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My favourite Disneyland Paris attractions

Last month, I really enjoyed working on more Disney related posts such as What Disney Means to Me and My Favourite Disney Items. Disney has always been a huge part of my life ever since I was little, I have a Disney category on my blog but I rarely post anything in it so I’ve worked hard on turning that around and going forward, I would love to feature Disney related posts much more regularly. Disneyland Paris holds a very special place in my heart. It was my first holiday ever when I was 5 and I’ve been twice since then. I’m dying to go back which I have faith that I will do soon but for now, I’m talking about my favourite Disneyland Paris attractions!

* Apologies for the slightly dreadful quality images in this post. These were all taken on an old camera back in 2011.

Main Street U.S.A

Obviously one of the very first things you encounter in the park, I absolutely love Main Street! Despite everything being awfully expensive (let’s not fib, it is), I bloody love strolling around the shops and looking at the array of Disney merch on sale! It’s such a beautiful and photo-worthy street to shop, eat and watch the parade from!

Peter Pan’s Flight

Although not especially thrilling, Peter Pan’s Flight is probably my joint favourite ride (coming to my other favourite later). Whilst I don’t have a photo of any of it, for those that love Peter Pan, it’s a lovely ride which takes you literally out the window and through the story. My last 2 visits, I’ve made it my first and last ride when arriving and leaving!

Big Thunder Mountain

Big Thunder Mountain is my second joint favourite ride in Disneyland Paris. I’ve always been a bit wary of roller coasters; I’m the kinda person that’ll cry and cry until I go on it and then I wanna go on it again and again. But BTM was always a ride I immensely enjoyed! I love the theme and going underground. It’s just really fun.

It’s a Small World

I don’t really know why I love It’s a Small World so much but I think it’s because it reminds me of my parents and being a kid. Apparently when I was younger, I didn’t know the words to the song so I used to make them up and it was hilarious. It’s just a lovely, slow ride and the song actually has some nice lyrics!

Crush’s Coaster

Crush’s Coaster is probably the most fun ride I’d say, it’s a shame the queue is always soooo long for this one! Fortunately, we were in the queue when it broke down so got a free fast pass for later in the day because we were waiting so long, woohoo! If you love Finding Nemo and hurtling through the dark then this is one for you!

If you’ve been to Disneyland Paris, I’d love to hear what your favourite attractions and rides are! Any the same as mine? 



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  6. Peter Pan’s Flight is ~ so damn magical ~ I came off it in very happy tears! Walking down Mainstreet USA always gets me a bit emotional too! Xx


    1. Yep I always cry on Peter Pan’s flight too haha!

      1. I’m so glad it’s not just me!😂

  7. I love Phantom Manor and Big Thunder Mountain ❤️ I really need to finally try Crush’s Coaster because BTM doesn’t scare me but for some reason the thought of Crush does!

    1. Crush isn’t scary at all, it’s so much funB

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  9. Love the photos! I just moved to Paris recently and have been itching to go visit Disneyland. I’m slightly put off at the idea of all the crowds, but I feel like everyone has to go to Disneyland at least once in their lifetime – right?

    1. Definitely! If you don’t like crowds then don’t go during weekends and definitely don’t go during school holidays xxx

  10. It’s so hard but…

    Peter pans flight (especially since the refurb)

    Dumbo (can’t beat a classic)

    Ratatouille (though it needs some tlc)

    Buzz lightyear lazer blast (because toystory)

    And star tours

    Those are my top faves but tbf I enjoy most of the rides! Hope you get to go back soon!

    Hoodsie xx

    1. Star Tours made me feel incredibly sick. Buzz’s Lazer Blast is fun though x

  11. tylerbelle says:

    I’ve never been before but dream of taking my kids one day 😊 I’ll have to visit these attractions when the day comes!

    1. You totally should! Kids would love it!

  12. I’ve only ever been to Disneyland Paris once, I was 13 but I absolutely loved it and I’m dying to go back again one day! I loved Big Thunder Mountain and Crush’s Coaster too, they were two of my favourites! I also loved the Buzz Lightyear Laser Quest one, so much fun! xo
    Sian | http://www.siankathrine.co.uk

    1. Oh yeah I remember the laser quest! Our ride got stuck and we were sitting there for a good 15 mins haha!

  13. It’s a Small World was my favourite place as a kid. Disney Land seems so magical. I need to go back there one day!

    1. Yeah I loved it as a kid too!

  14. alohalola says:

    Gosh it’s been ages since I have been to Disneyland Paris, think I was about ten! But this post brings back some fond memories! Thunder Mountain sticks out in my memory most x x x

    1. Thunder Mountain is amazing!

  15. I would absolutely love to visit Disneyland some day! Peter Pan’s flight sounds so exciting! Xx

    1. It is if you love Peter Pan! It’s such a cute ride xxx

  16. Kirstie Wheeler says:

    It’s a Small World is such a let down compared to Florida – but maybe I am just holding it to higher expectations!

    However, I do love DLP’s Big Thunder Railroad a lot more than WDW.

    I think my favourite DLP attraction will always be Space Mountain!

    1. I can’t compare to any of the Florida ones unfortunately!

  17. Loved reading this post, I haven’t been to Paris since I was tiny but I love Walt Disney world and these are some of my favourites their too, can’t beat Peter pans flight- such a nostalgic ride 🙂 Loved reading through your favourites!

    Kate | http://www.katelovesx.co.uk/

    1. It’s so nostalgic isn’t it?! Makes me tear up every time! xxx

  18. Unfortunately, I’ve ne been to Disney. I live in hope ha.

    1. Hopefully one day! xxx

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