The Ferry House Inn: The Most Well Oiled Machine on the Isle of Sheppey

AD – This stay was a press visit but all thoughts are my own

I love myself a staycation in the UK. I enjoyed them way before COVID-19 made them popular. Truthfully, I haven’t actually been abroad since Disneyland Paris 2011 and although I’d love to go back to sitting on the beach and doing nothing all day, right now, I’m absolutely LOVING exploring new areas and accommodations within the UK. This country really does have so much to offer.

The Ferry House Inn Room 7

Earlier this year, I was offered a 2 night stay in The Ferry House Inn, a 4* accommodation and licensed wedding venue in the Kent countryside. The Ferry House Inn, along with it’s AA rosette dining and bed and breakfast accommodation is a family owned establishment, with it’s own farm and kitchen garden. I will be doing a separate blog post about the food (which you can read here). But today I’m going to cover the accommodation.

As I said, we (we being Carl and I) were offered a 2 night  stay in one of their luxury guest rooms. At £150 a night, these guest rooms work on a bed and breakfast basis and are all individually and lovingly decorated. We were actually offered a choice of which room and it look me SO LONG to choose because they’re all so lovely. We finally settled on room 7, so let’s have a look!

Just down the road from The Ferry House Inn, we also have Mocketts Farm Cottages. A self catering option, should you prefer that. We didn’t see these cottages ourselves but definitely a good option, depending on your reasons for travel.

So check in was at 2pm and we were greeted upon arrival and shown to our room. The coach house building the guest rooms were in was spotless and also very secure, as you can only get in both the front door and your room door with a key card. Our room was up a short flight of steps but there is a ramp as well and also a disabled friendly supersized room situated next to the ramp itself.

The room we picked was decorated in these gorgeous, chic and calming grey/green tones and as interior decor goes, I absolutely loved it. Although it wasn’t too much of a surprise as it does look exactly the same as the photos on the website. Our room was really spacious, as was the bathroom (more on that in a bit), with a big wardrobe, a huge bed, a vanity, TV (with DVD) and a chair. It felt more like your own bedroom than a hotel!

There’s also tea and coffee making facilities in the room and they leave you with a variety of different teas including “normal” tea and fruit infused teas (I definitely needed the “digest” tea after all the food I ate during my stay!), still and sparkling water, hot chocolate and coffee pods.

Our en suite. Well. I think in the space of 2 days, my boyfriend and I had about 10 showers between us. The shower was absolute heaven. And it also occurred to me that I didn’t picture it (probably because I was in it so much) but from the photo below, it’s just to the left of the shot and was a walk in shower with a rain shower head.

What really stuck out to both of us during our stay was how clean everything was. Everything was spotless, all the time. Whilst we were having breakfast, we didn’t stop seeing people cleaning, wiping and tidying things up. Our room didn’t have a speck of dust in it or a mark anywhere. It was outstanding really, the level of cleanliness.

We didn’t actually do anything during our stay, partially because it’s quite out of the way (so something to keep in mind if you were planning a visit) and partially because we’re always so busy at home that we wanted a super chill few days to literally do nothing. And that’s exactly what we did. And it was SO NEEDED.

We did take a walk down to the Swale Estuary which The Ferry House Inn is situated right next to, so no matter where you look, the view is beautiful. It was so cold though so we quickly retreated back inside! I did manage to get a few nice shots though. They also offer clay pigeon shooting on site too.

I’ve been saying to Carl, “come on, think of something I can moan about!” but in absolute honesty, we can’t think of a thing. Which is EXTREMELY rare. Especially for Carl, who likes a moan. I don’t even LIKE giving such sickeningly good reviews but there is literally nothing else to say about this place other than it’s as close to perfect as you’re going to get. And I haven’t even mentioned the food yet.

I’ll have my separate post about the food we ate (so much food. so, so, so much food) here next week but for the time being, I hope you enjoyed this little overview of our stay at The Ferry House Inn! I honestly couldn’t recommend it enough!


  1. This room looks absolutely gorgeous! I love that you got a couple of days to just relax, you definitely deserve that. The location looks beautiful too, this seems like the perfect hotel to just fully chill out and detach from everything for a while!

    1. It really was just perfect! <3

  2. What a beautiful place – and wonderful photos! Inspiration for breaks when this is all over! Stay well, Emma 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂 x

  3. Erin says:

    Oh wow it looks incredible! I cannot wait to get away once all of this is over 🙂

  4. I am obsessed with this blog post!! I would love nothing more than a night away from reality right now! I love your travel styled posts!

    1. Oh same! I’m so glad we managed to get away to here before everything happened x

  5. It looks amazing! I love the style and decor. There really are some beautiful spots in the UK.

    1. There really is x

  6. katy gilroy says:

    oh this looks incredible! definitely want to stay here x

    1. I’d love to go back!

  7. Oh wow!! That place looks gorgeous! Once all this world chaos ends, I definitely want to look at checking it out! Was it easy to get to? Gorgeous photography as always!

    Daisy xoxo | TheDeeWhoLived

    1. Relatively easy apart from the last bit which is done some very remote and narrow lanes!

  8. This looks incredible, could really happily jump in that bed right now! I’m glad you managed to get your stay before things got tighter. It looks like a gorgeous place to grab a night or two away in the UK x


    1. Oh same! It was so needed x

  9. Ah I saw the opp for this one and applied for it too! I never heard back from them so will live vicariously through your posts haha! Looking forward to your food post as I’m a huge foodie!

  10. Omg what a beautiful place! I’ll definitely be looking into this for the future. I love short breaks like this xx

    Tiffany x

    1. Would 100% recommend!

  11. You were literally 5 minutes down the road from me!

    Love, Amie ❤

    The Curvaceous Vegan

    1. Wow really!

  12. I feel calm just looking at those photos! I can’t imagine how cosy it must be to stay there.
    Imogen’s Typewriter. <3

    1. It was ultimately cost!

  13. I just can’t get passed how beautiful the decor is I the room! I mean this is the kinda place I would want as a bedroom 😂 you’re right, it does look close to perfect! I can’t wait to read about the food!🤤

    Natonya |

    1. Right! I was thinking that when I was there!

  14. Oh wow it looked beautiful! xx

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