ad | I’m old enough to have lived through Y2K and remember it fondly. Things were easier back then, weren’t they? And where fashion is concerned, it’s definitely a time period that will go down in history! Y2K refers to the year 2000, with nostalgic fashion trends from the late 90’s to the early noughties.

Many designers these days are introducing metallics, denims and other stereotypical Y2K elements into their new designs, adding a pop of 90’s nostalgia to any upcoming collections. They say trends always come back around, right?

Y2K clothes cover a range of different styles and trends but cast your mind back to the days of Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Avril Lavinge and you’ll have a good idea of what to expect when it comes to Y2K fashion.

Even films like Mean Girls and Legally Blonde honed in on the Y2K fashion trends, adding a nostalgic and distinctive aesthetic to their films. If you want to shop Y2K fashion now, there are places like y2k shop where you can find some great bits!

Fancy a trip back to Y2K? Here are some trends from that period of time that I believe can still look great today!

5 Y2K Trends That Can Still Look Great Today:

Baby tees

It was all about the midriff in Y2K but when you consider the fact that size 0 was something to aspire to and anything over the size of 12 was considered plus size, it’s not surprise everyone was getting their bellies out. Although these days, I feel like there’s a greater opportunity to celebrate bodies of different shapes and sizes in y2k baby tees.


This is probably the one that everyone is most familiar with and that’s denim. Denim obviously never went out of fashion because jeans and denim jackets have been worn forever but the style of denim has definitely changes. Wide legged denim trousers were a big thing in the 90’s and noughties which, I think could still look incredibly fashionable today!

Jeans and a nice top

The jeans and a nice top phase was rife around this time and it’s easy to see why! Even celebrities were attending award ceremonies and premieres donned in a humble jeans and nice top combo. This trend will never go out of style and I still wear jeans and a nice top now. In fact, it’s one of the most comfiest things to wear!


Metallics were and incredible trend around this time, featured in most hip-hop music videos that you’d find on whatever channel they were on back then. Metallics can definitely still be extremely fashionable, especially for nights out with the girls or a time where you need to dress up a bit!


Body chains, rose tinted sunglasses, chokers, oh boy! We loved our accessories in the 90’s and noughties! All these things were huge trends and it was definitely cool to be seen with one – or all! – of them on. Don’t forget your butterfly clips, bold and bright jewellery and baguette bags too!

Do you remember Y2K fashion? What was your favourite?

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