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Despite pouring rain and the freezing cold temperatures outside on the day I’m writing this, Summer is definitely on it’s way! I can’t believe we’re so far into March already but before we know it, we’ll be blessed with clear skies and blooming flowers once again. One part of the lead up to Summer I love is the extra focus on beauty and getting ourselves feeling Summer ready!

Estrid Razor Review

And I don’t know about you but I want to embrace Spring and Summer as much as possible this year. Yes, we’re still in lockdown. And no, we don’t know how the rest of this year is going to pan out but even if it means getting dressed up to sit in my garden, you can bet that’s what I’m going to do.

It’s around this time that we start to think about our Summer beauty regimes. Gone are the days of wooly jumpers and thick tights and it’ll soon be time to crack out the fake tan, highlight our hair and get those Summer beauty procedures underway!

Shaving my legs isn’t my favourite thing to do. I always end up with a rash and the bath always looks like that scene from The Shining afterwards. It’s certainly not the feminine, luxurious and relaxing activity it’s made out to be!

But I know for a fact that I’ve been using the wrong products and not honoring my skin and what it actually needs all this time. Until I met my Estrid razor. And I’ve been having a love affair with it ever since. Ready to read my Estrid razor review below?

Let’s jump in to my Estrid razor review…

You’ve probably seen a TON of bloggers talk about Estrid.

And for good reason.


Let’s start with an introduction. Estrid are an eco-friendly, razor-sharp subscription for women. They’re 100% Vegan in all areas, from the razors to the packaging. Their 5 blade razor is mega sharp and designed for a clean and pain-free shave – every time. 

Estrid believe that hair removal should be optional. Great hair removal shouldn’t. 

They’re a super fun brand who empower women and put our needs first. Not only that, they donate portions of their revenue to 3 women based charities AND every kilo of CO2 emitted via transport of their products is climate-compensated.

They sound too good to be true, right?

Say hello to the Estrid razor

Wrong. On paper, they sound like the perfect brand but I’m am thrilled to tell you that their products are incredible too.

I’ve never gasped out loud at a beauty product before – but I did with this.

They offer a fantastic starter kit which has everything you’ll need for your new shaving experience. It includes a steel handle, a wall mount and two 5-blade cartridges with a soothing (vegan) strip. After that, you subscribe to their refill service so you’re sent new blades every 30, 60 or 90 days. Depending on the individual.

estrid razor review

estrid razor review

estrid razor review

Their razors come in a range of super beautiful pastel colours. I chose pink because you know, trying to stay on brand. My package arrived in this lovely box with everything I needed inside; the razor, the wall mount and two blades. Along with some advice and tips on how to best use the razor.

I used this razor in the bath one afternoon. Convenient, having to take a bath in the middle of the day strictly for work purposes. I love my job.

Usually, when I shave, I have to use a ton of shower gel or body wash to lather up with before and during the shave. And it takes FOREVER.

But with my Estrid razor, I went right in with in on just wet legs.

The beautiful, silky smooth blade lopped everything off effortlessly. And let me tell you, with the combination of Winter and pandemic, my leg hair was LONG.

Another thing I noticed is that with a quick swish in the water, the razor wasn’t caked with hair either. In fact, it looked like it hadn’t been used every time.

The handle is super sturdy and comfortable to hold as well. I really like the heaviness of the handle rather than the flimsy pieces of crap you can buy from the store.

How much does it cost?

So, did you know there’s a think called Pink Tax?

I didn’t.

But the Estrid site says:

“The pink tax is the price discrimination in which some products targeted towards women are more expensive than products targeted towards men, even though the quality is the same. We think that is bullsh*t, which is why we offer our razors at a low price, yet with high quality.”

Great, another thing to be pissed off about as a woman.

But Estrid are super affordable as well as being incredible quality. With the starter kit being just £7.95.

You can also buy individual products to aid your shaving experience directly from the Estrid website, such as their body oil, shaving cream and body lotion. All of which are super affordable too.

Tips for getting the most out of your shave

So, if Estrid are a brand all about empowering women, then let’s share some tips on how to get the most of your shave:

  • Make it an EVENT: Like, you don’t have to send out invites or anything but like, make a point to really take your time and indulge in the experience. Light some candles, play some music, eat some chocolate – do all the nice things!
  • Take your time: And a good point to follow with is to take your time. Not only will you get a better shave and not miss any bits, you’re also less likely to have a The Shining experience.
  • Use oils or lotions: If you’re shaving in the bath then you might consider adding a bath oil to the mix! And use a lovely, gentle lotion afterwards.
  • Wear lose fitting clothing afterwards: I find this just lets the skin breathe a bit more and I avoid rashes this way!
  • Replace your blades regularly: Estrid suggest how often you’ll need new blades, based on the amount of times a week you shave, so make sure you’re staying on top of your blade so you ALWAYS get the silkiest and smoothest shave!
  • Never be pressured into shaving: Shaving is YOUR choice. Nobody elses!

