summer SAD, including:

  • Increased body issues / self confidence troubles
  • Financial worries (Summer can be expensive)
  • Disrupted schedules, such as children being off school and vacations
  • Prolonged heat and humidity, which might lead to trouble sleeping or a loss of appetite

These all sounds like perfectly reasonable explanations as to why you might be experiencing Summer SAD. If that sounds like you, make sure you’re focusing on Summer self care routines and speaking to a GP if you’re finding your mental health is declining. You might also find this post on taking care of your mind this Summer useful too!

I used to REALLY hate Summer. Like, really. And there was one big reason for that: my anxiety disorder.

Before I started suffering with my anxiety disorder, I actually loved Summer. It was my favourite time of year, I was always out and having fun. The heat didn’t bother me at all.

But when my anxiety disorder hit me, heat and getting hot in general became a HUGE trigger for me. So obviously, for me, getting hot was a BIG reason to hate Summer. And when it’s hot outside and you live in the UK where we don’t have air con in our houses, there’s nowhere to run to.

Thankfully now, after a lot of treatments for anxiety, I’ve managed to overcome my anxiety disorder and live a mostly anxiety-free life. I’m also starting to enjoy Summer again! Although not to the extent I did before.

However I still very much understand these reasons to hate Summer and some of them STILL get on my nerves. So let’s look at these 13 reasons to hate Summer. Some of which are very genuine, some of which aren’t. But they all count!

reasons to hate summer


I tell you, there’s absolutely nothing I love more than sneezing 300 times a day and having a sinus headache for 5 months out of the year. Hay fever really can ruin Summer for so many people. So it’s really important to find tips for managing hay fever symptoms and using the right medication to suit you, such as tablets and eye drops.

Personal maintenance

Obviously nobody HAS to shave or fake tan, it’s our bodies and our choices, which is wonderful. For me personally, I would rather fake tan (because I feel more confident with a tan but I’m ginger so I don’t get one) and shave my legs but that doesn’t mean I enjoy doing it. Luckily I’ve found a brand like estrid who make shaving a whole lot easier!


I don’t think I need to explain this one. The bugs in Summer make me itch. And the SIZE of the spiders? No thanks.


I don’t know about you but heat makes me soooo tired. And going to bed at 8 every night doesn’t make for very interesting Summer stories. I typically nap a lot more in Summer and often need an afternoon energy boost.

Electric shocks every time you touch a car door

Why does this happen to me? Anyone else? I dread touching the car door handle in the Summer because I never know when I’m about to get shocked across the driveway (bit of an exaggeration but you get what I mean).

Being a pale, redhead

Sunburn. Sunburn everywhere. Sunburn when it’s not even sunny. Any other pale skinned read heads will feel me on this one. It doesn’t matter how much you love being a red head, there’s no getting around the fact that we burn to a CRISP.

The race against time ice-cream challenge

Taking an ice-cream from the freezer to the living room without it melting down your arm is just an impossible task. I remember one Summer when we had a 30 degree + heat-wave, I got some ice cream and it was LITERALLY melted by the time I got to the living room.

Showering 3 times a day

Could do without that, to be honest. A mild inconvenience for sure.

No air-con

My house isn’t air conditioned. 99% of houses in the UK aren’t air conditioned (read air conditioning costs here). My kitchen turns into a sauna and my bedroom turns into Mordor. So sleeping and just generally living is super pleasant. You folk around the world with air-con in your house, I hope you’re grateful!

Not being able to use the oven in between the hours of 12pm and 9pm

Well, you can, if you don’t mind feeling like a dragon has just breathed on your head. I also find it a real struggle having any sort of appetite or desire to cook in the Summer or for any hot food at all really. I don’t want to be over a stove or near an oven in 30 degree heat but I can’t just KEEP ordering takeaways.

The pressure and expectations

I feel like there’s a LOT of pressure and expectations around the Summer months to be outside, having fun and making all the memories all the time. I think as a teenager this is okay and pretty normal; you WILL be spending more time outside and having fun when you’re younger.

But as an adult, this really bothers me because like, adulthood? We have jobs – which don’t end in the Summer like school does. Children that don’t just stop needing taking care of when June rolls around. Responsibilities.

Getting into a car and feeling like you’ve accidentally fell into the fires of hell

Gosh I remember my first car didn’t have air-con. It was a NIGHTMARE during the Summer. Thankfully now, most cars have air-conditioning which doesn’t take too long to fire up when you turn the car on in Summer. But if you’re a 90’s kid like me, you’ll remember those days without it!

Heat, in general

It can get a bit much, can’t it? Especially in the UK.

reasons to hate summer

You might be thinking, “am I weird for not liking Summer?” but you’re absolutely not. Summer is a very stressful time of year, with a lot of expectations and pressure put upon it. So what to do if you hate Summer? Just GET THROUGH it and practice self care as much as possible.

