ad // I’ve always been keen to go on a road trip. I love the idea of covering a huge expanse of where you are and seeing multiple places on one trip. Road trips are also great types of holidays to go on for bonding and spending quality time with the person you’re with. They’ll certainly leave you with a lot of favorable memories!

If a road trip is on the cards for you this Summer (or next) then here are some amazing UK road trip destinations you need to try as well as some basic road trip planning tips to get you started:

5 Best UK Road Trips:

North Coast 500

The NC 500 is my dream road trip that I’d love to go on and I was super jealous reading that blogging pal Claire did a 5 day North Coast 500 trip! This road trip has arguably some of the most spectacular views and scenery in the world and entices all types of people, from nature lovers to car enthusiasts.

Snowdonia National Park

I’ve been to Snowdonia National Park and thought it was beautiful but I would have only seen a small portion of it, compared to what you could cover during a whole road trip. The typical distance of this type of road trip is only 50 miles, so could take just 1 or 2 days, depending on where you stop along the way.

The Lake District

The Lake District is a beautiful part of the UK and this is a wonderful destination for a road trip, with lots of quaint villages to check out and the lakes as well, which offer water sports or boat rides or perhaps just a simple picnic lakeside, for those who want a more calming trip.

The Norfolk Coast

The East coast of the UK is a great place to experience a road trip, with the hustle and bustle of Norwich, the beautiful calming and quiet Norfolk broads and even driving through to Great Yarmouth for a proper British seaside experience at the end of your trip too. There’s an array of things to keep you occupied on what could be a 2-3 day road trip.

Atlantic Highway

The Atlantic Highway covers the A39, one of the longest roads in South West England which could take you from Bath, to Falmouth then down to the beautiful Cornish coast and seaside resort of Newquay. A perfect road trip destination for the Summer for the whole family!

How to plan for a road trip:

Obviously for any holiday, even a staycation, a lot of planning is involved to ensure it goes as swiftly as possible. But unlike travel via planes or trains, for a road trip, you have an extra aspect to think about – your car! So here are some tips to get you started on planning your road trip:

Car maintenance: This is going to be one of your top priorities for this trip because the absolute LAST thing you want is a break-down, mid road-trip, potentially in the middle of nowhere! You’re going to need to consider whether your car can manage such a long trip as well the road conditions you might encounter along the way.

You might want to consider getting a car service before you go and ensuring you have everything you *might* need, such as a tire pump, extra oil or even spare high quality Bridgestone tyres in case you encounter a problem.

Plan your days: You might want to take some extra care in planning this trip because you don’t want to still be driving at 11 o’clock at night, with no idea where your next stop for the night is going to be. The roads might be dangerous in the night and you could put yourself and your car under unnecessary strain.

Budget: It’d be easy for money to get out of hand when you’re on a road trip and exploring new places all the time, not to mention fuel! You’ll want to budget and plan your trip, so you know what you’re doing on what day and how much money you should put aside for each day.

Give yourself enough time: A common mistake is not giving yourself enough time to see everything you want to see, so extra detail to planning is another great reason, to ensure you don’t miss anything and fully make the most of your once in a lifetime road trip!

Have you ever been on a road trip? Where would you recommend?


  1. We were meant to do a roadtrip in the US a couple of years ago, but it had to be cancelled due to the pandemic. Since we’re moving back at the end of the year, I would absolutely love to do so in the UK before then x

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