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What with international travel being brought to a near standstill by the spread of Covid-19, many Brits have found themselves making alternative plans for their holidays. The staycation has exploded in popularity; campervans are flying off the forecourts, and holiday homes are under almost unprecedented demand.

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For many, being a tourist at home is a strange experience. Exactly how should we behave and plan these trips? For the most part, the answers are much the same as they were when we were holidaying abroad.

Look for what’s novel

Just because you’ve lived in a given country for your entire life doesn’t mean that you’ve exhausted everything it has to offer. The UK is crammed full of hidden treasures, most of which go ignored even by the people who live just down the road. Whether it’s a romantic UK city break or more remote rural escape, there is something for everyone. Do your research before visiting a given area, make a list of the places you’d really like to visit, and make time for each of them.

Consider the weather

When composing your itinerary, it’s worth thinking about how the weather is going to behave. Set aside one or two indoor activities for the rainy days – that way, you’ll still be able to get in all of the things that you’d like to see and do.

Dress appropriately

If you’re going on a city break, then you might get by with what you normally wear when you pop down to the shops. Most holidaymakers in the United Kingdom will be headed off the beaten track, however. Doing so makes social distancing easier, for one thing. But for another, the UK has a great deal of natural beauty to offer.

A hike through the Lake District can be unforgettable on a clear day; and the same is true in the Scottish Highlands or in the Yorkshire Dales. Make sure you’re wearing lightweight and waterproof clothing; women’s trousers should be nicely breathable, water-resistant, and paired with a suitably rugged pair of hiking boots.

Book in advance

For some activities, you’ll need to book in advance to avoid disappointment. And this applies especially during an age of coronavirus, where venues and attractions need to carefully control the number of simultaneous visitors.

Look for vouchers

If you can get a discount along the way, you shouldn’t hesitate. Those vouchers will add up over the course of a few days, and allow your holiday budget to go further. Although you’re in your own country, the money can definitely add up over time. So vouchers are always a good option!

Have you been taking more staycations recently?


  1. I’m still not feeling 100% ready to really travel, but I’ve been enjoying spending time exploring around where we live! I love staycations in general, so when it’s safe I can’t wait to get back out and find some fun new places!

  2. We went on our first staycation this year to Bath – and it was one of the best decisions we’ve made! Like you said, there are so many hidden treasures at home, and this year (and the years after) I want to try my best to explore and do more staycations!

  3. I feel as though you can’t plan with the weather – it’s a case of just risking it and seeing what happens 😂

  4. These are some great tips. I’ve been fortunate to go on three staycation mini breaks since lockdown eased and I’ve really enjoyed them. I always forget to look for vouchers so I definitely need to get better at that.

  5. It is always great to be a tourist anywhere you go! So important to dress for the weather. I wasn’t ready for the cold when I went up to Boston and only wore one layer of leggings! Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ✨

  6. The UK is a beautiful country and there are so many nice nature spots literally everywhere. So there is definitely a great hike around the corner somewhere for most of us. I found one close to home as I did research as you suggested and I am so glad I did.

  7. We’ve been doing weekend getaways within driving distance here in the U.S. We look for each room to have its own in-room heat and air conditioning in the room (central where you’re sharing your neighbors recirculated air). We have felt safe so far everywhere we have gone. It does good for the soul to get a change of scenery.

  8. I love exploring my own country and, in fact, it’s something Ryan and I have vowed to do now that we can’t go anywhere else. Plus, NI is that small that we could go ‘touring’ and also come home to our cat-kids at night with no issue.

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