AD | I’m going to let you in to a secret. I’m almost 30 and still haven’t *really* established a proper skincare routine. Perhaps I should have added that to my 17 things I want to do before I’m 30 list. Despite being the first person to rave about how it’s an important part of your self care routine, I slack something rotten with my skincare sometimes. And now I’m approaching 30, it’s kinda hit me that I need to you know, not do that. So I want to chat about how to create a skincare routine that works for you – especially if you’re approaching 30, like me.

how to create a skincare routine

It’s no ancient secret that our skin changes as we get older. Due to the natural process of aging and due to environmental factors such as the sun, smoking and lifestyle habits. It’s not something we can avoid (unless we opt for things like botox which if that’s your jam, good for you) but with our skin being our biggest organ and such a vital one at that, we definitely do need to give it a bit more TLC than we probably are.

Before I go on about how to create a skincare routine that works for you, I just want to mention that aging is beautiful. And the natural process of aging and what it does to our skin and bodies isn’t something to be ashamed or embarrassed about. However, if you’re struggling with acne, it’s worth consulting with an acne dermatologist who can provide specialized treatment options to help you achieve clearer skin. We should embrace all the seasons of life, which, as I approach my 30s, I’m 100% planning to do. Beauty is skin deep (mind the pun) and age has no place in beauty.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

As I’ve mentioned like 4 times already, I’m approaching my 30s (did you know I’m approaching my 30s?) and looking after not just my skin but my body as a whole is something that’s become much more of a priority to me. Gone are the days of my late teens where I’d be going out drinking 6 nights a week. Gone are the days where my anxiety was so bad I couldn’t even exercise. Long gone are the days of 4 takeaways a week. Can you begin to even comprehend the impact that all of that has had on my skin already?

So this post is for all my 20 something folks who, like me, have taken THIS DAMN LONG to establish even a slither of a skincare routine. For those that have realised that time for neglect is OVER. And those that want to give their skin the love and care it deserves for all it’s done for us since the moment we were born. Cheers to skin.

how to create a skincare routine

How to create a skincare routine that works for you:

Don’t use products just because everyone else is using them

I think in the blogging / influencer industry in particular this one is very apt because people are promoting products and raving about new releases left, right and center. And when a few of your favourite creators are talking about a product and claiming how good it is, it can be VERY hard to resist trying it out for yourself, even if you don’t need to.

Don’t be scared to experiment

I think experimenting in your 20s is really important in order to find what works for you. And although our skin changes as we age and we might have to switch up our routine as we go along, it just gets you into the habit of trying new things and being open to trying new products that might be more beneficial for your skin.

Branch out

Our skincare routine doesn’t just stop at products such as moisturizer or serums. There are so many incredible tools out there to aid you in your skincare routine to really help you get the best results and take amazing care of your skin. In Summer 2019, I reviewed the PMD Smart Cleansing Device and still to this day, it’s an integral part of my daily skincare routine.

So as I already loved PMD, I was so excited to try out their PMD Personal Microderm Classic device as well. This device comes in 7 different colours and combines Patented Spinning Disc technology with Perfectly Calibrated Vacuum Suction. A once a week use will help your skin look and feel firmer and more radiant and will reduce the appearance of wrinkles and enlarged pores (and I am the Queen of enlarged pores!)

PMD Personal Microderm

PMD personal microderm

The PMD Personal Microderm Classic comes with an adapter, a range of disks that allows you to up the intensity and face and body caps, to used on the desired area of your skin. I’ve only personally experimented with my face so far, as that’s the area I want to improve. All you need to do is plug the device into the adapter, into a plug socket and off you go. No charging or faff involved.

I started using this device around the beginning of August and as with the Smart Cleansing Device, it quickly became an integral part of my skincare routine. Although I will admit, I was using it more than I should have for the first few weeks, until I was told off by PMD and told only to use it once a week – whoops!

how to create a skincare routine

However, that just shows that one weekly treatment from the PMD Personal Microderm Classic can do the trick and give you great results. Not all skincare has to be hard and time consuming and if you’re looking to know how to create a skincare routine but you don’t want to be spending hours in the bathroom applying thousands of different products but still want to see results, then this would be perfect.

As I mentioned, my pores are quite large and something I wanted to use the device to target. Immediately after each use, your face feels incredibly soft. Mine goes a little red from the suction but that’s okay. And with a light layer of gentle moisturizer afterwards, it’s right back to normal.

