Although I’ll admit that I’ve never really been one to go mad for Halloween (although if I was in America where Halloween seems to be on steroids every year then I’d well and truly get involved – we really haven’t learned how to “do” Halloween in the UK, have we?), I do love a scary movie. Horror and all it’s sub-genres is without a doubt my favourite genre. I just loveeee getting scared.

Scary Movies

And when October rolls around, I tend to really delve into the Horror movies and try and stick to that genre for the entire month to get into the spirit of spooky season. Luckily my boyfriend and I have an Amazon Prime Video and Netflix subscription, so I’m never short of horror movies to watch!

I did write a blog post last year on 10 Horror Movies To Watch On Amazon Prime, which was a very basic list of 10 Horror and Horror sub-genre movies that I enjoy that would make for good Halloween night viewing. But in this post, you’re about to get a MEGA list, of 66 movie suggestions from a hard-core Horror lover for this Halloween.

I love most Horror sub-genres, including paranormal, Thriller, creature features, gore, Zombies and more. So expect a little bit of everything within this list! I’ve also created the list of films below as a checklist, so feel free to save and print, if you fancy working your way through the movies this Halloween!

My favourite type of Horror movies are definitely those with a paranormal element. I find them incredibly interesting as I’m super interested in the paranormal and the spirit world anyway. I’m not a huge fan of comedy Horrors just simply because if I wanted to watch a comedy, I would. Although Zombieland is definitely a firm favourite.

And my favourite series of Horror movies has to be The Conjuring universe. That series of films – particularly in my opinion the first two Conjuring movies – are just so well done, have the right balance of human elements and scariness and the casting is fantastic. Vera Farmiga is everything.

I also took to Twitter to ask my followers for their recommendations and here are some of their suggestions!

Love, Em: “I’d recommend the Autopsy of Jane Doe! This film has you on edge from the start. It’s spooky with a little hint of witch craft so appeals to a range of people. It’s not slow paced, so I didn’t get bored and there are lots of twists and turns. It’s one of the only horror films I’d watch again!”

Lisa’s Notebook: I’m not a massive horror fan because I’m a wimp but my 2 standouts are both Stephen King adaptations: Carrie – partly due to the fabulous Sissy Spacek and partly due to THAT ending! And Christine – just terrifying and I flinch every time my old MG makes a strange noise”.

The Art of Healthy Living: “Mine will always be Poltergeist. Partly due the nostalgia of it being the very first horror film I was allowed to watch as a kid (I had it on VHS – yep that old!), but also because there were so many stories based around the cast dying etc so it became a horror within a horror.”

Our Altered Life: “I watched The Ring and had to remove the TV from the bedroom for over a week as I couldn’t sleep for fear of a demented girl climbing out. Associating terror with a household object was genius but massively inconvenient!”

That Mama Club: “I absolutely love Thirteen Ghosts! It had such an original concept, great cast of characters & it terrified me!”

I’d love to hear what your favourite scary movies are and which are your favourites from this list!

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  1. I completely forgot about half of these movies! I’m going to be setting up a movie marathon over the weekend with lots of scary snacks and will be enjoying this list. Thank you for sharing so many great titles. I’ve not watched many but am excited for some scares! Em x

  2. I am not one for scary movies, but some of these picked my interest for sure! Sucha. great movie list and love that you added some twitter suggestions too x

  3. Thanks for sharing this list Jenny. I’m hoping to tick them all off this month. 😊 I love horror movies but I haven’t seen many paranormal ones. My go-to is a slasher movie.

  4. I stand by what I said, Jenny, I am a HUGE wuss and can’t cope with horror movies at all! But I have plenty of friends who love a good fright, so your lists will be very helpful – I’m sure there’ll be plenty of titles that they won’t have seen and I now know which ones to avoid as well! xx

  5. I’m not much of a Halloween person either – but, yes, it does seem like it’s a huge thing here in the US (costume stores start opening in August 🤦)

    I loved Midsommar! Also ‘The Gift’ is on Netflix and it’s fantastic!

  6. It’s one of my favourite times of the year when all the horrors come into our TV screens! I absolutely love a good scary movie so I’ll for sure be checking some of these out ASAP! Thank you so much for sharing lovely Xo

    Elle –

  7. I Loved Zombieland & I just watched the sequel last week & I really liked it!
    Crimson Peak, Hush & The Woman in Black are great movies too! I’ve seen Midsommar as well, but it was quite disturbing

  8. This is a great list! It came just in time. I love horror movies and its sub genres too and since it’s October, it’s that time of the year where I really indulge in watching scary flicks.

  9. I love horror movies! I haven’t watched any of the movies mentioned here. That’s quite weird lol. I was watching stranger things on Netflix but I didn’t finish it. I think stranger things is quite a good horror movie. There are lots of horror movies on this list. I’ll check them out. Also, I would love to watch the house at the end of the street.

  10. I am such a wuss when it comes to scary movies and I will hide behind pillows and people! 🤣. My family and my girlfriend likes scary films so I am going have to start ha ha! These look like a lot of great suggestions with some I have heard of and I think I have seen the odd one or two on your list. Thank you for sharing.

    Lauren –

  11. Hi Jenny,

    There are certainly some choices there that I haven’t seen. I also enjoy a good horror film so I’ll certainly look out for those.

    I know what you mean about the horror/comedy cross-over but I did enjoy Zombieland (and the sequel). And Shaun of the Dead.

    No mention of the Resident Evil films. Are you not a fan? (With your interest in gaming I would have thought these were right up your street 😉 )

    1. I liked Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead too. I just don’t really see them as horror myself because they’re not scary? But they’re still good films!

      You know what, I’ve just started playing my first Resident Evil game and it’s f***ing terrifying me hahaha!

  12. What an amazing selection, some of my favourites are on there I am pleased to say and I love the style of the post, looks fantastic. My scariest movie is Event Horizon, not Halloween really unless in space.

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