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Sometimes, we just need a bit of extra money and we need it quickly. This could be due to an emergency that needs to be covered (such as your car breaking down on the Motorway – eeeek!), an unexpected bill, to pay off debt and more. Money is often seen as such a taboo subject which I really don’t get. It’s an energetic transaction from one person / service to another.

So today we’re going to look at 8 ways which you can make that extra money – and at a quicker pace. There’s no judgment here. Whatever you need that money for is cool. But it’s definitely important to learn how to be sensible with money so you don’t find yourself in a sticky situation later on down the line. There are SO many different ways to make some extra money – both online and off. Whether you want to sell your art or become a delivery driver for food delivery services – there’s an option for everyone.

There are a variety of different options within this list – some you’ll probably have used yourself, others you might never consider. It’s important to understand each option and know which is right for you.

Here are 8 ways to get some extra cash quickly:

Use an alternative to a payday loan

Payday loans get a bad reputation. They can often be really bad for being to rely on and some find themselves getting into a whole heap of trouble with them. Without knowing a persons situation, it’s hard to comment on the use of these types of loans but it really is an individual choice and if you feel like you can manage them then that’s great.

But a great alternative to a payday loan for someone who needs money quick is Polar Credit, a payday loan alternative for those looking to borrow money fast. The great thing with Polar Credit is that you get a credit limit – and you don’t need to use the full amount. They’re kinda like having a credit card – but without the card.

You only pay interest on the money that you use – not the full amount that you borrow. Once you’ve applied and know how much you can borrow, Polar Credit allow you to withdraw whatever you need and as long as you pay it back in time, you can use the money as an emergency fund and won’t need to reapply every time you want to borrow. Check out Polar Credit for more info.

Ask someone you trust

Another one that could potentially be controversial but it depends entirely on the individual. If you have someone you trust that would be wiling to lend you some money for a short period of time then that’s great. Money is considered so taboo, especially among friends and family but if you switch up your mindset around it, this option could really work.

Sell old items on eBay

If you know how to make eBay work for you then this is a great way to get some old clutter out of the house quick and back into your bank account. We all need to de-clutter every now and again and we don’t want to waste stuff or damage the environment by just throwing everything in the bin.

Facebook market place furniture

For bigger items, such a furniture, it might be an idea to pop them on the Facebook Marketplace – if you’re a Facebook user. This can be a great option for items such as tables, cabinets – even cars sometimes!

Don’t neglect cashback apps

Cashback apps can be golden for making some extra cash quickly. Why wouldn’t you use a cashback app when you do your shopping? You’re paying the same price, getting the same products AND getting money back for it? Sounds like a triple win to me. Money in cashback apps can build up quickly, so don’t neglect those apps because they can be REALLY useful down the line!

Try audio transcribing

Although this one might take a while to get to grips with, for someone who’s a natural at audio transcribing, this could be an excellent way to land you some extra money you might need. An audio typist transcribes audio into text and a lot of companies and organizations require this service.

Audio transcribing is a genuine work from home job which can be done on it’s own or on the side. You’ll need to have excellent English skills, have access to a laptop and decent WiFi usually to do these jobs properly. I’d definitely recommend doing more research into this if it sounds like something you could do to earn extra money fast!

Use survey sites and apps (and use them regularly!)

This isn’t necessarily a quick fix for getting money but if you use the right sites and use them regularly, that extra cash can build up. Survey sites are great for if you need to pool in a decent amount of money for perhaps the end of the year – such as Christmas! Some sites I’ve used have £25 payouts, others have no limit to how much you can earn from them if you take every survey given to you!


Of course if you’re a blogger then you’ll probably be familiar with all the ways you can make money through your blog. If you’re in need of cash fast, then putting in that extra blogging work can be beneficial to make some extra money. There are tons of things to look into such as affiliate marketing, selling your own products, selling your own services, working with brands, ad revenue and more.

Have you ever needed to make money quickly? How did you do it?


  1. Hello Jenny!

    Ebay still exists? I used to sell stuff on Ebay but dodnt make much. I dont trust Ebay anymore I just go to Amazon now a days.
    When it comes to make money as a blogger, I think they all work if you have a big audience. I tried the ads and I wasn’t make much, only like 10 cents a day or less. Some other days nothing. Also, I think ads makes the content hard to read and makes the blog look like a big cluster. But it is just me.

    Edgar De Leon

  2. These are great ideas. I love seeing my cashback add up, its quite satisfying!

    I see so many people having great success with online selling, especially with Facebook as you cut out all the delivery faff x

  3. Great suggestions here. I did really well out of surveys a few years ago but I completely dropped the ball with them – probably should get back into it, it was always fun when you earnt enough for a payout. Great post.

  4. Interesting article! Money is definitely a taboo subject and I suppose that’s because others judge how you spend your money and also, how smart you are for how you used that money. It’s a judgement of your character which is odd, as money doesn’t really reflect anything about you as a person.

  5. eBay has it’s ups and downs, but it’s a great way to sell almost anything. These are really good suggestions, I’ve made quite a bit from participating in little online studies too. Thanks for sharing these ideas! Em x

  6. OH man, if you ask anyone that knows me, you’d quickly find out how much I love finding ways to make extra cash! I resell on marketplace, do surveys in my spare time and do other people’s chores haha! Thanks for sharing xx

    Lynn |

  7. Ebay is great…I don’t like to throw things away but sometimes I think no-one else will want to buy that and they always do!

  8. This is a wonderful list you’ve created – I love decluttering and selling items on the internet to make some money back, as well as using cashback apps! Thanks for sharing this.

  9. I used to make quite a bit of money selling on eBay – but I bought quite a lot too, so in the end it cancelled out, haha. Cashback apps are something I keep meaning to look into to as well, your post has given me a nudge to finally get around to it, thank you! xxx

  10. Great post! Thank you for sharing this! I like the ways that you’ve mentioned and some of them are pretty easy to do! I need to declutter soon so I might sell some unused things as well.

  11. I love cash back sites, when I look at the amount I’ve made via Quidco, for money I was spending anyway, I’m amazed but a lot of people still don’t know about it. I’ve never tried audio typing but that sounds like a good idea.

    Thanks for sharing.


  12. These are great tips! I’ve been using survey sites & it’s nice having that extra little cash. Also I’ve been getting things ready to sell on eBay

  13. These are really handy tips! I have used survey sites before and you can make some decent extra money on them. I also love using Depop to sell my old clothes or even buy clothes. Plus I think if needed there is nothing wrong with using charity shops or even going to car boot sales and find ways of not spending as much money 🙂 xx

  14. These are some great ideas to help you make some money. I have tried the cash back apps through my bank and have been great getting some money back. These others are great suggestions also. Thank you for sharing Jenny.

    Lauren |

  15. Great tips! I have been using surveys websites for making some extra cash and they are great, really need to check out the cash back programs! Need to check out audio transcribing, sounds interesting x

  16. I tried taking online surveys a while ago, but evidently never found the right sites as they never ended up paying me. Making extra money is tough, without being able to find additional work, but these all sound like reasonable alternatives!

  17. I recently downloaded a cashback app because it’s just such a no brainer isn’t it. I think apps and small things like this will really help my bank balance tick over


  18. eBay selling is my extra savings pot atm, I’d always been too lazy before 😂
    Wasn’t aware about audio transcribing – makes sense I’d pay anyone to do mine for me 😂😂😂😂

  19. Great tips! Selling things on eBay used to be my favourite way to make some extra money, and I haven’t done it in ages, but always remember it being fun. That’s something for me to get back to!

    Anika |

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