ad collaborative post // Understanding the way kids grow and develop, plus your own parenting style, is key to raising a happy and healthy kid. All children are unique, but as parents, you can help create the best possible environment to raise a healthy and happy child.

It is important to protect them from harm and encourage independence and good habits at the same time. Here are some basic tips that can help guide you along your parenting journey.

Foster connections

The more connected a parent feels to their child, the more likely they are to provide consistent discipline and support, as well as praise and affirm positive behaviour.

Whether you’re trying to encourage good behaviour, develop good habits or simply spend more quality time with your child, positive reinforcement is an effective way to foster connection and healthy habits.

Positive reinforcement can be as simple as a smile; the right words of praise also have a powerful impact on building confidence, helping children feel better and behave better – without coercion. So, smile, tell your child how proud you are of him or her, give a hug and say, “I love you!”

Practice gratitude

Being grateful for the things that make you happy prepares you for what is ahead. It creates a positive outlook on your life and can help in difficult situations. Being thankful for your children allows them to see that the world is filled with goodness and gives them a better outlook on life as well.

If a child feels loved, supported and appreciated for who they are, they will believe they can conquer anything. By the time children are 5 years old, they will have repeated messages and behaviours learned from their caregivers and themselves to guide their behaviour. These subconscious messages, along with the belief the child has in themselves are our direction for how our children live their lives.

Get check-ups and vaccinations

Getting check-ups and vaccinations are important for kids, and it’s a good idea for parents to make this appointment before school starts. Maintaining a good relationship with your doctor will help him or her spot any issues early.

Your child’s doctor can help you make sure that your child is healthy and up-to-date on vaccinations. Setting up regular check-ups with your child’s doctor is one of the best things that you can do for their health.

Getting your child health insurance will also allow you to talk to your doctor at any time, day or night, about vaccinations, medications, nutrition, and other ways to keep your child healthy, including for him or her.

Encourage kids to get active

Plenty of studies reveal that sustained physical activity during early childhood is ideal for brain development. Encouraging kids to get physical begins with providing a safe environment for movement. Whether it’s running around with friends or taking part in organised sports, getting your kids moving is key to maintaining their health.


Every parent has their own way of raising a child, and no method can be called the right way. That being said, maintain their child’s health should be any parent’s priority, and the tips in this article are as good a place as any to make a start.


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