AD – This stay was a press visit and all food mentioned in this post was gifted but all thoughts are my own

If you read last week’s review on the accommodation at The Ferry House Inn, you’ll know how much Carl and I loved it. But what REALLY made me fall head over heels for this place… was the food. I love my food anyway. I have a lot of opinions when it comes to food but I can hands down say that the food from The Ferry House Inn was next level.

And I think a huge part of that is because they pride themselves so heavily on their food. Before even knowing anything about their food ethos, you can tell the quality of every meal that comes out of the kitchen is exceedingly high. Everything is so lovingly made and presented. You can read more about their food and ethos here.

All meat and game served is from the family farm just down the road from The Ferry House Inn and all the produce is grown right here in the gardens of the inn itself. And if that wasn’t enough, they also serve home grown gin. So you’re never in any doubt that each and every meal that’s served here is served with love and pride. I can’t wait to show you the beautiful meals we had here.

Warning: This post will make you hungry. Read on at your own risk.

Dinner, Monday evening

Our food adventures here started on the Monday night, where we were offered food and drinks in exchange for this review. The restaurant / bar area was, as I said in the previous review, spotless. It was comfy and homey, with fires going and a really “saloon” feel to the place. For starters, I had the Tabbloueh. Did I know what that was? No. But it had hummus in it, so it sounded good! Carl went for the Blue Cheese Honeycomb.

The dishes were small but a good size for a starter. As I didn’t want to fill up too much before my main, especially as they brought out freshly made bread and oil for us to nibble on whilst we waited as well. Carl really enjoyed his dish and it’s something he wouldn’t usually have gone for really too. The Tabbloueh I had was delicious. The stand out part for me was the Vegan cheese. I’ve never had Vegan cheese before but someone get me a CRATE OF THE STUFF.

Onto mains, Carl and I both had the 8oz Fillet Steaks. I had mine with garlic butter and Carl had his with peppercorn sauce. All steaks come with chips and roasted vegetables. This is where everything was a game changer for me because I don’t usually eat steak. Heck, I don’t even usually enjoy steak. But my eyes rolled back in my head with every bite of this one.

The garlic butter was absolutely delicious and although Carl liked the peppercorn sauce, he also thought the garlic butter was something else. The steaks didn’t have an ounce of fat on them. They were PERFECTLY cooked (medium). The chips were like, proper chips, you get me? And the roasted veggies were a really nice alternative to have with steak and chips too. They were seasoned beautifully.  For dessert, I ordered the chocolate brownie (typical) and Carl got the Sticky Toffee Pudding.

Although I couldn’t get a photo of Carl’s dish as it was too dark, he really enjoyed his. He basically inhaled it. My chocolate brownie was VERY CHOCOLATELY. Which might sound like an odd thing to say but it was so rich. But it was beautiful and the ice cream it was paired with was sensational too. I couldn’t quite finish it though as I was close to bursting.

As for drinks, Carl ordered cider both nights and I decided to test their mocktail menu. Which I was so happy to see as I don’t drink alcohol so it was nice to have a small choice of funky cocktail like drinks too. The one pictured below was the Passion Fruit Fizz (delish!).

Breakfast, Tuesday morning

I was really excited to try their breakfast menu. Breakfast is usually my favourite meal of the day! When staying at The Ferry House Inn in a guest room, breakfast is included with the room. As well as a menu where you can choose your main breakfast dish, we also had a choice of fruit juices, fruit, granola etc from their small buffet table too. Which was good for nibbling when you’re particularly hungry!

We were brought out two big pots of tea whilst we waited for our breakfasts. There’s a good choice of different breakfasts from a Kentish fry-up, a vegetarian version, pancakes, oats and eggs. On the first morning, we both sampled one of their Kentish breakfasts which came with a sausage, a slice of bacon, beans, eggs (cooked how you like them), mushroom a potato rosti and tomato.

The breakfast was a really good size. It certainly wasn’t piled high with food but the amount they give you really filled me up anyway. Everything was delicious but by this point, that was kind of expected. The scrambled eggs were literally the nicest eggs I’ve ever had in my life and the potato rosti was lovely too.

Dinner, Tuesday evening

Not much to say for this one as we both ordered the steak again. I was adamant that I was going to try something different both nights but when it came down to it, I really couldn’t resist the steak with garlic butter again. Carl ordered his with garlic butter this time too. We also had a flat bread each. I tried the Apple Fresher mocktail on this evening and it was even nicer than the first one I had.

