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Places I want to visit before I’m 30 *

I recently turned 26 and I freaked out about it a little bit (if you’d like to read the entire rambly freak-out post, please feel free). I hate getting older, I hate the reminders of all the things I have yet to achieve and all the things I wish I’d already done but either never got around too or was too chicken shit to actually do them. In general, my birthday and the period around my birthday is a time of reflection for me – but it never normally ends with wonderful revelations, just with me crying into a slice of birthday cake. But an opportunity arose shortly after which after a bit of brainstorming, gave me the idea of this post. 

30 isn’t too far away but although 4 years sounds like a long time, I know (unfortunately) it’ll fly by. I’m not a huge travel fanatic but there are certainly some places on my radar that stick out to me and I know I’d love to visit – both near and far. 4 years is a realistic goal, I think. So here are some places I want to visit before I’m 30!

Bergen, Norway

Scandinavia has been high on my ‘want to visit’ list for a long time; I’ve developed a real affinity with the countries, the languages and the lifestyles. But there’s a few reasons why Bergen in particular has jumped up to the top of my list. Firstly, Paul Hollywood went there during an episode of City Bakes and it looks fantastic. Secondly, I’ve been pinning a lot of photos of Bergen quite frankly, it looks magical. Thirdly, I recently did a DNA test and turns out, most of my ancestors were from Norway so that;s made me really want to visit!

Disneyland Paris (again)

I’ve been to Disneyland Paris 3 times and it’s just not enough. It’ll never be enough. Sometime in the next few years, I need to get myself back to the happiest place on Earth and the place that I feel so at home. Which is a real big deal for me because due to my anxiety, going anywhere makes me an anxious mess. If I ever have kids, of course I’m going to want to take them to Disneyland but I’m aiming to go at least once more as an adult without kids before then.


I’d love to go to Amsterdam for a bunch of reasons (none of them what you think). It looks beautiful, there’s no question about it and Dutch people are lovely (also my favourite Formula 1 driver is Dutch and he has the biggest fan base so chances are, I’ll have something to talk to the locals about!) Also, you can get straight there by Eurostar from London, which is a bonus because I’m not the best flyer but I love the Eurostar. Win win.

Center Parcs

Bit closer to home but I’ve never been to Center Parcs and damn it, I wanna go. When I was in school, I had a friend who would go every year and I never knew what Center Parcs was and what on Earth was she doing there for an entire week every single year? It sounded like some magical place that you could only get to if you had a password or something! But I like chilled staycations, in the forest and away from the hustle and bustle so I know I’d love Center Parcs.

I didn’t want to push my luck so I’m going to stick to just these four, to make it more achievable. And let’s be honest, holidays are expensive and I’m not fortunate enough to be sent on lavish press trips just yet! Do you have any travel goals?

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  1. missbeautysaver says:

    This is a great list!

    I can tell you’ve put a lot of thought into it and are following your heart by deciding where you’d like to visit in the next four years, while honoring your own reasons.

    I do think it’s realistic and hopefully less anxiety inducing than bigger and more unrealistic goals.

    I would say look into to airbnb for potential accommodation and consider Uber for getting around smaller distances. Obviously not appropriate for everywhere on your list but may be a good idea in Amsterdam, for example. Should make things a little bit more affordable too.

    Oh, and Yes! Isn’t Eurostar just absolutely brilliant?!

    Lovely post Jenny!

    Much love, Hanna x


    1. An Air BnB for Amsterdam would be great! I’d definitely look into that 🙂

  2. Sarah Sullivan says:

    centre parks is one of those places id love to go, but its always so expensive when the children are off school! perhaps when theyve all flown the nest i can go haha

    1. Luckily I have no kids! I’d go during term time 😌

  3. I hope your manage to get them checked off your list in the next four years.
    Disneyland is on mine again too. You can never go too many times.

