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I’ve written a lot of self care related posts on everything from self care tips for when you go to bed, self care tips for when you don’t have a lot of time and self care tips specifically for Winter. What I did realise I had never spoken about is hair care tips. Beauty and self care often go hand in hand and you hair typically takes a lot of looking after, if you want it to be in great condition.

hair care tips

So adopting a few good tips and habits into your hair care routine will certainly help with that and will also add an extra layer onto your self care regime. I always say that self care doesn’t have to be the big gestures – the little things matter just as much. And as you’ll see in this post, some of these tips are super little. But they make a difference.

I’ve had a good ol’ time with my hair over the years and have managed every style and cut under the sun. I’m naturally a redhead but from 17 until around 20, I was bleach blonde. I wore layers upon layers of extensions and fried my hair to within an inch of it’s life with the straighteners. There came a point where I was getting bald patches from the extensions and my hair felt like straw.

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I’ve also had hair down to my bum, then cut and inch from my head on one side. I’ve had a blonde fringe with black on the underside of my hair. I’ve had pink highlights. I’ve had it dyed red – even though it already is red. It’s been long, short, curly, straight, blonde, red, good quality, horrendous quality and everything in between. My hair has been through a LOT.

When my anxiety disorder started in 2011, I stopped caring about my hair. Stopped having it cut or dyed and didn’t go anything to it really for around 7 years. I started to have it cut again; I had my fringe cut back in and felt a little more like myself. Then in December 2020, I had my bum-length hair cut to my shoulders. Now, in August, 2021, I’ve decided to grow it again and I currently have some blonde highlights, just to brighten up my red hair for the Summer!

I’ve learned a lot about my hair, what works, what doesn’t, what looks good, what REALLY doesn’t and how to take care of it over the years of chopping and changing. And now that I’m in a really good place, I’m taking much better care of my hair than before. And here are a few easy self care hair care tips that you can adopt into your routine too!

9 hair care tips to add into your self care routine:

Ditch the hair bands for the scrunchie

I clarified this with my hairdresser and she confirms that scrunchies are much better for your hair than tight hairbands. It’s a simple change to make and you can also find some SUPER CUTE scruchies on the market to cuteify your hairstyles.

Find a gorgeous hair mask

This is where my wonderful sponsor for today’s blog post comes in and I’m really excited to share these products with you and rave a little bit (okay a lot) about this brand because I really have fallen in love with these 2 products over the last couple of weeks of using them!

So dew is a brand that sells gorgeous natural products from hair care, to skin, lips and body, made with anti-anxiety aromas in mind. Their products are all-natural and silicone-free that are easy to use and show actual results. Apart from the Multi-Purpose Salve and lip care range, all of their other products are Vegan and all are made with beautiful natural ingredients.

So when I was contacted by the lovely team at dew, I was left to my own devices with what products to choose from and I specifically chose the hair care products for this post – and because I felt like I needed to start taking better care of my hair.

hair care tips

The first product which instantly stood out to me was the Velvet Hair Mask. This mask can be left on for 30 minutes before you wash your hair. It can also be left on overnight for a deeper cleanse. Or you can apply a small amount to dry or frizzy hair before styling. So already, this mask has a lot of uses.

Personally, I’ve been using mine before I wash my hair. So what I’ll do is slather it on my whole head before a shower, pop my hair up in a scrunchie and then go and do something else for 30 minutes, whilst I wait for it to do it’s magic. I use this time to have a lay in the bath, read my book or get some extra work done.

I then shampoo and condition my hair as normal. The mask washes off nicely in the shower and of all the times I’ve used it, I’ve never found any left over residue from it in my hair afterwards.

This mask is an absolutely TREAT for your hair. I can noticeably feel the difference in my hair afterwards; it feels softer, bouncier and it just sits nicer on my head. I know that this mask is going to become a permanent feature in my hair care routine. It smells absolutely lovely too – the smell isn’t overpowering but it’s just enough to send you into that relaxed, spa-like state!

For that reason, that’s why my favourite thing to do is pop the mask on then have a soak in the bath. Usually with some extra candles or bath oils to really give myself a treat! I absolutely love this mask – I’m already getting ready to purchase another when this one runs out. 

Invest in a hair essence spray to keep your hair hydrated all day

The next product I chose from dew was the Orange Blossom Hair Essence Spray. This spray comes in two different scents; orange blossom and rose. I picked the orange blossom as I just tend to prefer more citrus scents to floral. But I’m sure the rose scent is just as lovely!

hair care tips

The hair essence spray is a light mist that gives you hair an instant boost of radiance and hydration. Again, the scent is beautiful and these products also contain oils that promote relaxation and reduced anxiety. I’ve been giving my hair a spritz of this spray after I’ve washed and styled it or right before I go out or want to make my hair look a little more – alive, shall we say.

I love this spray SO MUCH. It’s such a handy little spray to keep in your bag to spritz throughout the day – especially on a hot or cold day where your hair is going to take a beating from the weather conditions. It gives it an instant lift, a little shine, some extra hydration and also leave your hair smelling beautiful. 

It’s a super light-weight spray which doesn’t leave your hair feeling greasy or slick either. It really shows that you don’t need a lot of fancy ingredients or chemicals to make your hair look and feel super healthy and luscious! 

Head on over to dew to grab your hair essence sprays with a 10% discount code:

  • Use code JHINOB for the Orange Blossom
  • Use code JHINR for the Rose

I’ve gotta say, I’m really impressed with dew. Both as a brand and the products I’ve been trying. I love how they focus on natural products with anti-anxiety properties, beautiful scents, simple designs yet ALL the results – that I’ve definitely been able to see since using the products.

