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Is anyone else just GAGGING for Spring? Apart from the hay fever, constant sneezing, watering eyes, sinus headaches and too many bugs, I genuinely am so excited for Spring this year. This Winter has felt long. Longer than any Winter previously has for me. The cold weather, the dark nights, the January blues and the stress of a New Year have well and truly got to me hard.

But the prospect of Spring is keeping some glimmer of hope and excitement alive in me. I can’t wait for that day in around March or April, where you wake up and go outside and for the first time that year, the air feels different. I don’t know if anyone else senses this but I do and it’s a very distinct feeling that I find hard to describe to others.

But enough wishy-washy “I can smell the air” rubbish, let’s get into one HUGE element of Spring that a lot of people get excited about: Spring fashion! I love it when I can finally put those big chunky coats in the back of my closet and bring forward the lighter, brighter and soft Spring fashion items that haven’t been worn in months.

I’m not a fan of Winter clothing. I hate feeling bulked up in coats and jumpers and scarves and a million layers. It makes me dreadfully uncomfortable and irritable. So when Spring rolls around and I can finally ditch some of those layers – I’m laughing!

Today I wanted to share a few Spring fashion ideas with you for this upcoming season. Now, I say “ideas” because I am not a fashion person. I don’t know much about the fashion industry, I don’t follow tends nor buy the latest fashionable piece. I very much wear what I want, when I want. And more often than not, comfort is a big part in what I choose to wear.

But I still want to look nice and love experimenting in different seasons because the different seasons can bring out a lot of fun with fashion. So, with that said, here are some of my ideas for Spring fashion featuring some really gorgeous pieces from Yumi!

Florals, for Spring?

Groundbreaking. I’m putting this one first just to get it out of the way mostly! Everyone knows the film, everyone knows the quote. And it doesn’t matter how many times it’s done before, florals are GREAT FOR SPRING. My pick from Yumi was this beautiful Mustard Ribbed Knitted Embroidery Daisy cardigan.

I just adore this cardigan. It’s such great quality and it’s a really sturdy and thick material – perfect for Spring because it’ll keep you warm enough but it’s thick enough not to need much else. I love the big buttons and the balloon sleeves. It’s a really gorgeous colour and fit. Although I did order a large when I probably didn’t need to.

Light-weight and flowey

Flowey (is flowey even a word?) is something I want to embrace more this Spring. I’ve always shied away from maxi dresses – or even midi dresses – which aren’t fitted for the fear that because I’m short they’ll look weird. Which I know is utterly ridiculous. That fear has been entirely diminished when I tried on my second piece from Yumi.

The Mela Pleated Midi Green Shirt Dress is probably the most comfortable dress I have EVER worn. I am totally in love with it. I love the colour – I’m a HUGE fan of dark green, whether that’s clothing or kitchens! I’ve always found green goes well with my hair colour and skin tone. This dress fits like a dream. It’s so comfortable and paired with these boots… *chefs kiss*.

Natural and neutral colours

This point can apply to all the pieces I picked out from Yumi for this collaboration. Colours which represent more natural things – like greens, browns and yellows – are something I want to try and focus on adding to my wardrobe this Spring. But neutrals are classic for Spring and can be paired with just about everything in your Spring wardrobe.

The perfect jacket

And the final piece from Yumi is the Mela Beige Quilted Jacket. This jacket is a lovely fabric, length and thickness for Spring. It’s the perfect jacket to just throw over a t-shirt or a sweater and it’ll keep you warm enough but also look classic, as most neutral jackets do! My only wish was that I got this in a size down.

Denim staples 

A beautiful pair of denim jeans or a denim skirt is a great addition to any Spring wardrobe. Being as they can be dressed up or down and can withstand the traditional British weather. So some denim staples would definitely be on my list of Spring fashion ideas for 2022. Paired with your neutral jacket and a pair of boots gives you a classic and chic Spring look.

The perfect pair of boots

My brown boots were one of the best investments I made last year (also with a discount in the Black Friday Sale – yay!) and I believe they are the PERFECT item to have in your closet for Spring. Of course they can be worn all year round which is great – but for styling up dresses for Spring, a good pair of boots are a must.

Laced with jewellery

And finally anyone that knows me knows that I love jewellery. Absolutely LOVE IT. I find it can completely transform and make an outfit. Lace your Spring outfits with beautiful pieces to add colour, texture and depth to your outfits!

So those are my Spring fashion ideas for 2022! I’m looking forward to really getting into Spring and trying different outfit ideas to suit the season, along with my beautiful new pieces from Yumi! They have a WONDERFUL range of beautiful clothes with a lot being perfect Spring wardrobe additions, so don’t forget to check out Yumi before you go!

Which of these Spring fashion ideas will you be taking onboard this year? Let me know!

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  2. A few days ago I search for this color dress. You look very stunning in this dress. I like this color look like .Thanks for sharing the beautiful dress and color combination. Nice style

  3. Love the green dress! I also smell Spring air. I’m making a mini event of Imbolc this year (Feb 1st) to help tide me over to when the clocks go forward. This winter has had a long sprawling never ending feel to it indeed!

  4. You look lovely in everything!!! This was such an inspiring post…spring is just around the corner. The green dress is beautiful on you, and I love that jacket. it could go for a couple of different seasons…Wonderful post! I just love how you put things together…you have a gift!

  5. Love these ideas. I am looking for a few new piece for the spring. I love floral dresses at the moment. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Love the items you selected.

    The green dress is amazing. Such a beautiful colour and the pictures look great.

    I also can’t wait for spring 🙂

  7. I absolutely love the yellow top! I love the colour yellow but don’t own many clothing items of that shade, I definitely need to add something similar to my Spring wardrobe x

  8. Yes I’m excited for Spring and can’t wait to get some new pieces to celebrate the season! I love that green dress on you and agree this is a lovely colour on you. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Jenny you look incredible in that green dress – green is 100% your colour! I’m going to look into this brand and get some bits in my wardrobe, it all looks like such gorgeous quality and perfect for spring

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