Final thoughts?

Honestly, I absolutely adore Estrid. They are everything a woman-based brand should be. I love their charity and sustainability work – that really aligns with my values. And their messages they put across on their website and socials are fantastic.

But of course, if you’re investing in products then you want them to be good right? Regardless of how cool the brand is. But Estrid tick ALL the boxes. I can safely say, I’ll never been looking back when it comes to shaving products.

I know I’ll be purchasing some refills when my current blades have run out and I know I’ll never have to ask my Dad to borrow his razor again. I hope this Estrid razor review has convinced you that Estrid are THE women’s shaving subscription brand on the market!

estrid razor review

Have you tried Estrid? What did you think? What do you make of the brand from what I’ve said? And do you have any extra tips for that perfect shave? Let me know!

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  1. I’m so ready for the Spring & Summer weather! It has been raining/snowing a lot here with a sunny day every now & then.
    I actually bought an Estrid starter kit (it arrived today!) because I have seen so many bloggers talking about it & that’s great to hear you love their razors too!

  2. With spring coming, I cracked out my razor for the first time this year last week… And I have regrets! How old was that thing anyway?
    I definitely need to check out Estrid, especially since they deliver refill blades too. I’m terrible at forgetting to change blades until I look like Edward Scissorhands had a go at my legs.
    Cora |

  3. You’re right: I really HAVE seen so many bloggers talk about this razor. But the more I read about it, the more I want to get it for myself. It really sounds spectacular! I love that it’s an easy subscription program, which takes all the guess work out of the process. And it’s vegan, which is excellent as well. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  4. OMG I love Estrid razors! Me and my Mum decided to get one each after hearing so many great things about them and completely agree with everything you said! It’s also the first razor that I’ve managed to not actually cut myself with at all and I’ve been using it for over a month so I’m extremely happy!

  5. I bought this some time at the end of last year cause of all the Tiktokers promoting it and firstly i love the price point, for the starter kit its super affordable! I love the handing holder and travel case i bought for it, the shave was SO smooth like my legs felt incredibly smooth but i never actually used it again and ive no idea why, i just put it at the back of the cupboard- but then again ive not really been shaving my legs much haha! I’m defo gonna have to get it back out!

  6. Yes! I’ve been meaning to buy myself a new shaver for ages, my current one is practically falling to pieces! I really don’t know how it’s holding on hehe. This one sounds incredible, and I love how it’s vegan and affordable too x

  7. This looks like a great razor! I’m so bad at remembering to shave my legs in the winter, but I agree with you that I want to make the most of spring and summer this year so I want to be ready to enjoy the first sunny day. Thanks for sharing your recommendations!

  8. Over the past few months I have heard soooo many bloggers mention Estrid. I really need to get myself one of their razors, your experience and glowing review has made me love the sound of Estrid as a brand! Thank you sharing Jenny!

  9. I had not heard of this brand but I am going to check them out, thanks for the review! Just last night I shaved my legs having discovered that the long hair on my thighs was tickling my skin and was almost long enough to plait. I’ve been needing a new razor for a while but kept putting off getting a cheap, plastic disposable because I was conscious of the waste produce. Perhaps this brand is the one I need… 🙂

  10. Right. Confession time. I haven’t shaved my legs in well over a year. I know, shocker! But I just haven’t seen the need (plus my hair is very blonde). But I have been on the look out for a new razor. Not to fit the social norms but just for a general MOT!

  11. It’s always great to find beauty tools that not only does its job but does it incredibly! You get your money’s worth that way while helping you feel more beautiful and confident to show off your body, in this case, your legs.

  12. This sounds like a dream product and brand! Love all their sustainable aspects to it and that they’re give back to charity! Always so nice to see when brands do that! Sounds like you get a great experience from shaving too!

  13. I hate shaving! I always get bumps as well but This looks like a great razor! That definitely makes a huge difference in shaving so thanks for sharing!

  14. I’ve heard about pink tax before and it’s frustrating! I’ve been thinking about switching to an eco-friendly razor so your post is just in time! I wonder if they ship to Southeast Asia. I’m going to hop on over to their website to have a look. I really hope they do!

  15. I’ve been looking forward to this when I saw your insta post (What I wouldn’t give to be paid to bathe!) I really need a new razor but I thought this one would be quite pricey so I am pleasantly surprised to see the price. I think a treat is in order!

    Thanks for the great review x

  16. I’ve tried this brand before and my skin always felt so good after! Such an informative post which just goes to show how amazing this brand is. Great post!

  17. We should definitely start getting ready for summer. I never heard about this razor but it seems very nice and efficient as well. Not to mention that has a low price and is vegan. Perfect combination.

  18. This is the second time this week I’ve heard this brand have a glowing report and they sound incredible!! I’ve tried a few different products but sensitive skin has made it hit and miss what works for me. I’m definitely going to be looking into this further, the brand sounds awesome and such a glowing recommendation as well.

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