If you’re not Vegan, then avoid the Multi-Purpose Salve and the Lip Care Range. But other than that, these products are so suitable for everyone and I love that they’re mostly Vegan too, as eliminating animal products from my skin and beauty regime is something I’m really focusing on doing right now.

Limit your heat usage

I think everyone knows this by now and whilst I totally understand that on some occasions it can’t be helped, just limiting your heat usage on your hair a few times a week can make a big difference. I rarely use a hair dryer in the Summer and let it dry naturally.

Don’t over-wash

Something I used to do a lot because I felt like I had to. But you really don’t need to. Shampoo strips the important oils the scalp produces and can leave the hair and scalp too dry if you wash it too often!

Stop touching it!

If you suffer with hair that gets greasy more often than others, then you simply might be touching it too much! The oils and dirt and all the other nasty stuff our hands pick up throughout the day is getting transferred straight to your hair – no wonder it’s greasy!

Have regular cuts or trims – you have more split ends than you think!

I’m kidding but I know it’s true for me. Often when I think my hair is in good condition, my hair dresser will take one look and flinch. Split ends can cause further damage so taking the time to get a trim is an important part of your hair self care routine.

Know your hair type and act accordingly

Similarly to skincare and the products we use on our face, we have different types of hair which need different things to keep them healthy. Understand your hair type and use products to reflect that. Ask your hairdresser for help, if you need to!

Your hair changes over time so change your routine to reflect that

And finally a really important point but your hair typically changes texture around every 7 years. This is because your hair and the molecules that make up your hair grow in bundles every 7 years. Over that time, less strands appear due to things like aging and hormones and naturally, it can cause your hair to change and react different to the products you’re using!

Things like pregnancy and menopause can also change the texture and type of our hair. We go through a lot in 7 years – so our body is likely to reflect that! So if you’re 24 and wondering why your hair doesn’t look like it did at 17 before you had 2 kids, then there’s your answer! And time to switch up that hair care routine!

Which of these hair care tips will you be taking on board? Do you have any tips of your own to add to this? And will you be checking out dew?


  1. Wow these tips are great! I’ve had such a horrible hair journey because of my mental health as well. Now that I am more mentally stable, I’m trying to recover everything I ruined in my hair

  2. I haven’t heard of dew before, but their hair mask & spray sound so nice!
    These are great tips & I don’t use any heat products & I wash my hair about every 3 days. I do need a haircut soon though!

  3. Such a great post! I uncovered a bald spot a few months ago but luckily it’s growing back. I had no idea what happened! It just appeared. Lessening stress plays a huge part in my hair care as well as properly brushing and and massaging my scalp. x

    Lynn |

  4. Great tips. Thank you for sharing.

    Yes, my hair type changed a little bit. It was straight and silky. Now it looks wavy and little dry too. I am the one to blame though on dryness I think. I am not taking much care of it..busy mom you know! 😀

    But I started to do some coconut oil massage once a week. Hope it will do some good.

    Also I should try some of your tips 🤗🙂

  5. I started using scrunchies a little while ago but more because they help with headaches because they’re not as tight – bonus that they’re better for my hair. I’m awful at looking after my hair properly. I mean, I’m okay with not overheating etc, but that’s more because I flat out ignore it most of the time, including leaving it too long between cuts etc. This has me feeling quite inspired right now…

  6. I didn’t know that scrunchies were better for hair! Definitely going to be making the switch now then. I also braid my hair most of the time, especially when going to bed at night. It definitely helps hair. Not sure how, but I see the difference in hair fall (which is a huge problem for me due to pcos).

  7. Thank you for these tips!!! I love the minimal look of these products, and they sound really good so I will probably give the hair mask a go, I’ve been looking for a good one to try for ages! xx

  8. This hair mask sounds gorgeous! I get very tangly hair – and the double-nuisance of dry ends and greasy roots. So finding a hair mask that doesn’t leave residue is basically the holy grail for me! And one that smells soothing and relaxing sounds even better.

  9. Great hair tips! I used to wash my hair every single day of the year. When I started to wash it every other day, it made such a difference. I never used a hair mask…thank you for sharing these products with us.

  10. My hair is in desperate need of help. I’m going to my hairdressor soon to see what we can do, but it’s just from a combination of having to wear it up at work and the grease from work that has just sort of made my hair so flat and lifeless.

  11. I have long black hair with brown highlight and with oily scalp and dry ends. This makes my hair looks greasy faster after washing it every three days. I go to beauty salon once a month for hair treatment. But it’s not enough 🙁

    I agree with ditch the hair bands – I stopped using them for a long time already. I think I need to start finding the right hair mask for my hair condition. Absolutely need hair essence spray too! Thanks for the tips Jen x

  12. This was a wake up call for me honestly. I used to be so good at taking care of my hair back in highschool and college. But the last 1-2 years I didn’t care much about my hair because life got hectic. Last year I bleached it, which -of course- made it really dry. This was a good reminder to put on a hair mask tonight! I love natural products and these two sound amazing. Thank you for the recommendation!

  13. Love this post! I have very dry hair so I don’t wash it all the time, just a few times a week. I think it depends on your hair type how you look after your hair, and I love these tips to stay healthy whatever your hair type 🙂 x

  14. Its a very good guide for both men as well as women hair care and hair health. I defitely try it out if it works defitely shared a dedicated blog for this hair care treatment. Thanks for sharing

  15. Going to try out this hair mask, thanks.
    I used to wash my hair every day – madness! Who the hell has time for that?!? Got it down to twice a week and am no longer a slave to straighteners – praise be 🤣 my hair has never looked better 🙌

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