Preparing for a Staycation

My definition of a staycation is a holiday in which you take in your home country. I’m guessing that’s most people’s definition but I just want to clarify for anyone reading this thinking, “huh?”. I am a huge lover of the staycation. As much as I hate where I live, I adore the United Kingdom as a whole and I think us U.K folk can certainly sometimes forget how beautiful our country is. I’ve posted about a few of my own staycations like when I went to Snowdonia in Wales, The Lake District, boating on the Norfolk Broads and my most recent staycation, Shropshire on the Severn Valley Railway (post coming up soon about that one!). My boyfriend’s family also live in the countryside in Lincolnshire, a good 2 and a half hours drive from us down in Essex so I always highly look forward to staying with them because again, that feels like a mini staycation to me!

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My Weekend Away in Snowdonia, Wales

I don’t usually steer off course this much and do travel posts but I thought it might make a nice change from talking about books 24/7! In March my boyfriend Conor and I went away to Wales for a long weekend, neither of us had been before and we stayed in a beautiful little cottage in the middle of the mountains in Snowdonia. We visited a few different places and I took tons of photos which I’d love to share with you all. After a extremely long 5 hour drive, a couple of stops and a few wrong turns we finally made it to our cottage and I was stunned by the view right outside our front door.

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