ad collaborative post // The island of Syros is an exceptional destination that really covers all the tastes of its visitors and definitely should be on your bucket list. Fantastic beaches, beautiful medieval architecture, intense nightlife but also sights that are suitable for more private moments, all gathered in the beautiful capital of the Cyclades. An island of contrasts, different elements and uniqueness is definitely the place where hundreds of couples each year choose to spend their holidays.

On such an island, new experiences are created, relationships are strengthened, and the genuine desire for life plays a leading role in every activity. This island’s fantastic accommodation is an important reason to visit this destination immediately, as the majority of these options are very high. If you are wondering which are those villas that stand out on the island of Syros for a couple staying, then continue reading this text:

Plagia Villas

Located in Finikas, Plagia Villas offers stunning sea views in an all-inclusive accommodation: from oversized TVs to private bathrooms and substantial dining rooms to enjoy your meals. Plagia Villas is essentially a complex of buildings, to be precise five villas, which have been built with different architectural styles. Depending on your personal taste, you can choose the villa that best suits your preferences, as well as your partner’s.

All units of these buildings have been constructed to offer you the ultimate experience of your stay on the island. A short walk from the villa you will discover the most famous beaches, the various shops to get the products you need, as well as multiple options for your night out.

Silver Moon

The Silver Moon is located in Kini, just 1.7 km away from Delfini Beach, offering for your entire stay in this place a sunset of indescribable beauty. You can sit for hours staring at the terrace of the accommodation and enjoying the fantastic view that stretches in front of you. These moments are genuinely unique, and you do not have the opportunity to experience them every day, so your trip to the island can be remembered forever.

A completely modern and renovated facility, which includes one of the most beautiful scenery that a bedroom can offer. A fully air-conditioned space offers you privacy and tranquility for the days you will spend with your partner. Syros Airport is only 4 km from the villa, which significantly facilitates your travels.

Good Life Villas

It is an accommodation different from all the others. The farm on which the villa is housed dates back 220 years and has a huge vineyard, garden and olive trees, and a spacious outdoor seating area to enjoy the natural beauty of nature for hours. This villa supports the ecological way of life, allowing you to admire the natural beauty of your location throughout your stay with your partner.

Sit with your partner in the enchanting and peaceful summer afternoons of Syros as the sun rests at sunset, creating the most romantic atmosphere you could experience. Take the free bikes of your accommodation, and go for a romantic ride with your other half, and you will not regret it. Finally, you can pick up organic products from the gardens, making excellent traditional salads that you can enjoy at any time. If this is not an earthly paradise, then what is?

A couple goes on a trip to share a shared experience. This shared experience on the island of Syros is something more. It is a complete travel memory that will accompany you for the rest of your life. And the choice of your accommodation also plays an essential role in the quality of this memory of yours. Among the dozens of fantastic options that you can discover through the company Divine Property, you can find that villa that meets all your needs, in really advantageous offers. Because your dream vacation is a few clicks away

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