ad | Clothes are a wonderful way to express ourselves, our creativity and show who we are as a person. Fashion is something to be enjoyed, to embrace and have fun with, not something to be scared of, especially by the media, when we see headlines such as “how to dress for your age”, over and over again.

When I was a teenager (and even before that), it was all about being a size 0, dressing your age, dressing in clothes that flatter your body type and how to cover up lumpy, bumpy or chubby parts of our bodies.

I think it’s safe to say that that narrative is going out of the window now, with so many incredible body positive influencers promoting self love and body acceptance, whatever your size and shape.

With many brands and designers, models and celebrities getting on board as well, there’s definitely a change in dialogue around clothing and how we dress. Gearing more towards dressing in things that make us happy, rather than what makes us look thin.

However, I can’t skip over the fact that many of us have self esteem problems. At 31 years old, growing up with the media in the time I did, it’s really no surprise at all.

And whilst we are leaning towards being a more body positive society, with more of us accepting ourselves how we are, learning to love exercise because it makes us feel good and enjoying our food without calorie counting, there are still obstacles to overcome.

And I there’s definitely nothing wrong with dressing in a way that makes you feel more amazing – I’m all here for that! And sometimes we do need a bit of help with that. 

So here’s how to boost your confidence wearing your favourite outfit, whether that’s a simple jeans and a t-shirt, your favourite Summer dress or a tailored suit.

Consider shaping shorts / underwear: Introducing Conturve

Conturve was founded with the vision of empowering women of all shapes and sizes. They aim to give you an extra shot of confidence and inspire you to love your body.

With their comfortable and effective shapewear, they aim to eliminate wardrobe woes in times where you have more important things to think about because you deserve to feel your most confident self at all times.

What did I try from Conturve?

High Waisted Shaping Shorts

Available in beige, brown, black or white, they have a colour to suit everyone, whatever you’re wearing.

Sizes range from XS to 4XL, so it’s nice to see that Conturve cover most body sizes and don’t exclude more plus sized people from their customer base. Key featured of the Conturve shaping shorts are:

  • Anti-Slip Double Silicone Band – Double layered silicone strips on the inner waistband guarantees staying power all day. No rolling, no discomfort, you’ll forget they’re there.
  • Seamless Technology – Made from premium seamless fabric ensuring total invisibility under every outfit. No more VPL.
  • Comfortable All-Day Fit – Comfortable enough that you can wear all day without feeling squeezed. Molds to your unique shape, eliminating digging and chafing.

High Waisted Shaping Panty

These come in the same colour and size range as the shorts, so suitable for most body types and outfits. I do like a tight fit and high waisted underwear, as it makes me feel more comfortable throughout the day.

These have the same featured as the shorts, so it does does just depend on what shaping underwear you find most comfortable but it’s safe to say that Conturve definitely have plenty of options!

Fancy a discount?

For 15% off your order, use code JENNYNEVERLAND15 at the checkout! With many people struggling with money these days, every little helps. And Conturve are great investments especially if you’re going to a wedding or a special occasion in which you want a bit of extra support, comfort and confidence.

Get creative with accessories

Accessories can make or break an outfit. They can lift it up, dress it up or dress it down – there’s any accessory for everything! If you’re feeling a bit self conscious, then try a statement piece of jewellery, an oversized pair of sunnies or a hand bag to add layer and texture to your outfit.

Add power pieces

Do you have a piece in your wardrobe that makes you feel like you can take on the world? A tailored blazer? A killer pair of heels? Incorporate that piece into your outfit and remember how good it makes you feel when you feel your confidence dropping.

Accentuate with make up

Nobody NEEDS make up to look amazing. But we all know that it DOES make it feel more confident, especially on those days where our self esteem is on the floor. If your outfit isn’t doing it, accentuate with make up. Perhaps match the colour of your eyeshadow to your dress or do a dramatic lip.

Don’t compare

Easier said than done, I know. I’m awful for comparing myself to others, especially when it comes to appearance. But try and nip those thoughts in the bud before they materialize into something worse. You’re beautiful. So is she. You can both be.

Don’t neglect underwear

Obviously shaping underwear is just one underwear option but if that’s not your thing, then perhaps something a bit fancier might well, take your fancy! Even if you’re not going to be showing fancy underwear to anyone, wear something fancy for yourself. You deserve it.

How do you make yourself feel more confident in your favourite outfit?

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  1. While these aren’t something I personally wear, I know a few friends of mine who have tried similar products and swear by them! If they help you feel more confident, then why not!?

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