Breakfast, Wednesday morning

Our final meal *wipes tear*. For our last breakfast we actually DID both try something different. We were also given two little freshly made croissants to nibble while we waited along with the obligatory pot of tea. On this occasion, Carl had the Eggs Royale and I decided to try, with a little tempting from someone who worked there, the pancakes with honey AND bacon. A proper American breakfast.

Carl’s eggs were absolutely delicious. The white fish that came with it was gorgeous (I made have had a nibble) and he thoroughly enjoyed it too. I was a little apprehensive about having pancakes with honey and bacon but it was actually… really good. A little sickly. But good. Honey and bacon and pancakes go surprisingly well together. Who’d have thought?

Neither of us have a single fault with the food. The food is what made The Ferry House Inn so special, in my opinion and I would honestly, hand on heart, like to go back for the food alone. It’s well worth the hour drive. I hope this post didn’t make you too hungry! What here would you like to try?


  1. Oh man the food looks incredible! I am practically drooling over those steaks, and the garlic butter sounds amazing. I’m also loving the look of the breakfasts – the potato rosti sounds right up my street and Blair loves eggs Royale so he’d be delighted! Beautiful photos Jenny. Looks like you had a gorgeous stay!

  2. The food looks delicious! Can’t go wrong with a bit of garlic butter! I’ll have to bookmark this place xx

  3. Jenny, this all looks INCREDIBLE. Your photos are beautiful too. I love the look of the breakfast bar/ cereal bit. All of the little touches are so aesthetically pleasing. Glad you both enjoyed it! x


  4. Oh wow! All that food looks scrumptious! I know exactly what you mean about bacon and honey. You wouldn’t think they’d pair well together but it’s a surprisingly good combination!

  5. Wow, what an amazing selection of food you had! Everything looks super delicious! Yum, garlic butter and steak sounds like a winning combo, it definitely sounds good if you if you ordered it twice in a row 🙂 That chocolate brownie sounds heavenly too. I also recently tried pancakes with honey and bacon for the first time and it really is spot on, a nice sweet breakfast treat. Thanks for sharing your review Jenny, this looks like THE place to go for food! <3 xxx

    Bexa |

  6. This post is making me hungry! The food looks so good, I can see why you enjoyed it so much! 🙂

    Hope that your week is going okay with everything happening right now!

  7. What deliciousness! The portions looked so pretty and filling, since good food is a meal all by itself.
    I love the little pots of jam at breakfast, and how different each meal was from the next. I could not tell you what my favorite dish is since I would eat it all.

  8. Oh my GOSH my mouth is watering. You had me at home-grown food (and the fact there’s a farm nearby!) where they get all of their produce. And that steak???? Amazing. I would also have mine with butter to be honest! This might sound silly but I love the look of that roasted tomato…

  9. The food looks amazing! It definitely must of been a great stay. Great accommodation and great food. I’m such a steak lover and that looked so so good.

    Ashlee |

  10. Ohhh Jenny, this all looks so delicious. It’s cool they have a Mocktail menu, I do drink but I quite often like to see how innovative places get with alcohol-free. Those pancakes look absolutley delicious, I can never decide what to go for between eggs royale and pancakes… I’d still be totally torn! The food looks delicious and your photography is beautiful as always!

  11. Oh my gosh Jenny your photography is amazing! The dinner looks amazing, and it definitely has me wondering what vegan cheese they used. The breakfasts look amazing especially the eggs! I would have been so gutted to leave if I was you x

  12. Oh my, you had me a “home grown gin”, haha. Seriously, the food looks absolutely amazing, I’m a sucker for a well-cooked fillet steak, I don’t think you can beat it. But I’d be hard pressed to choose from this menu, TBH, it all looks and sounds delicious, your photos are mouthwatering. I only wish I lived closer to Kent now! xx

    Lisa |

    1. Ahhhh I’d been looking forward to this post! All of it looks amazing (glad I’m not the only one who didn’t know what tabbouleh was) and that’s great that they use local companies for their meals.

  13. Love the look of this place and the food. I’m starving now (you were correct)! I’m glad you had a lovely time and were able to attend amidst this current chaos!

  14. I am DYING over these food photos. Food is life to me, and these dishes look just incredible. That steak! That chocolate brownie (no brownie is ever too chocolately to my taste). And to top it off, the eggs benedict…booking a trip to the Ferry House Inn right now (once we get past this social isolation business)!

    1. Locally sourced meat is always top of my list when looking for restaurants! The shots are amazing and I’m now starving! x

  15. Omg 😍 you were right about this post making you hungry! The steak looked so good and I’d have definitely gone with the garlic sauce too. To be honest everything looked yummy 😂 glad you had a lovely time x

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