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The last time I did a sort of, random thought piece like this, it went down reaaaaally well. I wrote about how I’m trying to figure out who I am in the blogging world and I was absolutely over the moon with how that post was received and the comments I got on it.

Femme Luxe Stone Ribbed V Neck Dress

A lot of people shared how they felt the same as me and whilst I wouldn’t WANT anyone to feel the same negative and confusing feelings as me, it just shows that these feelings are so very normal. And I’m very glad I wrote that post so other bloggers can see that they’re not alone in how they feel.

Whilst spur of the moment thought pieces won’t commandeer my blog, I would like to start using my online space to write more pieces like this and express honestly and openly about how I’M feeling. In the hope that it might help someone else.

Which is why today for this collaboration, I wanted to continue on with that theme of posts and write about something else which has been playing on my mind recently and that’s the topic of feeling guilty about my job as a blogger and content creator.

Femme Luxe Stone Ribbed V Neck Dress

Before we get into the meat of this post, I just want to share the next two pieces I picked out from Femme Luxe. The first being this Stone Ribbed V Neck Midi Jumper Dress, which is the same style as the one in my previous post, just a different colour. I also went for a size down as the other one was ever so slightly too big.

I really like this dress and I think it’s the absolute perfect style and shape for the Winter months. Pair it with a pair of tights and boots (knee highs would look FANTASTIC) and a beautiful coat and you’ve got yourself a super stylish Winter outfit! White dresses are obviously very popular this time of year and there’s certainly a reason for that!

Considering I felt as sick as a dog when I took these pictures, I’m pleasantly surprised and how happy I am with them and how this dress looks. I think I prefer the stone colour to the red and the fit of this one is much better too. This will be a real staple for my Autumn and Winter wardrobe!

Femme Luxe teal jumper

Femme Luxe teal jumper

The second piece I picked out was this Teal Oversized Split Side Knitted Jumper. It’s definitely oversized and baggy – plenty of room for a cozy day at home – however the sleeves (particularly around the wrists) are a big off. Despite this jumper being so big (and in a large size) the sleeves around the wrists were really tight. And I have really small wrists. So that was a bit weird.

Other than that, this is a nice jumper for the Winter season. However you could also keep it on hand for Spring to pair with some denim shorts and ankle boots, which would look really nice! They do this in a few colours so if teal isn’t your cup of tea, there’s others to choose from.

Why do I feel guilty about my job? A rant and discussion…

So let’s get into this then. I found myself thinking more deeply about this topic a few weeks ago, when I was posting some Instagram stories. I can’t remember for the life of me what I was talking about but it was something to do with blogging and something that I had to do for work. I said how much I was dreading it or not looking forward to it.

Immediately followed by “But don’t worry, I love my job and I’m not complaining and I’m very grateful every day and I don’t mean to complain, sorry, sorry, sorry!” or something along those lines. I mean yeah, it was ridiculous. I’m almost pre-empting non-existent backlash for what most people probably do understand.

So here are some reasons why and talking points about how I feel guilty about my job:

I’m in general, a very guilty person

By nature, I’m a very guilty person. I feel guilty for basically everything I do (or don’t do) and it’s something I need to continue working on in my own personal development journey. Others in my position might not be naturally like this, so might not struggle with this feeling of guilty. But just wanted to mention first that this is very much a ME problem.

The comments that other people make

Any full-time blogger will understand how freaking irritating and awkward it is when people make comments about our work who have no idea what they’re talking about. All these comments add to that feeling of guilt, that sense of feeling like I have to apologise for literally EVERYTHING I do or complain about.

I’ve had, “so you just stay in bed on your laptop all day?” and “it might be nice not to have to work for a living!” which were two that really got under my skin. If you had any idea of the amount of work that goes into running a blog full-time (or part-time, or as a hobby, or at ALL!) then you certainly wouldn’t be making those comments.

The perks of the job make me feel like I can’t complain

There are a LOT of perks to this job. And they’re amazing. I still pinch myself that I’ve been sent on press trips to places like the Brooklands Hotel and Spa and The Ferry House Inn. Been invited to Paradise Wildlife Park, where I grew up visiting with my parents on a press basis and been able to work with a huge variety of amazing brands and receive incredible products.

For this reason, there’s always a small voice inside my head saying that I’m not allowed to complain about ANYTHING because the other side of the coin is so good. You know, like why am I complaining when I’ve got a job so many people would want? I struggle to get past that feeling.

People might think I’m ungrateful

Gratitude is a big part of my own life, which might also come into play as to why I struggle with this. I’m worried that if people see me complaining, they might think I’m ungrateful. I never want to be seen as ungrateful because I rarely, rarely am. Gratitude is a practice I introduced into my life back in 2015 and haven’t looked back on since.

Gratitude and learning how to express gratitude in a way that works for you can be utter magic; I’d never want people to read what I’m saying and think I’m going back on all this stuff I preach about gratitude by being ungrateful for the platform and the job that allows me to write about it in the first place.

