ad | There are many different types of holidays to choose from when it comes to your yearly vacations. Arguably, there can sometimes be too many options to choose from that leaves you feeling overwhelmed. That’s definitely been the case for me before.

It’s important to take holidays that you’re going to enjoy. Holidays aren’t cheap and we’re always looking to save money on our holidays, so make sure you’re not spending money on something you’re not going to enjoy.

There’s no point going on a holiday to hike if you hate hiking or an activities holiday if you’re not an adrenaline junkie!

One type of holiday that you may not have considered as a viable option, is a motorhome holiday. When I say motorhome holiday, you might picture a caravan park – which can definitely be a fun type of holiday – but there’s SO much more to a motorhome than you might have initially thought.

So, to kick things off in this post, here are 6 reasons why you should choose a motorhome holiday, before we get onto a fantastic company that offer camper sharing. Onto that in a minute!

6 Reasons To Choose a Motorhome Holiday:

It allows you more freedom

Particularly after the effects of the pandemic, a lot of people are craving more freedom and ability to see more of the UK – or whatever country they’re from. A motorhome is a great chance for you to do this.

It allows you to see more of the great outdoors with greater comfort

If, like me, you’re not that into camping but you love the great outdoors, then a campervan holiday is the perfect compromise! You can thoroughly enjoy more of the great outdoors, with the ability to stop off at many beautiful natural locations but with the comfort of a kitchen, toilet and a bed, yay!

It allows you to be autonomous on your holiday

I love this benefit of campervan holidays because it allows you to have so much autonomy and freedom over where you go and what you do. There’s no hotel reservations to consider or flights to catch or reservations to miss. You have TOTAL freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want!

It’s a great option for families

Campervan holidays are great options for families. It allows you to spend more quality time together and explore many different places together as well.

It’s available for different budgets

There are different types of motorhomes you can consider to your holiday, which is beneficial because everyone has a different budget. If you want a more authentic camper experience, you might want to consider going for something smaller and more affordable. But if you want to splash out, there are options for that too.

You can choose quieter areas

Like I said above, your holiday allows you complete freedom and you can choose where you want to go. If you want to get away from the crowds and noise, there are more isolated areas you can park up. Or if you want to be more social, there are areas where you’ll be able to socialise with other campers!

Now onto camper sharing. What exactly IS camper sharing? I wouldn’t be surprised if you hadn’t heard of it before. I certainly hadn’t before doing the research for this post and discovering Yescapa.

Before we get onto the benefits of camper sharing as a holiday option, let’s look at Yescapa.

Who are Yescapa?

Yescapa are a camper-sharing platform that allows you to hire a motorhome.

They serves as an intermediary for the owner of a motorhome and the renter. Camper sharing is a similar concept to Airbnb but instead of static properties, motorhomes (campervans and caravans also come under this umbrella).

Owners of these types of vehicles can rent them out to those who want to use them for holidays and Yescapa is the middle man that provides insurance for both parties involved.

Yescapa has around 12,500 vehicles on their platform available for renting, everywhere from Germany, Austria, UK, Spain, France, Italy and more.

Yescapa provides both parties with a comprehensive insurance cover: they are tailor-made with our insurance partners, our self drive hire policies cover the owner’s vehicle and its occupants for every hire in the UK or abroad, including 24-hour breakdown cover.

In addition, Yescapa’s nine-language team accompanies users in the event of damage claims and manages the process from A to Z.

Why else should you choose camper sharing and a valid holiday option?

Camper sharing is a really great option for many reasons, whether you’re the owner of a motorhome or someone who wants to explore campervan holidays themselves.

If you’re an owner, it can provide you extra income

A motorhome can sit unused for most of the year. But just because you don’t want to use it, doesn’t mean someone else doesn’t want to!

In today’s world and cost of living crisis, it’s always beneficial to find extra ways to earn some income and renting out your motorhome with Yescapa can be an excellent way to do that.

You can holiday in your dream vehicle without having to buy it

Some people may dream of owning a motorhome but let’s be honest, most of us won’t be able to afford it unfortunately. Camper sharing is a fantastic way to allow you to live your dream of holidays in a motorhome without buying your own if you can’t afford it.

It can be a more sustainable option

Sustainable travel is really important these days, with plenty of people opting to cut down on flights and cruises and choosing to travel by more sustainable means. You’re sharing resources with someone else which is definitely a benefit!

Renting a vehicle with Yescapa is super simple!

Yescapa is free to sign up for and once you do, you can send a reservation request to the owner of the vehicle you want to rent. Once it’s been accepted, you can pay via Yescapa’s secure platform and will be sent the contract and insurance confirmation.

You will then contact the owner to arrange your holiday and handover date and when the handover date comes around, the owner will likely show you around the vehicle, then hand over the keys!

Then it’s up to you to enjoy your amazing camper sharing holiday and enjoy the freedom that motorhome holidays have to offer. For more information, head to the Yescapa website or download their app!

Have you ever done a motorhome holiday? Did you enjoy it? Would you consider camper sharing?


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