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If you follow me on Twitter you’ll be aware that my boyfriend and I have just come back from our holiday in Cumbria. 40 minutes away from the heart of the lakes, our cottage had a view to die for and a fantastic time was had by the both of us. Of course, I took tons of photos of the places we visited and the stunning scenery we saw on our travels which I’ve been dying to write about and share with you are so here’s what we got up to in Bowness-on-Solway in Cumbria.

The Cottage


After a long and tedious 4 and a half hour drive we finally arrived at Solway Cottage in the small village of Bowness-on-Solway. We booked through Sykes Cottages – and I was so impressed with everything; how easy they made the whole process but most of all how utterly beautiful the cottage & location was. I couldn’t get enough of the stunning view. It was also a pleasant surprise to be welcomed with complimentary wine and chocolate from the owners!

Days Out

There is just so much to do in the Lake District I would have been lost without the hundreds of leaflets that were left by the owners to help us choose what to do and where to go during our holiday. On Saturday, we headed out to the Lake District Wildlife Park – not quite a zoo but plenty of animals in fantastic sized enclosures. I adore animals and zoo’s so this was a must for me!

Our next point of call was a boat ride around one of the smaller lakes; Derwentwater with the Keswick Launch company. The cruise starts from the Keswick Boat Landings and can stop at 7 different points around the lake. We decided to do the entire 50 minute trip around the lake and saw the beautiful sites from different points of view. The day we went it happened to be gale force winds so the water was extremely choppy and we got a little a lot drenched! But this only made the experience more fun!


The next day consisted of a lot of driving; around lakes, through quaint little towns and up mountain roads to see more of the amazing scenery. We also managed to fit in a BBQ on our balcony, despite the cold and wind!

On Tuesday, we made our way to The Gincase; a farm park with a tea room and shop full of gorgeous handmade gifts and home wear. The animals were great, I saw the biggest horse I have ever seen in my life and was allowed to feed most of the animals in the park. Although the baby goats stole my heart completely. The shop was beautiful too, so much gorgeous stuff in brilliant displays.


Our final full day we made the long drive into Ambleside and Lake Windermere. Despite the drive, the day was gorgeous, the sun was out (finally!) and we had lunch sitting along the pier looking out on the boats. We had a wander around, got an ice cream and went into one of the souvenir shops which was crammed with gorgeous nick-nacks and the guy behind the counter was playing a ukulele!



Whilst we were already out, we drove to Haverthwaite Train Station and although we didn’t do a train ride, we spent a good hour mooching around and had a look in their engine station which was open to the public. I don’t know an awful lot about trains (Ok, I don’t know anything) but I did find it interested seeing these ginormous, old steam engines.



Our last night there and we were met with a gorgeous sunset. I had the most amazing time and in a week we only scratched the surface of what there is to see and do. I’d love to go back and experience more of what this stunning place has to offer.

I hope you enjoyed my post about The Lake District! Have you ever been? If so, what did you think? Where have been some of your best holidays? Let me know, I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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  3. wow! what a gorgeous place, I have heard so much about The Lakes but have never been. I could sit and look at that sunset every night. Fab photos as always Jenny.
    My best holidays have been to the Isle of Wight. I love it there.

    Gill x

    1. Oh I would 100% recommend it, Gill! Thank you very much (:

      I’ve been to the Isle of Wight LOADS when I was a kid, with my parents! From what I can remember they were always fab holidays, would love to go back! xo

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever been to Cumbria but these photos are breathtakingly beautiful! I especially like the one of the eagle. It seems you managed to cram a lot into your holiday! I’ve been reading everyone else’s comments and when I get my new dog this might be on our list of places to explore!

    Ffion x

    1. Thank you so much, Ffion! I’m so glad you like them and I’m particularly proud of the eagle photo! It was a right poser haha. We did cram a whole lot in, I was exhausted by the end of it. Definitely somewhere worth visiting and like I mentioned, it’s a WONDERFUL place for dogs, they are literally everywhere haha! xo

  5. Aw this is such a lovely post – full of so much fun and stuff right up my street.
    We were actually meant to be going to either a cottage near the Lakes or back to Kielder in July but left it too late to book…boo!
    Think it might have to be a must next year though as there is so much to see and do and of course Baker can go with us! (Meaning we can all go on holiday and not leave someone behind to dog sit lol)

    Really enjoyed this, glad you had a good time.


    1. Thank you so much lovely! It really was so much fun. That’s such a shame, but fingers crossed you can go next year. It is an AMAZING place for dogs, seriously, the amount of dogs we met during the week was ridiculous haha. So much room to run around, he’ll love it! xx

  6. I remember seeing your tweets about this! Oh my goodness, this sounds like it was an amazing trip and your pictures are beautiful. I have never been, because I love in Australia, but what a wonderful trip this must have been! Loved this post, travel posts I find are so interesting!

    1. Thank you so much lovely! We took SO many pictures haha! I love travel posts too, they’re definitely some of my favourite to read and write! I love reading about other people’s holidays and travel experiences. I bet yours would be very interesting, living in Australia!

      1. Maybe I’ll post some on my own travel posts to give a glimpse of Australia! That is, when I get around to travelling! xoxo

  7. Lovely photos and sounds like you had a great time. I have been to the Lake District twice, and both times it was so beautiful. I’d love to go back again too, so much to see.

      1. I can’t remember the name of the B&B, but actually the owners were very rude and I wouldn’t stay again. We visited the local pubs and restaurants but the best parts were walking around the lakes, feeding the ducks and swans. I also went for a wedding years ago, I can’t remember the name of that hotel either. (Was about 13 years ago). But it was beautiful.

      2. Oh no, that’s rubbish! It can ruin a holiday when the locals aren’t friendly. Luckily, the owner of our cottage greeted us and was absolutely lovely.

  8. A great blog post! We love the lakes as well, and we’ve had some superb breaks there.

    Warning: if you liked it that much, you could end up living there. That’s what happened to P and I when we had a break in Haxby (where we now live).

    There’s ALWAYS something for you in the Lakes!

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