Smart business owners know how to make the best use of the assets at their disposal. Chief amongst those assets is the team you work with. However, you can’t expect excellence from them unless you make the efforts to foster it. Here, we’re going to go into what it takes and the methods you can start implementing today to see your team really shine.

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Set clear goals

If a person has a goal to work towards, rather than a seemingly endless workload without change, then they are likely to get much more motivated. Seeing their own achievements laid out for them, or their performance increasing over time, can be a big morale boost. Besides long-term project goals, key performance indicators can keep your team engaged and invested in improving how they work. shows examples of KPIs that are applicable in retail, for instance.

Credit where it’s due

If you set goals and the team meets them, they deserve to have their efforts recognized. If they go beyond and above, playing a pivotal role in the success of the team, they deserve the credit. Rewarding employees, whether it’s with vouchers, awards from places like, or even thanks, can help them feel like their efforts are appreciated. If they feel appreciated, they are more likely to redouble those efforts and to continue to be worthy of such esteem.

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Trim the fat

On the flipside, there is nothing that can kill motivation and engagement in one’s job like unnecessary tasks and busywork. There’s some level of inefficiency to almost every role. You can help employees become more productive by sharing time management tips with them, like teaching them how to prioritise their workload throughout the day. You can also look at the processes that can be systemised across the board, with methods like using software that can automate or eliminate some of the unnecessary steps in the workflow. Free up their time and attention to work on the things that better engage them, and they will be able to provide much better solutions and results.

Show the path ahead

If you want them to be invested in your business, then you have to be invested in their career. Simply paying them isn’t enough if you expect them to do anything except follow the letter of their job description. Look for employee training and education opportunities like those available at and start putting together development plans in cooperation with your team.

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Keep communicating

A lot of time can be wasted by problems that your employees don’t have the power to solve. If you’re unavailable to help them with such problems, they can gather up. With an open-door policy, it’s much easier for the team to come for solutions that allow them to quickly unclog their workflow, allowing them to become much more productive.

The sooner you start investing the care and attention that your team deserves, the sooner it will start to reflect in the results. People work better when they are happy, engaged, and feel like they can make a difference.

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