ad // Side hustles are a great way to earn some extra income. Whether it’s on top of your full-time or part-time work as a supplement, making money as a stay at home Mum or perhaps it’s something that helps you enjoy some extra treats for your family throughout the month. Whatever it is, there seems to be a side hustle that suits everyone!

And if you’re a fashion lover, then there’s certainly a lot of fashion based side hustles out there which can prove to be quite profitable once you get the hang of them and can allow you to work your own hours as well as spending more time within an industry that you already love. And that’s the dream, right?

So in this post we’re going to take a look at 8 different fashion-based side hustles that you can start along side your current work or just for a bit of fun to make some extra income!

Make your own clothing or jewelry 

If you’re particularly crafty, have a good eye and a steady hand, then making and selling your clothes or jewelry could be a wonderful, fun and extremely fulfilling option. There are endless possibilities of where this side hustle could go and all great designers started somewhere, right?

Invest in wholesale fashion

Starting a fashion wholesale business is an idea for a fashion based side hustle that I don’t think many people consider. Although it does take a bit of capital to begin with (you obviously need money to buy the products to sell on), once you get going, it can be profitable and a fun side hustle!

Catwalk Wholesale are one of the best women’s wholesale clothing retailers that sell a large range of different styles to suit all, from beautiful wholesale dresses to loungewear and more. A benefit of selling wholesale is that you can piggyback on a retailer’s customer base and resources. You will still need to market yourself and create a good customer experience but having the reach and established name of your retailers will make the process significantly easier for you.

If this is a route you want to go down, then definitely check out Catwalk Wholesale for beautiful boutique wholesale clothing to get started with inspiration and ideas for your wholesale fashion side hustle! Catwalk Wholesale are a B2B company and sell/manufacture for all major brands, online boutiques across the world!

Fashion blogging and/or YouTube

Becoming an influencer, whether that’s through a blog, YouTube or Instagram, is a fantastic option for those of you that love your fashion as there’s so many routes you can take and opportunities to be gained from being an online fashion influencer! Creating content and making money is always an option here.

Freelance fashion writing

If you love fashion and love writing as well, then you could definitely look into offering some fashion writing services to brands, blogs or publications. Copywriting is a great side hustle (or full time job for some people!) and can be extremely profitable.

Sell your items on eBay or Depop

Probably the easiest and most straight-forward option for a fashion-based side hustle and that’s selling on eBay or Depop. Selling your old items isn’t only good for the environment but can also help build those savings.

Vintage thrifting

If you’re particularly into vintage clothing, then this could be a great option for you and you could even start your own business from this. Thrifting vintage stores and finding items to sell on is fun and you could also ensure that you get a reputation as someone who knows what they’re looking for.

Become a personal shopper 

Personal shopping is a great option to work around your routine, whether you have one day free a week or just the weekends. You might have to take a course for this one but once you have the relevant certificates, then it can be a great (and fun) side hustle. Getting niche with what you offer can be a great tip, as it shows you have something unique to offer and helps you stand out from the crowd.

Fashion social media manager

And finally, if social media is your thing then a social media manager for fashion blogs or sites could be a great option. Again, social media managers tend to have qualifications, so this might take a while to fall into place but once it does, another great side hustle option for fashion lovers.

You can definitely align your interests, hobbies and passions with your side hustles. They don’t need to be boring and you don’t need to resent them, in order to make yourself some extra cash. The options on this list would suit a range of people, whether you want to spend some time studying first or just jump straight in to your fashion based side-hustle and make some money fast!

Do you have a fashion based side hustle? What is it? Let me know!


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