And with a once weekly use from the beginning of August until now, my face looks more radiant and my complexion is better than ever! I still get breakouts (this is something that I get a lot anyway, due to the pill I’m on) but in general, my face looks brighter and I’ve even stopped wearing foundation on most occasions because I just don’t need to! Amazing, huh?

Remember that imperfections are normal

Now although I’ve just said about how I wanted to reduce the appearance of large pores, I want to add this point anyway because it’s so important to remember. When we’re thinking about how to create a skincare routine that works for us, we’re often focused on getting those products to REMOVE or REDUCE imperfections. And whilst there’s a lot of great products out there that DO do that, it’s also worth remembering to embrace what you have.

Because imperfections are beautiful and normal. A little redness on your cheeks, wrinkles around your eyes from laughing, scars and marks are all part of what makes you, you. So I like to see a skincare routine as part of self care. And to me, self care means embracing who I am. Blemishes and all!

Understand what type of skin you have when it comes to creating a skincare routine

And finally, something pretty obvious but also something that took me FAR TOO LONG TO LEARN! And that’s using products for your skin type. Not products that you like the smell of. Or like the packing it comes in. Not products you’re using just because your favourite influencer has used them. Because it’s going to do more damage than good. So evaluate your skin and really dig deep into the type of skin you have.

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skincare routine

Do you need to learn how to create a skincare routine that works for you? Or do you already have one?


  1. Another thing I learnt, which may help, is to change your skincare routine at the same time you change your coats or jackets. This tailors your skincare routine to each season which make a lot of sense on hindsight! Great post btw

  2. Ooh I feel you on the enlarged pores, I’ve got a constant fight against mine because nothing seems to work. I really like the sound of this, might have to be something that I look into a little more. My problem with any kind of looking after myself plan is that I’m hopeless at getting into a routine and actually sticking to it! Great post!

  3. You’re so right in saying that you need to use products for YOUR skin type. There have been so many times in my life where I have seen a product with pretty packaging or that someone I look up to is using and think I NEED to try it when it just really doesn’t suit my skin or its needs at all. I feel like I’m gradually finding my holy grail routine and another thing is that it’s rare that your ideal routine will feature a lot of the same brand. This machine honestly looks fabulous and as a fellow large-pored person, I think investing in one of these would work wonders for my skin!
    Alice Xx

    1. Using different products from different brands is something I need to start doing. I’ve kinda always been in the mindset that I have to use everything from the same range, for some weird reason?! xxx

  4. Love this post. I have an established skin care routine since 20. I suffered a lot with acne and so it was important to establish a routine that helped to clear skin and keep it looking fresh. As you say, your skin changes over the years, and for a while i stopped using cleansers and toners as I found them too harsh for my skin, until recently. I’m also using facial oils which I wouldnt have done 15 years ago for the fact that my skin was very oily. I did purchase something similar to the product, a different make and I haven’t used it properly, yet.

    Also love how you make growing old and acknowledging imperfections a natural part of life. Often we are trying to attain a picture of perfection and without the excessive make, contouring and surgery, perfection definitely does not exist. A little secret too in relation to exercise – since lockdown I focused mainly on Yoga (it was a free Pelaton Membership) and I loved it. That ended in June and we were back to work, with a new normal. I had suddenly lost my zest for life, I was eating horribly, (more cake than I should), food on the go, sleeping late, etc. My skin suffered, by body suffered and my sex drive took a nose dive. I literally had no excitement or energy for anything. I am 40! Having always had an active healthy lifestyle I could see how bad Id let things go. Today when I went for a run and I squatted like a mad woman, I crunched like I was crushing ice each time my shoulders lifted off the ground and I side planked like my life depended on it!! I literally felt my body scream with pleasure, I orgasmed at just how much I was releasing. And iti felt good. We may be getting older, but as you say, we need to always give ourselves some TLC, its great for our mental health as well as our physical health. A long reply but just wanted to share how much i relate. Thank you for writing the post. xx.

    1. Thank you for your comment! I’m a Yogi myself so I understand the benefits! I’m glad you’ve established a good skincare routine and listen to your skin when something isn’t working x

  5. I’ve been trying for ages to get a proper skincare routine but I can never seem to get a proper routine, so I’m currently trying different products and experimenting and honestly my skin is just doing much better than before! ❤️

  6. My skin has always been the kind to need a lot of TLC so I found a routine when I was still in my early to mid teens, and my skin has always been on the hella dry side of life so a lot of my OGs still work for my skin. But I’m 100% scared of experimenting because it’s so sensitive 😂. It’s a real shame because I love skincare and trying new things. But you definitely need to add that to your before 30 list!! x


  7. With establishing a skin care routine, as with any other habit, I’ve realised that starting small helps, especially if you get easily overwhelmed. For me, I started with a morning routine, and only once I got consistent with it did I start to figure out my night skincare routine.

