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I think it’s probably safe to assume that our loungewear collections have grown considerably since a year and a half ago. With working from home becoming the new norm and more nights in that we care to remember, I’m sure I speak for a lot of you when I say I sure as heck haven’t been sitting around in my jeans and Tommy blazer all year!

Femme Lue Loungewear

And although of course the main function of loungewear is comfort, that’s not to say that we can’t continue styling our new collection of loungewear whilst out and about going forward. And styling them in such a way that they look chic and stylish, as well as comfortable. The ultimate effortless look.

And even if your loungewear remains in the comfort of your own home, that doesn’t mean we can’t style it up there either. I don’t know about anyone else but I really did get a bit sick of looking like I hadn’t make an effort after about 6 weeks of lockdown!

So, grab all your loungewear and follow these super simple tips and hacks to help you style it!

Rock loungewear with confidence 

Anything can look amazing when you wear it with confidence. Loungewear is designed for comfort, so it’s natural that a lot of people probably won’t feel their 100% most confident in it, in comparison to a dress or tailored suit. But loungewear can look and feel great if you style it up in the right way!

My first and favourite piece I chose from Femme Luxe was this Lilac Cropped Top & High Waisted Joggers Loungewear Set and the reason I added this under the point about confidence is because I felt so good in this set and it really changed the way I poses and reacted to having my photos taken. These are some of my favourite pictures I’ve ever had taken for my blog!

I love how this set cinches in at the waist to allow for a more hour-glass figure – which isn’t usually that prominent when you’re wearing looser fitting loungewear. The colour is super cute as well and it’s such a soft and comfortable set – absolutely PERFECT for the upcoming colder months!

Think about the fit of the item 

Typically, your loungewear will be a looser fit than other items of clothing (apart from leggings) so the way you wear the fit and shape of your loungewear can completely change it’s look. You might want to pair a looser item with something more fitted or turn up the sleeves of your loungewear tops, to give length to the arms (and show off some jewellery – onto that shortly!)

Don’t be afraid to pair with a heel

If you’re going out and about and want to pair comfort with style, then loungewear can 100% be used for that. You might think about pairing some smarter loungewear pants with a heel, a basic T and a blazer for a super chic and effortless look which will also be mega comortable throughout your day!

Femme Luxe Loungewear

Femme Luxe Loungewear

The first piece I picked up from Femme Luxe for this post were these Sage High Waisted Seam Cuffed Joggers. You’ll definitely get me swapping things like black dresses and denim shorts for these in the Autumn and Winter months! These joggers are great because they’re not too baggy and can still look quite figure hugging, as well as being super soft and comfortable.

I’ve paired them up with a simply pair of black heels, a sage back and a black blazer here which makes loungewear look a lot smarter and more chic! I think sage is a great colour too – sage can look great in anything!

Jewellery is your ultimate friend 

Jewellery can seriously transform an outfit and you certainly don’t need to be going out anywhere fancy to style your nicest pieces of jewellery. Pair your loungewear with some cute earrings, layered necklaces, bracelets and some rings (if you wear them) and your lazy Sunday loungewear outfit has a whole new meaning!

My next choice from Femme Luxe was the Pink Off-Shoulder Loungewear Set which I think paired absolutely perfectly with this chunky gold jewellery. Paired in this way, the top half of this set could 100% be worn out and about and seriously styled up for a more stylish look! The bottoms were a little too tight for me but could definitely be paired with some boots and a long coat for Winter!

Accessorize to the max

Combining the above point together here just to emphasis how important accessories can be when it comes to styling outfits. The simplest garment can be utterly transformed with jewellery, sunglasses or handbags and if you’re looking to style up your loungewear, then this is without a doubt the easiest way to do that!

Think about layering 

Layering is a great way to dress up your loungewear, especially in the Autumn or Winter months when we’re typically wearing more clothes and layers than normal. Throwing a blazer over the top, a stylish scarf or beautifully tailored coat with really transform your loungewear into a super cute and cozy outfit for those chilly nights.

Do you love loungewear? Have you accumulated more loungewear over the course of the pandemic? How do you style it to make it look more chic?

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  1. I love lounge wear and always looking for new ways to dress them up… my big go to is definitely
    accessories, cute bag and shoes 👌🏾 and yeses fit makes such a difference!

  2. You look great in all these outfits…I especially like the pink set. It looks quite dressy and if you layered it with a black jacket, it would be very pretty. Stunning photos!!!

  3. You look GORGEOUS!! That outfit really suits you, and I love the look with the layered necklaces. Weirdly I don’t think my loungewear increased that much, but that’s because I tried to stay in my work things during the working week and then just went with looking a mess the rest of the time. Every time I see one of your posts with this brand, I just want to go and buy stuff!

  4. You are totally inspiring me right now to invest in some cuter loungewear. I’m pretty much the queen of black leggings and oversized graphic tees, so I’d love to elevate my at-home cozy look with sets like these. I really love the colors you chose! They’re beautiful on you!

  5. All of these loungewear pieces are so cute. I really like the way the high waisted ones look. I recently ordered some from Marshalls, but I think that style would be better suited for me.

  6. Great post! Just last week I placed an order for two sets of loungewear. It has indeed become a must-have in these past few years, more than ever. Also, lovely photos. You look fantastic in all of these outfits!

  7. Absolutely loved this post! And, the pictures are gorgeous, totally love the lilac set and how you styled the cuffed joggers with the blazer! I never thought they could look so well together. I will need to try all of these tips out as I love loungewear!

  8. I love these sets so much! I just started dating someone and actually have been thinking about how on earth I can make comfy loungewear look good and still impress. I love the tips and they are so timely for me! 🙂

  9. The pics are lovely 🙂

    I really like the high waisted loungewear set. I have one like that, but this one is much better and very flattering.

    Thank you for sharing.

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