Although we’re all pretty much back to normal now after the events of the pandemic, I think a lot of us have come to realise that we can have wonderful seasonal celebrations at home. Now it’s Autumn aka. the best month EVER, there will be plenty of events coming up in our calendars Trick or treating, firework displays and of course, Christmas, to name a few. Today I want to share some cozy bonfire night ideas for those of you continuing to stay at home this year!

bonfire night ideas

Bonfire night is one of my favourite times of the year. I just absolutely love fireworks. I love the colours, the smell, the sound and how magical they look lighting up the sky. I can get so lost in a firework display and it makes me so excited for the remainder of the year.

Of course, that’s not the case for everyone and fireworks can be an absolute nightmare for pets – which makes me so sad. I’m just so grateful that my late dog Rory wasn’t bothered at all by fireworks (although if a plastic bag drifted past him, he’d run a mile!) It’s so important to know how to look after your pets on bonfire night.

That said, I don’t want to miss celebrating bonfire night any year, so I’ll definitely be doing some of these cozy at home bonfire night ideas that I mention below! Any excuse to get cozy and comfy with my boyfriend or with myself – I do love a solo date idea, too!

Carry on reading for 7 cozy at home bonfire night ideas!

bonfire night ideas

Have a Harry Potter movie marathon

Harry Potter screams Autumnal so this is the perfect chance to have a Harry Potter movie marathon, instead of going out to a bonfire or firework party! I don’t know about you, but I can re-watch the Harry Potter series over and over again without getting bored and my boyfriend and I like to do this every once in a while! If Harry Potter isn’t your thing, then there’s of course, plenty of other options.

Have a bonfire in your garden and toast marshmallows

Now you’ll have to check your local area / wherever you live to ensure it’s safe to have a small bonfire in your garden and the correct protocols for it but if it IS safe to do so and you’re craving that smell of smoke this bonfire night, even if you’re not going out, bring bonfire night to you! And there’s NOTHING nicer than toasted marshmallows!

Create a blanket fort and watch movies on the iPad

Another good idea if you’re after a mega cozy evening is creating your own fort, decked out with fairy lights and snacks and having your own little movie night in there instead!

Eat a buffer dinner with your favourite food

I love a buffet dinner. We usually have one in our house on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. We rarely have a buffet on a “regular” day. So for food on your at home bonfire night, you might consider inviting your friends round and having a huge buffet dinner of all your favourite foods. Or ordering lots of different bits from the takeaway and doing a buffet that way instead!

bonfire night ideas

Bake lots of yummy, sweet treats

Who doesn’t love a day of baking? Well, this could be your cozy at home bonfire night idea for 2020! There are tons of fun and yummy recipes you could make. Maybe using marshmallows to mark the occasion or if you have kids, consider different colour food dyes for the different colors of fireworks!

Check out some of these amazing treats that Tiffany, one of my favourite bloggers, makes:

Decorate your house / fort / garden in colorful fairy lights

You can’t go wrong with fairy lights any time of the year. But if you’re missing some sparkle this bonfire night, bring the sparkle to you and deck out your house / garden / fort in colorful fairy lights. The bonus here is that if you leave them up for long enough, they can double up for Christmas!

Want a fun bonfire night idea? Have a board game night!

I love a board game night. They can be mega fun so this is a great option for a fun bonfire night in with friends or family. Take it old school. No phones, cheesy 90’s music and all the old classics like Cluedo, Monopoly, Guess Who, Twister – you name it!

Will you be doing any of these cozy at home bonfire night ideas this year?


  1. These are all amazing ideas! Honestly i don’t know how I have lived until now without having a blanket fort, it’s such a great idea to watch movies and to decorate with fairy lights too! x

  2. Ahh I love going to watch firework displays. 100% here for Harry Potter marathon and toasting marshmallows over a fire with hot chocolate.