    I’ve heard really good things about PMD products. Would love to try one soon!

  8. These are all such great suggestions for skincare. I have been having a lot of issues with my skin lately so I am trying some new products out and I am hoping they will help! It is always good to branch out and try new things to see how they work for you!

  9. I won’t lie, I gasped 🤣

    I’m like a spa room mornings and night trying to get all my lotions and potions on my face! Xx

  10. I’ve been trying to establish a proper skincare routine for years and it’s just not happening haha. I do have products I use regularly though and I think I’ve found a brand that works for me. It can be so easy to follow the crowd and buy what everyone else is using but we’re all different and what works for one person might not work for another xx

    Tiffany x

  11. i absolutely LOVE my PMD cleanser, it is so easy to use and I use it in the shower every week! It has changed up my skincare routine and made my life so much easier! I have a different one to you but I’m going to look into getting your one too – you can never have enough skincare bits can you!?


  12. PMD have some really fab products and I’m a big fan of both of the ones you mention here. A great skincare routine is so important.

  13. I have never tried this Microderm before, but I am also guilty of not having a set routine. I love to do a facial herbal steam every two weeks or so, followed by a mask and then a gentle spray of witch hazel or rose water, but that is about it . . .
    Thanks so much for sharing this along with a reminder not to do something just because everyone else is doing it. 🙂

  14. I think the number 1 thing is to establish your skin type and then work from there. I would also say not to overload your skin with products, especially those that don’t work well together. Finally, the basics – SPF and water! Oh and sleep – that always makes a huge difference to my skin x


  15. I’ve been on the look out for one of these because I’m nearly 40 and have no routine at all! So you’ve got time yet!

    I just hope that I’ve inherited the good family genes because my mum and all her sisters do not look their age at all!

    Think it’s time to invest in some better routines, thanks for the tips Jenny x

  16. I loooove reading and talking about skincare routines, I can’t go a day without doing mine! I’ll genuinely feel quite uncomfortable. I love the look of that PMD device! I actually invested in the smallest, cheapest Foreo last christmas and even though I like it, I can’t justify the price!

    Thank you for sharing Jenny! 🤍

  17. I used to be bad at skincare, can’t believe I used to use face wipes, so bad! I’m really looking after my skin at the moment as it helps me feel better when my skin is good. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Perfecting your skincare routine is something that everyone struggles with at some point. I finally feel like I’ve got somewhere over recent months and am happy with how my skin is now. Skincare is such a personalised thing and everyone is different, so its good to test a few products that work for you.

  19. What a useful post! I MASSIVELY agree with not trying everything just because other bloggers are – I’ve got super sensitive skin and a lot of things I’ve tried off recommendations of other people just doesn’t work for me xx

  20. I have always wanted to try this. Especially now with the mandatory face mask, my jaw line is breaking out like crazy. Thank you for the recommendation, I really hope this works for me.

  21. Couldn’t agree more with “remember that imperfections are normal” – I spent years switching up my skincare products every few years just because they weren’t completely eradicating my skin problems but that’s such an unrealistic ideal to have!!

    Roni | My Elevated Existence

  22. Having acne prone skin, I definitely learned the hard way not to use products just because everyone else is using them. It takes time and a lot of experimenting to find the right mix for your skin!

  23. I’ve only recently started paying more attention to my skin care routine but I’m definitely guilty of skipping it a few nights because I can’t be bothered! I think figuring out that something that works for one person won’t necessarily work for you was the best thing that happened to me, I now make sure I tailor the product I use to my skin. Great post!

  24. I am not in my 20’s but Jenny, I needed this reminder more than anyone else. I am currently running in my 40’s and honestly I am still not very regular with my skin care. This post of yours is like a ‘call for action’ for me. Thanks for sharing.

  25. I’ve been trying to up my skincare routine in lockdown and have been starting to see results! I definitely used to fall victim to wanting to try all the hyped up products but thankfully, I’ve started to research on my own and find what works for my skin instead!

    Tash // A Girl with a View

  26. This is such a helpful post! I really need to update my skincare routine and do it more often so this was a great help!

    Amber | The Unpredicted Page

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