My definition of a staycation is a holiday in which you take in your home country. I’m guessing that’s most people’s definition but I just want to clarify for anyone reading this thinking, “huh?”. I am a huge lover of the staycation. As much as I hate where I live, I adore the United Kingdom as a whole and I think us U.K folk can certainly sometimes forget how beautiful our country is. I’ve posted about a few of my own staycations like when I went to Snowdonia in Wales, The Lake District, boating on the Norfolk Broads and my most recent staycation, Shropshire on the Severn Valley Railway (post coming up soon about that one!). My boyfriend’s family also live in the countryside in Lincolnshire, a good 2 and a half hours drive from us down in Essex so I always highly look forward to staying with them because again, that feels like a mini staycation to me!

So we’ve established that I love a staycation and I would always encourage people who live in the U.K to explore it more. We think about holidays and the far off distant shores of exotic countries a 5 hour plane ride from here but you can find just a much beauty right here at home! So on that note, here are my tips on preparing for a staycation!

Pack sensibly

I’m one for just packing everything I own but I know that’s not the right way to go about packing for a staycation. Remember, the weather in the UK can be dramatic and unpredictable. Think about where you’re going and pack for that place. For example, when I go on boating holidays on the Norfolk Broads the only thing I pack is leggings and comfy T-Shirts because that’s all I’m going to need.

Be clear on travel

Whichever way you’re getting to your staycation destination, make sure you’re clear on your travel times and routes before you go. Print off tickets in advance, check the traffic and where service stations are, check for any train route closures – everything to make your journey simpler and smoother so you don’t get abandoned somewhere! Which brings me on to my next point…

Look after your car

Lots of staycations are taken by car (majority of mine are) so if you’re driving a long distance to get to your destination, it’s so incredibly important to make sure your car is up to the journey before you leave. It’s vital to make sure your car has had a proper MOT and a service – can provide these for you and extra information on the MOT procedure – but also simple things like your tyres being at the right pressure and water for your windscreen wipers.


Although we assume a staycation will be a piece of cake because, it’s only the U.K right? it’s handy to research where you’re going and the surrounding areas, pubs, restaurants and things to do. There’s so much to see, you want to make sure you can fit it all in!

Budget, budget, budget

Staycations can be quite expensive. Not the holiday itself but all the “extra” stuff: food, petrol, gifts, tickets to various things. Which is another reason why its great to research everything before you go so you can get a sense of how much you’re going to spend. I would also take full advantage of the self-catering facilities most holiday cottages have and take as much Tesco Value items as possible! You’re going to be having too much fun to worry about gourmet meals every single day!

Do you have any of your own tips for a staycation? Where are your top staycation destinations and recommendations? Let me know!

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  1. […] on occasion, sometimes we don’t dare venture out on holiday, but instead, prefer to opt for a staycation, because it’s easier on the purse […]

  2. I think you mentioned all my favourite staycations in the beginning although I do love Loch Lomond too in Scotland and pretty much anywhere in Devon/ Cornwall- we do have one of the best coasts and people always forget about it.

    Jen xx

  3. Me and my boyfriend have made a pact to do a few staycations next year and i’m so looking forward to it! Can’t beat the UK X

  4. I love staycations! It means I can have a couple of city breaks a year! This year, I’ve been to Newcastle, Nottingham and Birmingham. I always have a photo of how to get from the train station to my hotel on my phone! Definitely check the weather before you go. I try to travel in the heaviest items (boots, coat) so I have more room in my bag/rucksack! I love going to try local restaurants/cafes instead of the chain places. Like you say, always budget!

    Sian x

  5. I loves reading this, I love travelling abroad but travelling within the UK and going on staycations is definitely something I need to do more of. Xx

  6. I love a staycation too! We’re planning one for February time for Valentine’s/our anniversary so will definitely be putting some of your tips to use – especially packing sensibly! xx

  7. I thoroughly enjoy staycations, there are aonmany fantatsic places in the UK that I haven’t explored and a staycation is a great excuse to experience them all! Later on in November I’m off to York for a short trip and I can’t wait, and my boyfriend and I are off to Sheffield soon too for a food festival! Your travel advice is excellent – packing light is something I still need to master! Keeping your car in tip top condition is very important advice too!

    Abbey ❤️

  8. I don’t have any other tips as I pack everything, leave the booking and travelling to James… however, I absolutely LOVE holidaying in the UK. Much prefer having a drive and going to a holiday camp or something xxxxxxxx

  9. These are some great tips for a staycation, especially looking after your car and packing sensibly. Is there anywhere you’d like to go in England? I’d love to see a post about it! X

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

  10. I’ve not been in any sort of holiday for ages, but I so want to travel up and explore Scotland some more, I’ve been once and it was so beautiful I just didn’t want to leave!

  11. I’ve never considered a staycation, although next year we are planning on staying in a few locations nearby so I’ll consider these, especially budget, it’s always the food and drink that are expensive, sometimes I find it would have been cheaper to go abroad!

    Hannah @ The Northern Writes |

  12. Staycations in the UK are totally underrated because there are so many beautiful places around this country – even exploring my own town (Brighton) never gets old because new things seem to pop up every day 🙂 loved these tips Jenny! xo

  13. Although I adore going to Turkey (guaranteed sun 🌞) I love Cornwall and Scotland too. So I guess I’m a staycation fan as well. Love all your tips but I would also add one more: make sure the iPad is charged up for the children before you set off on a long car journey! X

    Lisa |

  14. Excellent post! I love a good staycation. I always find it really rewarding to do something I’ve always overlooked. Like a popular tourist place in my own city. Or a local museum. My favourite was when I did the historical walking trail in my own city. It was so much fun and I’ve lived here for nearly 20 years and had no idea of the history!

  15. Excellent tips Jenny, all very useful! Staycations are the best, I often feel a bit spoilt for choice cause Scotland has so many beautiful places to visit… It’s so nice to be able to go exploring near where you live as well 🙂
    Beth x

    1. You’re so lucky! I’m near London so not maybe nice nature type places around here to explore so we usually have to drive for quite a while to reach our staycation destinations xxx

  16. You are sooooooo right! UK offers such a diversity that everyone will find something suitable, Busy, historical and touristic cities or less known beautiful, wild spaces with amazing views. I think Lake District is sooooooooooooooooo stunning!

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