Do you agree with any of these reasons to hate summer or do you love this season? What are your favourite and least favourite things about summer? Let me know!

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  1. I didn’t know heat in the UK was such a big thing, I remember going to Scotland just after a heat wave that had reached 28C and being relieved I was out of the heat of the Golden Horsehorse here in Ontario. But I suppose if you have to live without AC (our hotel had AC) that would be a bitch and not fun at all. To be honest, while I enjoy the brighter days of summer, I hate humidity and boob sweat so I don’t always enjoy being outside, even for a walk. It does tire me out and make me cranky.

  2. Completely agree with hating summer do to the bugs. I am absolutely terrified of wasps. One thing that I also hate about summer is chlorine pools. Growing up I would swim in a fresh hose water mini pool, salt water pool, and of course the lake. I can not stand to swim in anything else but those three I grew up around. One of my more unpopular options lol.

  3. I think it’s healthy to realize your experience is completely valid even when other people seem to like something so much. You hate summer. Some people are miserable at the winter holidays. I think parties are boring and annoying and so are sports and every women’s book club book I’ve ever had to read. There’s nothing wrong with being an outlier in your enjoyment of things. So you’ll start shopping for killer fall boots, and I’ll be sitting over in the teen fantasy section.

  4. I know this has some seriousness to it, but it had me 😂😂 especially the title. I’m glad you’re starting to enjoy summer again. It’s kind of in the teacher handbook that I have to love summer. But coming from a background of an eating disorder and horrible self talk, bathing suits are the bane of my existence. Thank baby Jesus for therapy.

  5. I love what you wrote.
    As I get ready to go to work, I know it will be in the 90’s, I will have a damn mask on and be miserable.
    I hate the heat
    I hate hot car interiors that burn your butt when you sit down and how you cant breathe until ac kicks on
    I hate all the road work that takes place and traffic
    Insects as big as Hondas
    Mosquitoes that carry 15 different kind of diseases
    Mosquito sprays
    Bugs in the house
    Spiders- big a spiders
    Not having an appetite to eat anything
    Allergies that have you wake up coughing like you are part of a traveling rock band living on cigs and whisky
    Sharks- in New England we got man eating sharks

  6. I feel so bad for you. I truly sympathize. I wish I had the money to send you a massive air conditoner from the USA. I hate summer also!!!!!!! Here in the USA it is mosquitos along with heat!! I hide inside all summer. I have AC. My windows are sealed shut but at 11:30 pm at night just when I am ready to drift off there is that annoying high pitched mosquito whine of one damn bug that managed to get in. And I know that mosquito is not leaving until they have a full tank of my blood!! My house has ac and my electric bills are high. But during the winter I am ultra cheap with the heat to make up for it. I hate seeing sweating half naked people, seeing myself sweaty and half naked. My skin is prone to breakouts in the summer unless I wash it three times a day. I use tons of hairspray. I have to argue with myself not to be grouchy. I dread July and August. Even the sound of them conjures up visions of stoking a fiery furnace in hell. I dream of October and pray September is unseasonably cool. I thrive in the winter! I am cheerful and enjoy being cozy in my house. Nuf said.

  7. This is an old blog, but I’m replying anyway. It’s 110F today and is going to be for the rest of the week. Summer can go die now.

  8. […] 15 Reasons Why I Hate Summer […]

  9. Totally agree! I hate Summer.Glad I’m not the only one. It’s just so hot and sweaty and bleurghhh! Plus everyone always wants to go out and do things and everywhere gets so busy. I’m happy at home in my PJs with a book, thanks very much! x

  10. Flying Ants! That is my least favourite day of the year. I don’t understand why they suddenly need to mutate and have wings. Totally agree with this point and as a fellow redhead I feel your sunburn pain! x x

  11. I always get headaches when the sun is out too, I’ve always preferred winter over summer x


  12. Did you know that if you consume (you don’t eat honey, or drink it, so idk the word for it) some of the honey made locally in you r area then your allergies shouldn’t be as bad. Just a helpful tip

    1. Yes! I agree. We have a small pool at home which I’ve only had out once like 2 summers ago but it’s really nice to just laze about in. Hoping to get it out again this year. I’m the same as you, I get warm really easily too.

  13. Oh my goodness you really do hate summer! I’m the exact opposite I hate winter! But I do relate to some of your bug bears, seeing your 65 year old neighbour in his undies must be a shocker! I hate wasps too, and leg shaving isn’t my favourite either!

  14. You’re going to break the internet with this post. People are going to uproar against you, haha! Although I most definitely disagree with you, I actually agree with most of your reasons! Maybe I do hate summer and I just don’t know it!?!?!?!? This could be life changing! But, I also hate the winter…..