    1. Thank you me too! Totally agree!

  4. I’ve been to Amsterdam and I think you’d love it. For a city, even with the rowdy reputation, it was surprisingly chilled out (maybe due to the fact I went in September, but still!). I absolutely loved it there, so beautiful – I’m sure you’ll get the chance to visit! I’d also love to hit up Norway, my husband goes there a lot for work and his cousins are Norwegian, so why he’s never taken me I’ll never know! So rude!
    Beth x

    1. How rude! That’s amazing that he has Norwegian family! I wouldn’t go to Amsterdam during a “peak time” anyway!

  5. missviclb says:

    Top of my list are Malta and Venice! I’d also love to visit Disneyland. I’m such a UK holiday person but I hope eventually I’ll be able to afford a trip abroad. Amsterdam sounds so good too.

    1. Disneyland is so magical!

  6. Norway is amazing! I took the 7-hour train from Oslo to Bergen when I was in Norway and the views were truly beyond reality!
    Imogen’s Typewriter. <3

  7. It looks AMAZING! Apparently there’s a pretty huge one in Germany too where brother in law lives so I think it’s going to have to be done when we finally get to visit them whether anyone else wants to or not (as in I’ll forgo bills etc to get there and book in secret so nobody can say no!)

  8. Have been to Disney three times and have to get there with the kids really soon (I’ve said this on this blog before, sorry!) Also Vegas, but am going there with college friends for our fortieth in two years time so tick in advance! Also have been to Australia but really want the kids to see the majesty that is Sydney (sorry I’m being all boring and talking about kiddies all the time but I really want them to see it all!!) Also now Legoland (see previous apology;)) Great post as ever and love your places. Was in Amsterdam two years ago, is really cool!

    1. I really want to go to Legoland!!

  9. this is such an amazing list!! I hope you make to them all!

    1. Thank you! 🙂

  10. Lovely post gal, it’s so important to have travel dreams even if travelling can be a trigger, because it also can be a lot of fun. I’ve only visited Amsterdam out of the places on this list, and I absolutely love the city. The canals are beautiful, the people friendly and it has a lot of history and culture behind it. I’ve visited Paris twice but never Disneyland, it’s definitely on my list.

    Megan //

    1. Amsterdam sounds absolutely perfect! 😍

  11. Disneyland Paris is on my list too! Unfortunately I think the rest of my places are too “coupley” for a single girl to go 🙄😂

    1. Haha yeah maybe! Although I’m sure you could have a fun girls holiday to Amsterdam 😉

  12. Been to Bergen and Amsterdam and I would probably rather visit the latter a second time just because there’s more to do there. Only had a few days there and took full advantage of one of those city cards that give you lots of free/reduced access/travel plus some freebies too (sweets and a drink in a pub!) Could easily use the card on a second trip of a few days and still not cover everything you can do with it. Bergen might have been a little more disappointing simply because the weather wasn’t great when we visited but Norway – other than being horribly expensive – is a gorgeous country. If you get to both or either you won’t be disappointed with what you find.

    1. I love cold weather so the weather wouldn’t bother me at all even if it was raining.

  13. Centre Parcs is amazing, I used to go there a lot as a child. I’d love to go back to Disneyland Paris too!

    Serena /

    1. Ah I wanna go so bad it looks so chill!

  14. Lorelie Joy says:

    I really want to go to Italy and just around Europe basically. I better start saving now though knowing how expensive the trip will be!

    p.s I’ve literally just discovered your blog and I’m in loveeee!

    1. Awh thank you! Hope you make it to Italy 🙂

  15. I’d love to visit all of these places too! Disneyland is the dream, it just looks absolutely magical. I’ve also heard great things about Amsterdam too! I hope you get to visit all of these one day xx

    Tiffany x

    1. Thank you – I hope you get to Disneyland too 🙂

  16. It was really nice to see that these aren’t the typical places you see on these lists all the time! I used to go to Center Parcs a lot as a kid, haven’t been in years though. I don’t have any specific destinations I’d like to visit by a certain age but I definitely have (huge) travel bucket list x


    1. My blog turns one in two days and apparently, I still can’t spell my own domain right….

    2. Thank you! I’m definitely not one for popular tourist places!

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