ad | Halloween is a super fun time of year – especially for kids. The chance to step out of the norm, dress up, have fun and eat more sweets, what is there not to love? If you’re a teacher, you have a great opportunity to get creative in your classroom for this spooky season and here are some ways to celebrate Halloween in the classroom.

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Obviously it will differ quite vastly, depending on what age you teach. Sticking a great big scary Werewolf figure in your classroom would probably scare 5 year olds but older kids may love it. It’s definitely up to your own discretion as a teacher to provide Halloween fun that’s suitable for the age you’re teaching.

And it also might vary in location as well. America has always been more into Halloween than us Brits and they tend to go “all out” for the holiday. So schools in the US might have a bit more freedom in what they’re allowed to do for the children in their class.

But wherever you are and whatever age you teach, there’s always something you can do to make Halloween more fun for the children in your classroom. Here are 8 suggestions that you might find helpful!

8 Ways To Celebrate Halloween in the Classroom:

Wear fun Halloween themed t-shirts

As the teacher, you should definitely show up in some fun Halloween clothing. Teachersgram sell some cute Halloween teacher tops of different styles. They also do personalized teacher bags as well, which could be a good idea for the Halloween season as well. Or if you want to go all out, perhaps dress up entirely!

Decorate your classroom

There are so many different ways to decorate your classroom for Halloween and of course you have to get the kids involved in doing so. Decorating paper pumpkins to stick around the white board, fake cobwebs or spiders scattered around, cut outs of werewolves, vampires, witches hats hanging from the ceiling – the list is endles.

Offer a Halloween treat (if able)

You have to be careful when it comes to food in classrooms due to allergies but if it’s okay to do so, then maybe bring a treat in for the children in your classroom. Something homemade (if you have time) or get the children to bring in a treat for the class and have a little party!

Turn your lessons spooky

Perhaps for an English class you could get your class to write a spooky story or for History, teach a lesson on the history of Halloween. Halloween is a great time of year to get super creative and inject some fun and lightheartedness into your lessons (if you don’t already!) and do something a bit different.

Do Halloween themed activities

This could be an easier option if you’re stuck for ideas but perhaps switching up your lessons for the day and doing some Halloween themed activities instead. They could still be educational and purposeful but added with a mix of mystery, magic and fun! The kids would love it.

Have a costume competition

We’re all familiar with non-uniform day in the UK or World Book Day when you dress up as your favourite book character but maybe a Halloween dressing up day would be super fun. You could do a costume parade and/or competition to showcase the best costumes and give out appropriate prizes!

Make Halloween cards for the parents

This could be a nice activity for the younger children to take home for their parents to display on the fridge or in their office. Get crafty and make Halloween cards with all manner of spooky creatures on them! They could use glitter, sequins, even fake cobwebs.


Bring your own pumpkin! If permitted to do so, why not ask your class to bring in their own pumpkin for a pumpkin decorating session? Perhaps not pumpkin carving, as knives would be too dangerous and for anyone who’s carved a pumpkin before will know it’s actually quite difficult! But you could paint them, get lots of different decorations and more.

How do you celebrate Halloween with your children? If you’re a teacher, do you do any Halloween themed activities?

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