AD | I may not have done much traveling in my life yet. And can count the destinations I’ve been to on 2 hands. but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a whopping great big wish list of places I’d love to go. A cruise has always been high on my list. I love the sea and being on the water. And the thought of all that luxury and comfort and well as seeing so many amazing destinations in 1 trip… well, that’s just perfect isn’t it?

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My boyfriend has been on a cruise around the Norwegian Fjords with his family, which I’m incredibly jealous of. He said it was amazing (they even stopped over in Amsterdam – other of my dream destinations!) and since finding out I have a lot of Norwegian ancestry, it’s made me want to do that trip even more!

I love boats (and yes I would go on the “new” Titanic, if I had the means!) and I’ve always been captivated by the sea. That part of a cruise alone, I’d love. But with so many incredible destinations to see along the way, here are 4 of my dream cruise destinations I’d love to go on and hopefully can, with some last minute cruise deals!


Probably not your typical cruise destination, as you’d usually associate cruises with warm climates and tropical destinations. But I love the cold. I love Winter. I love snow. So Alaska would be the very top of my list. Snow capped peaks, icy glaciers and rain forests, it just sounds like pure magic to me. There’s so much nature and wildlife to see along the way! Definitely somewhere I’m tempted to take a last minute cruise deal for!

Norwegian Fjords

I know I’ve just mentioned this but it has to be on my list as well. The Norwegian Fjords are something I’d love to see with my own eyes. I’d love to go during a period to see the Northern Lights but taking a cruise during Summer to see the midnight sun would be spectacular too. I’d also love to learn more about Norwegian culture through off-shore experienced. And definitely try the food!

Western Europe

Although this cruise would contain a lot of popular tourist destinations, I feel like it’d be an amazing way to see them in a different light. And also experience so much of Europe in one go! By going on a cruise like this, I’d be able to tick off my dream of going to the Netherlands and Germany. As well as re-visiting France and Spain and try so many different types of cuisine in one trip!


Japan is high up on my list of places I want to go anyway and I feel like doing a cruise of Japan would be an incredible experience. First of all, sushi is like, one of my favourite foods. And I’m sure the sushi we have in the UK is a far-cry from the sushi in Japan. Japan is such an intriguing destination and culture and I’d love the chance to experience many different sides to it and see Japan’s gorgeous sights – like Mount Fuji.

Have you ever been on a cruise? Where did you go? Which of the destinations I’ve mentioned above would you choose?

Last Minute Cruise Deals

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  1. Oh my I would love to do a cruise round Japan 😍 I have taken a Disney cruise round the Caribbean which was utterly amazing. This August I’m cruising on Royal Caribbean to Venice, Croatia, Montenegro and Santorini – so excited!! x

  2. I’ve never been on a cruise but these are some great suggestions. My sister is going on a Disney cruise for her honeymoon and I’m more than a little jealous, lol. 😅

  3. I still haven’t been on a cruise, I think of the ones you’ve listed I’d pick a cruise around the Norwegian Fjords. It looks so beautiful there.

  4. My dream is to visit Japan multiple times over and over and I would LOVE to do a Cruise as I think it would be so different! I would also love to visit Alaska too, the views would be amazing!! xx

  5. I’d love to visit Norway and Japan but i think I’ll be hopping on a plane. I have a really weird fear of water? I can swim so I don’t really know what that’s all about but (for obvious reasons) the thought of a cruise is quite terrifying X


  6. I was on a cruise years ago, we hit Mexico, the Bahamas and Jamaica. Honestly, Jamaica was my favorite. We got to walk up a waterfall and it was AMAZING! You should add it to your list. If I did another one it would be Alaska or Europe as well. Who knew there was a Japan one?! I might have to add that to my list.

  7. Great post! I was able to go on a cruise when I was 5 years old with my family. It was a Caribbean Carnival Cruise and so, so much fun! I’d love to return as an adult and take advantage of the fruity drinks, and bring my husband along as well. Thanks for sharing your dream destinations, which all sound fascinating.

  8. Girl, I’m the same way in that I can count on one hand where I’ve been :/ It gets a little depressing when I constantly see people I know from school or through blogging travelling to places that have been on my travel wishlist for years. One day though! One day. :’) My grandparents went on loads of cruises when they were retired, and thought they have never really appealed to me, more and more they are becoming something that I think I’d like to do at some point!

  9. Wow I didn’t actually know that you could go on a cruise around Japan, that would definitely be on my list of places to go. I’d go to the obvious places like the Caribbean as the weather is so amazing! X

  10. Totally with you on the fjords! I bet that cruise is incredible. Japan would also be amazing though never thought to do it as a cruise before.
    There’s one I’ve seen that looks quite good which goes all the way from England up to Russia with various stops along the way… bet it’s chilly though!

  11. this is a great post, i have been on one cruise and it was great. i travelled to the Bahamas with my high school marching band and had a blast. the waters were so clear, we got to go snorkeling which was a great experience. although i should have worn more sunscreen because I was absolutely fried and it took about a week for it to stop being excruciating lol! xx

    mich /

      1. Maybe, I need to find a mini cruise for a couple of hours to test it out I think! I can’t imagine much worse than discovering on day 1 of a 14 day cruise that I still got seasick on the big boat XD

  12. I’ve never been on a cruise, but if I did go, I would choose either the Bahamas, or Alaska. I know quite a few people who’ve gone on cruises, and surprisingly, they say that the Alaskan cruise was the best!

  13. The northern lights are hugh up on my vuckbu list. I didn’t even know any of these cruises existed! I’d love to go on the Shiprocked cruise which goes from Miami to the Caribbean while also being a festival on a boat!

    Ash |

  14. I love cruising and have actually been to Japan and Norway doing a cruise. Do your research well though as there are so many cruise lines out there and they are all different and appeal to different consumer groups. Norway is beautiful and the landscape is amazing and I did a cruise from Tokyo that took me to ports that I would have never visited if it was not for the cruise and they were all so interesting. I have a few posts that are dedicated to cruising that might help you plan for your trip. this is about choosing the cabin and which has some tips on embarkation

  15. Like you, I haven’t been to many destinations but I have always liked the idea of a cruise as well! I think it would be so peaceful and an amazing experience. I dont have any in mind but the ones you’ve listed sound great!

    Coralle x

  16. I’ve only ever considered a Disney Cruise before. But it is a great way to see the world. I don’t get seasick but I tend to find that boats make me rock for a long time.

    I hope you get on your cruise sooner rather than later x

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