I love shoes. I’m not a huge fashionista (okay it’s clear by the fact that I just used the word ‘fashionista’ that I’m not one at all) but I do love shoes. I think they can totally make an outfit, jazz it up or tone it down and I also think shoes can give a great indication of the type of person you are. Who’s the famous person that said you can tell a lot about a man by his shoes? (If you know, do let me know otherwise it’s going to drive me spare). Looking back, Carrie Bradshaw might have been incredibly annoying but there’s no denying that her shoe closet was to die for! Now I might not know anything about designers, but I do know that I have a pretty swoon-worthy wish list from Uppersole shoes to share with you today.

Flat Lace Up Glitter Sparkly Trainers in Rose Gold

Flat Lace Up Glitter Sparkly Trainers in Rose Gold – £21.99

I know, I know, I am the epitome of a basic b*tch. I have my rose gold iPhone, my rose gold jewellery and now I’m after a pair of rose gold trainers well you know what? Rose gold is the bomb. It goes with so many other colours, it’s pretty, it’s noticeable and it’s a little different. What’s there not to love about it? I absolutely adore these glittery trainers from Uppersole, they’re the very first things that caught my eye when I went onto the website. I’m not a trainer person in that I don’t go running and I don’t go to the gym, so I don’t really need them. But when I go out for the day or away for a weekend, I like wearing shoes like this because not only are they super comfy, but they look nice too! Santa?

Low Mid Block Heel Bow Ribbon Biker Chelsea Ankle Boots

Low Mid Block Heel Bow Ribbon Biker Chelsea Ankle Boot – £26.99

I fell in love with these instantly and I’m keeping these ones bookmarked on my browser. Although I do like feminine style shoes with feminine colours (all about that pink), I also love going in the opposite direction. I’m not a very “girly girl” in life in general. I love cars and motorsports and gaming, and I think on a personal level, less feminine fashion suits me much better, and I also feel comfier and more “me” when I’m not in flowy dresses and floral print. So, these biker boots really stood out to me because they’re the perfect height for someone who can’t walk in heels, they’re black – the colour of my soul, but they have that adorable bow detailing which makes them stand out to other ankle boots. Love, love, love.

Mid High Heel T-Bar Studded Pointed Court Shoes

Mid High Heel T-Bar Studded Pointed Court Shoes – £27.99

Can I walk in heels? Nope. Will I give it a good old go? Yep. Will I fall into a pond? Probably. But I’m nothing if not a good sport. But I will tend to stay away from very, very high heels just for the sake of mankind. That’s why these little lovelies stuck out to me because I feel like you could make a statement in these without falling into a ditch. Win, win. I love the studs. I used to be a grunger so the more studs the better, and I don’t think my “grunger phase” ever properly left me because I always find myself drawn to clothing and shoes which are black and a bit “edgy”. The heel is a great size and I love the patent effect too. Unfortunately, on the website the black ones have sold out, however they do the same shoe in red which is really lovely.

Mid Wedge Heel T-Bar Strappy Gladiator Diamante Flower Sandals

Mid Wedge Heel T-Bar Strappy Gladiator Diamante Flower Sandals – £19.99

And finally, I had to complete the set and find myself a pair of sandals as well. I used to have a pair of gladiator sandals which I loved with all my heart. They gave me heat rash, but I didn’t care, I loved them. Gladiator sandals in general I really love because they’re not dainty, they stay on your damn feet and they’re a real “piece” that you can dress up with various outfits. I found these which have everything I love in a gladiator sandal and of course, I picked the rose gold colour too. But they do have various other colours in these ones and they’re all very nice!

What are your favourite shoes from the ones I’ve picked above? Any of them your kind of style? If not, what style do you go for and do you pay close attention to people’s shoes? Let me know!

* This post was sponsored by Uppersole


  1. those trainers are stunning, however i feel like they would be 100 times better if they had some holographic on them!

  2. The Mid High Heel T-Bar Studded Pointed Court Shoes are definitely my favourite, but I love pretty much all of these! I always used to have issues finding shoes that fit as my feet were too narrow but now they’re a normal size so I’m always after new shoes!

  3. Such a cute selection you’ve picked! I absolutely love those rose gold trainers, I hope they’re still around for my birthday at the end of next month cause they are going straight on my wish-list haha! I also really love the chelsea boots, they’re perfect for this time of year! I love how these all reflect different needs, such a clever selection!
    Beth x

  4. Loving those Rose Gold trainers and I really like the biker boots too, which are definitely more me because I was always a jeans kind of gal. I am definitely not a girly girl either. 🙂 x

  5. I have a total shoe 👠 addiction! Love them high heels ~ they are smokin. But also a big fan of flats ~ so comfy 😊. Totally love the black once in the picture 🧡


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