    1. Hahahaha! Brilliant comment 😉 in surprised at how many people have agreed with me to be honest – I thought I’d have been chased down the street with pitch forks by now. Maybe you do… Maybe you’ve joined the dark side and haven’t realised yet xx

  15. I have to admit I don’t hate summer but I’m not a fan of it either. Having said that I live in Scotland where it rarely gets above 20 degrees so suits me fine, warm but not hot.
    I don’t have hayfever either thankfully but my other half does and used to live in Manchester and suffer badly, now he’s up here he rarely gets it at all. Strange but true.

    1. I think I would really enjoy living in Scotland! London just gets TOO DAMN HOT. Like unbearably hot. There’s no relief sometimes either other than sitting in a freezing cold bath. Hayfever is the worst – I’ve not stopped sneezing these past few days.

      1. Hayfever sounds horrid, hope there’s something you can take that helps. I would hate living in London, I like heat but not that much. Everytime the summer forecasts come round I’m always pleased I don’t live further south.

      2. I take hayfever tablets but they don’t really work as well as I hope they would. But my hayfever is REALLY bad… So it’s hard to find anything that helps. Just gotta do what I can to keep it at bay. I hate the summer here – it’s unbearable. Last year we got 36.7 degrees one day!!!! Hell on earth!

      3. That’s a shame about the tablets. As for 36.7 degrees, that’s ok for a desert but not for a city. No way I would cope with that.

  16. I agree with so many of these! Especially hay fever, bugs, and sunburn! I am also not an outdoorsy person at all so I don’t really care how nice the weather is. I do like summer more than winter, though. I HATE snow. What I really love is Fall. Allergies go away, you don’t need the AC or the heater on, and you can wear sweaters and hoodies 🙂

    1. I’m inclined to agree with you – I like wearing cardigans and hoodies! We don’t get an awful lot of snow here in London and when we do it doesn’t last and doesn’t set. Apart from very occasionally. I do like being outdoors but not when it’s hot.

  17. Yes, thank you for all of these! Warm days give me headaches, make me feel dizzy and lethargic, and basically render me useless. I hate mosquitoes and wasps with a fiery passion. I always feel warm and gross and just ugh. Go away.

    1. It gives me headaches too! Too much squinting at the sun. I’m warm more often than not – sometimes takes me a while to cool down so when it’s so hot that it’s IMPOSSIBLE to cool down its pretty much hell 😂 xx

  18. I love the summer just wish it was hotter here in the UK. I love nothing more than sitting in my garden with a glass of Pimms and a book. Luckily I don’t suffer with hay fever and I am not frightened of bugs. So for me bring Summer on. Xx

    1. Hotter? Nooooo! It was 36 degrees where I am last year that’s like 20 degrees too hot haha 😂 I do like lazy days in the garden when it’s warm, with a book and a BBQ I will admit. You’re so lucky you don’t suffer with hayfever… Mine is unbearable sometimes 🙁 xx

  19. Hey Jenny!!!

    I just had to laugh at these!!!! Personally I love the heat the hotter the better just so long as it’s dry heat and not humidity because nobody ain’t got time for that!! =) Bless you, I really hope you manage ok this summer – if we GET a summer of course?!?!!?

    Great post Jenny, I may have to disagree with you as my post would be 15 things I hate about winter!!!! =P

    Love you girl xoxoxo
    Sarah xoxoxo

  20. Ha! When I lived in Essex, I had air con because of the excessive summer heat. Moved to Scotland and climate just right for me!

    1. You had air con?! What type of air con?! This is like a revelation for me. We’ve got LOADS of fans but when it’s THAT hot it just blows hot air in your face ugh!

      1. Mobile units. Two of them. If anyone you know is driving around Scotland for a holiday, happy to send one back with them, for you.

  21. I’m the polar opposite of you. I love the heat! That’s why the sooner these cold, bristling winds and rains comes to an end in the SF Bay Area, the better. Bring on the sun!

    1. You’re exactly like my boyfriend! It’s so difficult when one of us loves the cold but the other one hates it 😂 I could have a fan on me all day – regardless of the weather! I love a bit of rain as well!

  22. This has got to be one of my favorite posts ever!! Lol 😂 I feel the exact same way. I LOATHE summer, which is unfortunate since I live in Arizona where it’s summer for about 2/3 the year 😞 but yes to being pale and burning all the time (do you ever get a sick sense of satisfaction when someone who is normally tan around you burns? or is that just me? 😁) and the car from hell but… too freaking true, and don’t get me started on when you accidentally hit the metal buckle…

    1. Oh my goodness I couldn’t bear living somewhere as hot as that! I bet if you came here during summer you wouldn’t think it was hot at all and I was just being a baby haha! I most definitely get a bit smug when a tanned person burns 😏 oh god the metal bit on the buckle! Ouch!

  23. pretty much all of them. Seriously, why does our weather have to be so extreme? But then my office is on the cool side of the house, and I’m quite happy to stay in there forever if I have to…

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