Things to remember going forward

For my sake and for anyone else’s sake who feels similarly to how I do, I want to lay out a few things you should (and I should) remember going forward, whenever we start to feel guilty for doing our jobs:

People care less than what you think

You might worry that what you’ve just said on your Instagram stories is going to be taken wrongly or out of context by others but actually, there’s a 99.9999% chance it won’t. People really do care less than what you think they do. They’re not looking at you saying, “OH SHE’S SO UNGRATEFUL”, they’ve probably just read your story and moved on.

Everyone complains about certain elements of their job – EVERYONE

I don’t think there is a job or a career under the sun that people like every single element of. Unless perhaps that career is being Beyoncé but we’ll gloss over that. EVERYONE moans about their job sometimes, absolutely everyone. You are allowed to feel how you’re feeling about your work – whatever that may be.

Most people don’t know how hard you worked to get to where you are

And the reason you’re allowed to feel those things? Is because only you – and the people you choose to share it with – know how hard you worked to get to where you are. You weren’t handed it on a plate. And even if you were one of the lucky few that grows rapidly in a short space of time, it takes a lot to maintain this career and a lot of hard work is involved.

Would YOU think it was ungrateful if someone else did the same thing?

If you read something from a blogger who said something negative about their job, would you think they were being ungrateful? Probably not. So it’s likely that you’re pre-empting them feeling that way about you. When you’re the type of person who worries what other people think – it can be hard to shake.

If you’re a blogger – either full or part time – I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Do you often feel guilty about your job? Are you worried about complaining and what people might think?


  1. I’m sorry you’re feeling like this, and I can totally relate. It’s especially frustrating when friends and family don’t understand what it is we do. I’m not blogging full time yet, but it’s definitely the goal.
    Yes, we may have perks, the main one is being your own boss, but then other jobs come with perks too – Christmas bonus, healthcare, dental, annual leave days, shutting off at 5.30 every day in certain jobs. As bloggers, we don’t get any of these. So when you are gifted or paid for a job as a blogger, you definitely shouldn’t feel guilty and you can definitely moan and complain as much as any other job 🙂

  2. I completely get this post and I’m sorry to hear you feel that way! Feeling guilty is such a common occurrence for a lot of us, especially me. I always feel guilty about everything I do, when I know people are worst off. It’s so important to be kinder to ourselves to help overcome these feelings and thoughts xx

  3. Thanks for sharing this post.

    We are all entitled to moan about what we do everyday without feeling guilty, but I totally relate to the feeling creeping up on you.

    I previously questioned myself and felt guilty a lot, but I work very hard to not do it to myself now. Easier said than done sometimes.

  4. I love how honest you are about this! I have sometimes felt the same way, although I am not a full time blogger yet. I would love to be someday but I totally understand these thoughts and struggles! Thanks for sharing

  5. Totally relate to how you’re feeling and I agree — every profession has their moments like this. I know it’s not easy to just “stop feeling guilty” but I always try to get a sense of perspective and that seems to help.

    xoxo – Kelly

  6. I am also one of those people who feels guilty about everything- and I’m trying to change that. I work part-time I also blog and work on my freelance bits for the rest of my time and comments about how much time I must have on my hands makes me mad. I work hard and people should recognise that x

  7. There’s no perfect job out there and sometimes a good rant is needed. Feeling bad about feeling good = guilt. It’s your life and your choice of vocation. People will judge you either way. My advice? Don’t listen to them Jenny. Continue doing what you love. I believe the world benefits most when we do the things we love. Wishing you well 🙏

  8. When it comes to blogging, if I have anything to complain about, I tend to moan to blogging friends as they can really relate to what I’m complaining about! But the thing is, blogging is like a job, whether you do it as a hobby or earn from it as a career, it takes a lot of work and non-bloggers don’t seem to realise that sometimes! x

    Lucy |

  9. We’re planning to go full-time with blogging by next winter, and the questions that have come up from our family are just intense. To the point we kind of thought about just giving up and we haven’t even started yet! There are aspects of blogging which we will always not enjoy and have a little moan is just normal. I would worry if we were not to moan about something to be completely honest! Feeling guilt is something we have within as well, but at this point I will try and not consider what other think. Not easy, but shall try!

    1. That’s why I don’t trust these people that never moan about it haha! Best of luck on your blogging venture into full-time and I’m sorry to hear you’ve had some not so positive comments from family members. It’s easy to say just don’t listen to them but they can definitely get in your head. Only you know what is right for you!

  10. This sounds so much like a conversation I had recently. You sound SOO much like my sister whose natural state is one of guilt. She feels bad for complaining about anything and doesn’t want to put anyone’s nose out of joint but life isn’t like that. It’s ok not to love everything all the time. Your job is bloody tough and I’m not surprised that it feels a bit naff sometimes!

  11. Jenny, this resonates with me so much! You are allowed to complain about your job, yes you have a real job where you do work and get paid so I don’t see how it’s different to having a salaried role!! Anyway, I am also a guilty person and whilst I have had a busy year work wise, it’s dropped off over the last couple of months and I’m still getting paid for not doing loads. The guilt is unreal and tears me to bits most days! We should just stop feeling guilty! Stop feeling guilty, you have nothing to feel guilty for. Thanks for sharing this post and sorry I went off a bit of a rant then 🙂

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