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De-cluttering made easy

I’m a very tidy, organised, Type A sort of person and I hate with all my being having too much “stuff” and too many possessions. I hate mess, I hate having drawers heaving with crap and I hate keeping stuff I don’t really need. I know I sound like a bit of a clutter Nazi right now but literally the only stuff I have on display in my bedroom is what is on my bookcase (because no matter how much I hate clutter, I still take pride in my books). I think we can all benefit from having a bit of a de-clutter a couple of times a year but I know not everyone finds it as easy as I do to just throw things away without a second thought. So, if you’re in a position where you know you need to have a clear out but don’t know where to start, then consider this your handy guide of simple things you can de-clutter if you find it hard throwing stuff away.


  • Old toothbrushes
  • Empty products
  • Products that are collecting dust in the back of the cupboard
  • Products which are out of date
  • Towels with holes in them
  • Out of date medication


  • Underwear with holes in it
  • Socks without a partner
  • Clothes which you haven’t worn in over 2 years
  • Clothes which don’t fit anymore
  • Shoes which are damaged
  • Swimwear which no longer fits
  • Old bedding which has marks on / is discolored / gross
  • Pyjamas with holes in them
  • Empty make up products
  • Make up which has gone “off” (e.g crusty mascara)
  • Shades which you’d never wear
  • Empty hair / body products
  • Products which are out of date
  • Unusable nail polish
  • Empty packets (e.g medication)


  • Old receipts
  • Pens which don’t work
  • Food products which are out of date
  • Food products which have been sitting in the cupboard longer than a year
  • Cutlery which is chipped / damaged
  • Old notebooks which are full
  • Kitchen aids which you never use
  • Tea towels / cloths with holes in them
  • Dead flowers
  • Dead batteries
  • Tupperware boxes without a lid


  • Books you didn’t enjoy
  • Books you’ll never read again (consider giving these to charity!)
  • Games for consoles you no longer own
  • Ornaments which you don’t like
  • Used candles
  • Coats which no longer fit
  • Any electronics which don’t work and you don’t use
  • Packaging and manuals
  • Dog / cat / pet toys which are broken
  • Chargers / leads for electronics you no longer own
  • VHS tapes and audio cassettes

Are you a serial de-clutterer like me or do you like to keep things? Are you in need of a serious house clear out? Did you find this guide useful? Let me know!


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