  3. I ~adore~ this post!! I’ve been watching the HP films over the last couple of weeks in my spare moments from school, as an escape, and it’s been so lovely. Also, I feel like I’ve been seeing cute blanket forts everywhere, and I totally want to do that sometime this autumn x

  4. Now I need some fairy lights I will definitely have some kind of movie night. I love cozy autumn nights I plan on buying a projector to watch a movie on the balcony. Thanks for sharing

  5. We have to spend bonfire night at home every year because Hugo gets so scared so the routine is usually put the TV on deafeningly loud and try to distract him, and give him cuddles when the distractions don’t work…x


  6. Oh wow, I haven’t been to a bonfire since high school and that was like 12 years ago lol. I’m old. But these ideas have me excited to create my own bonfire in my garden and invite friends and family over. Thanks for sharing xxx

  7. I love the idea of making a blanket fort and watching a film under it! Also love an old school board game night, I haven’t done one of them for ages so I think that’ll definitely be something I’ll do over bonfire night. These are all such fab ideas, love it. xx

  8. Oh now I want to decorate my room with lights and build a fort ^.^’ Reading this made me feel so warm. Like I was actually around a bonfire right now. It gave me all the feels. Hahaa.

    A day of baking would be super fun for me. I love baking. It would be nice to spend the day baking cookies, muffins, cupcakes, cakes and decorating them. 😀

    Also, I love your idea of updating the post with the current situations. That was awesome! I am just loving your blog. So pretty! 🙂

  9. Great ideas! For the last one, there is even an option if you’d prefer a games night with a larger group of friends/family, or with those that don’t live close by – There are SO many fun games available online now that are free to use. Card games, board games… You name it. We live approximately 6-7 hours away from my mother, but my husband and I play Euchre with her and her boyfriend quite regularly.

  10. Love these ideas! Me and my friends usually go out for bonfire night, but we can’t this year, so this will give us a lot of other ways we can celebrate!

  11. We’ve never really done much for bonfire night, I usually grab dinner and drinks with a friend but that won’t be happening! Marshmallows in the garden sound good though xx

  12. I love firework displays too, so I’m definitely going to miss them this year. But I do love the alternative ideas you’ve come up with. Toasting marshmallows and making s’mores is on my list. They are always a big hit in my house and we’ll find any excuse to make them. I love the idea of a cosy night in playing board games or watching movies. And the Harry Potter movies have a special place in my heart. This is definitely the perfect time of year to indulge in a marathon x

  13. Really loved this post and so many ideas too! I hadn’t given Bonfire Night much thought but this should be fun this year maybe… I especially like the idea of having a little bonfire in the garden and toasting marshmallows.

  14. Love this! Autumn is my favorite time of year and I am down for everything on this list! Great pictures too! Thanks for the inspiration, suddenly I am in need of a hot cup of cocoa and a Harry Potter marathon 🙂

  15. Thanks for sharing such great ideas as winters are approaching and these ideas can be well implemented.

  16. Oh, I absolutely love, love, love, this post! You keep outdoing yourself with this stuff! So much inspiration here!!! So much magic and fun right at home. I have little lights on my staircase and on top of my fireplace all year long. And I have lights strung up on the porch. The little things matter!

  17. We haven’t gone out for the last few Bonfire Nights because our cats get so freaked out by the fireworks so we prefer to stay in with them. So this year it’s a blessing in disguise really. That said, we’ll try a small bonfire in the orchard and toast some marshmallows, have some hot dogs and some hot chocolate and then retire indoors for a snuggle up with the pussies! xx

  18. Such cute and creative ideas. My husband and I just got a mini hibachi grill to easily roast marshmallows at home and make s’mores. And we certainly enjoy our fair share of cozy and comforting movies along with game nights as well! Great concepts here!

  19. Although I’m dying to go to a bonfire, these cute ideas will hold me over until it’s safe to do so. 💜 I need to get on it and finish watching the Harry Potter series!

  20. This Halloween will definitely be different this year, but a bonfire night sounds fun! I espeically love the idea of making a blanket fort & baking some sweets!

  21. I absolutely loved the idea of watching Harry Potter Marathon, the blanket forts and board games. These are some amazing tips to even do something different since some of us are still stuck at home…

  22. These are all such great ideas! We’ve been having a bonfire like every night on the weekend here lately. It’s been so nice since the weather has gotten a little cooler!

  23. Bonfire night is going to be so different isn’t it! I usually go to the bar I used to work at and watch their huge firework display and drink mulled cider. This year, I think we’ll just have a cosy night in with popcorn and hot chocolate!


  24. We rarely go out to the fireworks as all the kids are a bit rubbish with loud noises (Shame they can’t turn their own volume down once in a while as that doesn’t seem to bother any of them!)

    So I really love these ideas. Might be a jacket potato and hot dogs while snuggling down for a movie for us. I do love a good fort as well!

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